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so it's uh, overdue somewhat, but i've made a tip-jar page available for those of you who've asked for a way to say thanks and have some spare change:

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us-east-1 went down right as i was preparing to deploy something at work :')

a dog to the left of me, another dog to the right, here i am
extremely pleased about the current situation

rly hoping that the bannister in my house is at most 3m long otherwise i don't have enough rgb lights to make the stairs gay

i love websites that don't let you have strong passwords

bravely posteing the dumbest shit i can fathom at 12:40pm onto twittre dot com

uhhhhhh i don't think i want to give CAH my netflix password

shame i'm already vaccinated otherwise it sure would be nice to receive one hundred american dolars

oh my god the xbox 20th anniversary museum website thing isn't even hosted on azure, it's on fucking google cloud lmfao

at least they acknowledged that the xbox 360 was a smol bean whomst have engineering deficiencies

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oh, that's it then? the halo section of the xbox massively-multiplayer online museum game just ends with the release date for halo infinite?

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yeah that's right, i'm a gamer. how many people do you know that earned 5 gamerpoints in 2015?

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so i guess the protagonist of Next Space Rebels is alternate universe hobby rocket enthusiast I Hate Everything

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