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@renatolond is it possible for the crossposter to optionally strip out words that are matched for crossposting? thanks for making such a nice-to-use crossposter! (also thanks for making the metrics for it publicly available - i'm a bit of a data geek)

let's see if this mastodon-twitter crossposter is Cool (it certainly seems Cool)

"Windows XP is the last Windows OS to support a game port" :blobsad:

waiting for Shit to Occur with something i'm doing at work and somehow my brain went "hey how does PS2<>USB work" and now i'm just down a rabbit hole of wikipedia pages yet again

might fuck around and deploy a pixelfed instance later to own the hets

i realise that the percentage doesn't match the number of packages to install because each package's percentage is weighted but it still looks wrong

installing.. 33% (installing package 93 of 101)

the juxtaposition of the same old pixel graphics and fancy modern lighting/water/shading/etc effects makes for a very bizarre look. it's like if someone took the original mario bros and left everything as-is except now it has the havok or nvidia physx physics engine

i was going to say "if microsoft excel had anisotropic filtering" but eve online already exists

hmm this seems like some real "crafted" mines..

it considerably fucks me off that the standard method for having Git on windows still involves having an unwanted installation of mingw/msys
like come on, WSL exists now can you not just use git inside that if git can't just be installed standalone

garter belts but like..made of duct tape and with a built-in minimalist wallet that only holds cards so it appears to manly kickstarter dweebs

girly-ass tartan pleated skirts but like with a knife holder so it's FOR MEN

Wait, what is that?



Did you always want to use Toot!, but did it just not look MANLY ENOUGH?

You can now buy Toot! for Men as an in-app purchase! You're a man, you can afford it!

You will get the all-new and entirely testosterone-fuelled TACTICOOL THEME:

Taking about 100 times longer to read the timeline because I’m stopping to play pool on every post, thank you Toot! lmao

What the fuck? If you’re using toot! and pull down on the list of people who liked your post, you get to play pool with their icons? What the fuck???

hey did you know if you select something in mspaint and then hold shift before clicking and dragging the selection, you can pretend you're using internet explorer on windows xp

oh okay.
glad to know my most popular post on the fediverse is an mspaint informational shitpost

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