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your purple friend

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software and computer's are good

last night i got a gdpr notice from a service i never signed up for, which was sent to an email address i only ever used for a twitter account that i used to use for venting

i’ll be friends with anyone who shows the slightest amount of kindness

one day i will be friends with an absolute ledge

right. after an elongated period of downtime, we're updated to 2.4.0!

my coworker’s android phone has some weird chinese stuff on the battery so i tried to translate it

beloved friends, i'm going to run updates on mastodon to upgrade to 2.4.0!

coworker mentioned that my boss's photo on the new company website looks like he should be wearing a cape, so naturally i spent like a half hour photoshopping batman shit on him and posting it to the department chat named "Batmanager"

so, for folks who are more in control of their mail servers, recommend you block as a receiving MTA
i also painstakingly compiled a big ol' pfsense policy for blocking bot origin networks, which you can grab here:

i'm guessing this is a russian hosting company of some sort because there's a few networks tied up in this and they all reference each other in some way.

i'm gonna block IP ranges owned or originally assigned to networks AS50896 and AS200557 and that should hopefully stop this crap

all domains i blacklisted have the same mail server ( as the domain MX
most have the same nameservers ( but some are using
actual bot traffic seems to be coming from a bunch of IP ranges announced by a few networks
AS200557 REGION40 LLC (Russia)
AS50896 Trusov Ilya Igorevych (Ukraine)
AS32181 GigeNet (USA)
AS8100 QuadraNet (USA)

Most IP ranges list in the description, but some list Trusov, some list "ATOMOHOST", and some list "QualityNetwork"

there's another domain added to the blocklist.

wtf is up with bot spam suddenly

right. should be all sorted, i've updated the about page for to list all domains currently blocked due to spammy posts

right okay. on top of the whole bot spam situation; there's a -lot- of similar-looking accounts, some of which have posted spam and some of which have not. I'm working through them atm and will publish a list later of domains added to the email blocklist

massively stressed at work rn ._.