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so it's uh, overdue somewhat, but i've made a tip-jar page available for those of you who've asked for a way to say thanks and have some spare change:

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the only gender of computer i respect is the fuckign weird ones that are like, bizarrely small or impractical or have a dumbass form factor, or use ultra weirdo hardware

defragging a hard drive with software that provides a block level detail view is self care.

regret to inform you that i have Posting brain at the moment

are you straight? cis? want to be a good ally and be supportive during the upcoming pride month? give your queer friends your credit card number, expiry and CVV

maybe the only thing about me that's remotely neurotypical is that i don't mind turning my video on during meetings

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the awkward moment of being the first person to join the zoom call and having to sit there waiting for someone else to join so you can turn your video on without feeling weird

modern day planet of the apes would just be a documentary about cryptocurrency/"virtual futures" scams

pleased to report that for once in my life, i have assumed something about a piece of modern software and i haven't been dramatically incorrect.

also, updates are done, we're back.

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i'm just sort of assuming that draining a node will make all the services stop cleanly, because there ain't no second node in the docker swarm for things to move to

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by shortly i in fact mean Right Now because i am about to execute `docker node update --availability drain <the HV>`

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Old Godzilla was hopping around
Tokyo City like a big playground
When suddenly Batman burst from the shade
And hit Godzilla with a Bat-grenade

friends, please be aware that will be going down shortly for OS updates. Downtime should be about five minutes.

as a powerful and complex computer of near-omniscience, i can report, with total confidence, after a careful .3 seconds calculating a whole world of probability and statistics, that yes, we are all gonna die

i really enjoy how Polygon has an article titled “Machinarium developer’s next game will be built with stunning 3D dioramas”

amanita design has released 6 games since machinarium (which itself came out in 2009), but machinarium is still just so freakin good

i should clarify this was my work laptop's keyboard and this happened because cleaning the keys incidentally opened System, switched to the audio preferences pane, switched to the Output tab, and somehow adjusted the Balance slider

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thought i had some kind of weird thing going on causing my left ear to be way less sensitive to sound than my right

turned out that no, i accidentally set the audio balance to 75% right ear bias while i was cleaning my keyboard last week and never noticed

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