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folks i beg of you please tag your nsfw posts as sensitive content and use content warnings (don’t just put nsfw language describing your post in the content warning!)

what i'm overwhelmed by, spiceworks, is marketing communications.

"updates are about to happen", i say, not realising that just because the database backup is done does not mean that the rest of the backup will take less time.

friends, will be down shortly for a minute or two to install platform updates, be back soon!

i started another VM on the hypervisor and the 33gb VM dropped to 28gb

hyper-v what are you on today

google dot com why did this VM drop from 22gb ram in use, to 20gb, and then balloon to 33gb

*sprawls out and meows, except instead of a meow it's the windows 98 startup sound*

Folks,'s ToS/policies have been updated! No real changes beyond explicitly stating what the guidelines are for acceptable NSFW content on this instance. Quick summary:

* No un-tagged NSFW content
* NSFW content must be accompanied by an accurate content warning
* No NSFW profile pictures or banners, display names or usernames.
* Be considerate and respectful of others

friends, the Mastodon instance has been set to "silenced" with media rejecting. What this means is that you can still follow people on and they can interact with us as normal, but posts will no longer show up in the federated timeline, nor will its media be cached on This was done as some posts from there are NSFW and aren't tagged as such.

hello new people on!

there’s been a big boost in activity seemingly because of tumblr’s dumb decisions - you are welcome here!
please keep in mind that is not an NSFW-oriented service though, and i try to make it a welcoming and respectful place for everyone!

NSFW content/posts is totally fine, but please keep in mind that you must tag as NSFW and properly use content warnings to let others know if it’s lewd!


“some apps need to be updated” my piece of shit TV says after i accidentally roll onto the remote at 3:40am while trying to sleep, turning it on and blinding me instantly

further to my previous message; sales people send way too many goddamn emails.

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Note for folks coming from Tumblr; NSFW content is allowed here, but you must tag your posts as NSFW, and provide a clear content warning for them! NSFW profile pictures or banners, or explicit usernames/display names are not allowed. Please keep it friendly!