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Queer Party is a queer-oriented Mastodon instance which generally aligns itself with the policies and goals of other instances such as mastodon.social, awoo.space and icosahedron.website, aiming as much as possible to be a safe space for its users. The rules pretty much boil down to "be good to each other", but a few rules I'd like to explicitly list out are as follows:

  • Any content or postings which may be illegal under French or Scottish law are not permitted.
  • Any content or postings containing Nazi symbolism, ideology and the promotion thereof, are strictly forbidden and seriously uncool.
  • Racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia and any other discriminatory conduct which attacks any individual or group of individuals based on what they are or what they believe in, is strictly forbidden and also seriously uncool.
  • Any conduct which abuses this Mastodon instance, or which causes harm to other Mastodon instances, and/or the users thereof, is strictly forbidden and seriously uncool.
  • While essentially all posts not violating the above are welcome on this instance, you are asked to be considerate and respectful of others - for example, tagging a post about a controversial subject or a commonly-held phobia using content warnings.
  • Basic parts of your user profile, such as username/display name, profile picture and banner, must not be explicit in nature.
  • Explicit/NSFW content is allowed, but must be appropriately tagged using the sensitive media and content warning tags.

Please be aware that, due to increased activity from spammers/spambots/trolls/Internet Marketers(tm), queer.party registrations are now subject to approval. Note that this approval process is only in place to reduce spam and abuse. If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact the queries email at the top of the page.
Finally, please be aware that I may reach out via email if I'm not sure about your registration. Please don't be offended at this - the internet is full of spam that tries to look legitimate :(

This is not Twitter. Reporting posts that make you feel uncomfortable, or that you feel should be brought to our attention, is highly encouraged. Your reports will not be ignored, and will be dealt with (usually) within a few days. Due to timezone differences or just the fact that I have a full-time job, it may take more than a week, but you will always hear back about your report, and it won't be closed until you're happy with the resolution for the report. If your report involves a user or post on another instance, you have the choice of sharing your report with the administration of that instance as well, but the report will always be sent to us. Please include in the report whether you chose to send the report to the other instance, though.
No moderation actions are automatic whatsoever. Nothing happens without human review, and I try to do my utmost to do right by the users on this instance.
For anything that isn't covered by reporting things in Mastodon, or if you have any questions, concerns or other thoughts, please either direct-message @Maffsie@queer.party, or email the queries address posted above - this goes directly to my inbox.

A status page for this Mastodon instance is available here.

This instance uses Mutant Standard emoji made by Dzuk, which are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Transparency is important. Where administrative decisions have been made that impacts the userbase of queer.party, those decisions will be detailed on this page. This currently takes the form of two tables detailing domains blocked from federation, and from user registrations. No other administrative decisions or actions have been made at present.

Our federation policy is open-first, however in cases where an instance has been identified as either being indifferent to or permissive of, or as actively encouraging abusive conduct to this or other instances, that instance's domain will be blocked from federation. The block is typically a suspension, such that no interaction between queer.party and the offending instance can take place, however In cases where there is a lesser risk (eg., an instance that is indifferent to abusive conduct but is not known for being a source of abusive conduct), the block is typically a silence block, such that individual users can still interact with each other, but they must be following each other, and posts do not appear in the federated timeline.

Table last updated 03/05/19.
gs.smuglo.lisilence reject-media
pl.smuglo.lisilence reject-media
social.homunyan.comsilence reject-media
gay.nsfw.onlsilence reject-media
pridelands.iosilence reject-media
switter.atsilence reject-media
humblr.socialsilence reject-media
babymetal.partysilence reject-media
gameliberty.clubsilence reject-media

All email providers are generally welcome, however due to an influx of automated spam, certain domains have been blocked from registrations, and all users under these domains have been suspended. If any user or domain has been suspended in error, please contact me to let me know.

Table last updated 23/05/18.
dedanka.topBot Spam
alkashka-free.pwBot Spam
balros.euBot Spam
bashmac.gdnBot Spam
bceska.coBot Spam
bebarsoc.siteBot Spam
bulba-belaruska.pwBot Spam
cerjoxa.pressBot Spam
china-pushka.clubBot Spam
chugchag.xyzBot Spam
cloud-dance.clubBot Spam
focamail.ruBot Spam
grebon.coBot Spam
grenka.topBot Spam
huivammail.ruBot Spam
irewal.asiaBot Spam
juji.gdnBot Spam
kakawa.pwBot Spam
kedos.gdnBot Spam
kiskus.gdnBot Spam
kofajoke.pwBot Spam
liioprmail.ruBot Spam
maddress.coBot Spam
mailasrvs.pwBot Spam
moviemetrik.ruBot Spam
nerdow.coBot Spam
nerobla.xyzBot Spam
nihachu.workBot Spam
owerkla.ltdaBot Spam
petrovka.gdnBot Spam
rasovd.coBot Spam
shakeme.clubBot Spam
sosiska.topBot Spam
sxcd.gdnBot Spam
topkek.topBot Spam
vesigarna.siteBot Spam
vevla.coBot Spam
watapon.gdnBot Spam
xepertn.techBot Spam
zalupa.clubBot Spam