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i absolutely love password requirements that aren't shown until you generate a password that breaches them..

doing something i should've done ages ago and just listening to neil cicierega's newer albums in full

spirit phone at least is fuckin good.
I haven't heard Nature Tapes or I Am Become Christmas EPs yet. last album i actually listened to in (what i thought was) full was View-Monster, but it turns out view-monster had a bunch of bonus tracks that i guess just weren't included in my download when i bought it back when it was first released? idk.

they're called "bit" coins because their value is a running gag

every time i push my glasses up with my middle finger and my palm's facing towards my face i feel like i've become literally an anime character

on the upside of this whole palaver, i've found that my laptop dock actually has a third, secret USB-C port.
it's labelled with the displayport logo and is situated beside the HDMI port, thus I didn't notice it.

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contrary to popular belief, "USB" does not stand for "Universal Serial Bus", it actually stands for "Unbelievably Shit Bus"

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got into work today to find that:
* my laptop's USB stack had somehow fallen over so I couldn't use a USB device to type in my password
* the docking station for my laptop had decided that I don't need luxuries like "ethernet"

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thanks to Pale Moon i finally feel at home in my browser again.
honestly? fuck webextensions majorly. DownThemAll sucks now, there's no more Location Bar Enhanced to add breadcrumb navigation.. i have all the good things back now 💜

Are 'ya really gonna scroll by without saying howdy?

had a good time reading not-nice replies from transphobes on a nice tweet yesterday folks

y’know there’s a lot of shit you should have to answer for, but despite the years, the worst one is still that you killed instead of

i’m liking so far but i worry it’ll never truly fill the hole you left when you killed vine, jack.

the best thing in life is extremely high production quality shitposts

:geordi_dislike: hanging a trans pride flag on the wall
:geordi_like:​ buying a brick and painting it trans pride colors and putting it on your desk

fool me once shame on you. fool me twice also shame on you. stop trying to fool me asshole

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