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Roses are red
GoldSource is forever
They're waiting for you, Gordon
In the test chamber

lord farquaad at the end of shrek screenshot

the [furry] has fallen in love with the [everyone]

are you a furry? can your fursona possibly be considered cute in any way? congratulations and commiserations, because i love you

loving the new audio player in mastodon (thank u @dandelion for providing the best possible way for me to discover the new mastodon audio player)


okay i like this website game thing purely for the ridiculous names

every sports team sounds like it should be from seattle

i signed up for blaseball dot com what the fuck is any of this

i picked the hawaii fridays because that was mood

Self-Promotion, Survey, Coursework 

It's that time of the year again! For my masters degree I'm performing a study analyzing the video gaming community and how they use and modify game assets for their own purposes, as well as the variety of techniques that different video gaming companies have deployed in order to manage/accommodate this behaviour. If you could take 5 minutes to fill in my survey I'd really appreciate it!

RTs would be super helpful & appreciated!!

normally i just say that i did have an accident but the accident was that i pissed myself, or i string them along with a long rambling story about my "accident" that i slowly introduce more absurdity into until they just hang up, but i was in A Mood today and wanted to call out their bullshit

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lol got one of those cretins phoning me, "we were informed you were in a car accident"
made up a fake accident and went along with it, until they asked for my case reference from the police
"why would you want that", then they gave me a long spiel about how there would be rampant fraud and shit if they didn't confirm with me what my case number was

"yeah but i've just made the whole accident up, you're asking me to confirm a number you don't have"

god they got really angry after that

webex got all weird there for a moment, 15 or so people joined the meeting but nobody had audio for a couple of minutes and then everyone's audio suddenly connected so my headset was like "badup badup badup badup badup badup badup badup badup badup badup badup badup badup badup"

love how if you image search "netmeeting logo" or "netmeeting icon" you get a bunch of handmade pictures of "Windows Netmeeting" next to the windows vista logo, alongside a handful of screenshots of netmeeting, where you can see the icon for netmeeting inside the screenshot as being a globe with arrows reaching around it

nobody will ever change my mind abt usb-c and tb3. it's all awful horrible bullshit and intel + the usb-if need to go to hell.

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