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*thinks about all my friends*
💕 :blobmiou: 💕
*loud purr*
*louder purr*
*very loud purr*
*KITTEN.EXE is now emitting MAXIMUM PURR ENERGY into the fediverse!*

Dan Aykroyd is the only true ghostbuster because he's the only one that got his nut busted by a ghost. i hate this post

response to the headline "Combine AMP and PWA for ultra-fast mobile experiences" Show more

nearly the end of pride month and i have finally put up my pride avatar lmfao

love to interact with the ActivityPub network on this day

completely unsurprised to inform you that my work has made me redundant

i remembered Minio has an apparently "stupid-easy" system for doing distributed storage so i set it up

turns out yes, it is stupid-easy to set it up, however in order for your data to actually be distributed and replicated, it needs to be accessed only through minio's S3 APIs. :/

hey would anyone say it's a stupid idea to try glusterfs for this

browser process crashed because i accidentally clicked a search result that took me to Medium 👍

if anyone has any suggestions for doing shared data across multiple docker hosts, i beg you to share.

i've tried most of the "easy" things but it's all community edition shit that has almost no features or a lot of dumb restrictions

i'm intending on moving key parts of q.p's infrastructure to new servers somewhat soon (cause the current server is Expensive and kinda underpowered and i put all the infrastructure together when i was less experienced so things fall apart too easily)
BUT i'm a lil concerned about how to manage data volumes when it's a clustered docker deployment.

took longer than it really should've to get things back online not out of any technical issue (server was just out of disk space -again-) but because i'm going through some bad shit irl with work and i've been 'coping' by not being very Online

folks is back online; we apologise for the disruption

genuinely can’t cope with this entire thread about the Vaginal Witching Shrine

I don’t understand all these speed runners saying “time” when the game is still in the middle of running, honestly it should only be “time” when the orange “It’s now safe to turn off your computer” screen comes on

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