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so it's uh, overdue somewhat, but i've made a tip-jar page available for those of you who've asked for a way to say thanks and have some spare change:

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does your video game have a "mute when in calls" option? didn't think so

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extremely wired at this present moment in time.

hey i hope your servers are okay in 13 minutes!

still on edge from when the steam deck preorder reservations opened..

my favourite thing is how news outlets -continue- to fearmonger for clicks despite the world currently being in a plague.

norovirus is something that happens every year, workplaces put signs and stuff out every year to reduce norovirus spread, yet this implies it's a new issue

man this new documentary about the final days of saddam hussein is already looking crazy

this extremely sucks lmfao

i can pass docker arbitrary system devices, give it extremely granular cgroup and capability settings, but somehow there's absolutely -no- way to tell the linux kernel that a specific container should be allowed to call socket(AF_BLUETOOTH, ...)

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turns out the reason you explicitly need to give the docker container host networking is because modern bluetooth interfaces use the AF_BLUETOOTH socket address family, which uhhhhhhhhhhhhh there's just.. literally no way to change without giving it host networking?

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love how i’ve gotten to the point where my dockerised homebridge install needs to be able to access a BLE device, and literally every single post I can find online says you need to give it host networking and privileged mode to access the pi’s BT adapter

you, a fool: you don't hate mondays, you hate ~capitalism~

me, wise: actually i can hate more than one thing at a time due to my Enormous Brain

all i know is sex eiffel tower and eat mozzarella stick


when you put on you’re boyfriend’s shirt when he’s not there and it smells like your boyfriend and it makes you happy

boost if you agree

love this excerpt from the tcsh(1) manpage (REFERENCE, cwdcmd):

"Note that putting a cd, pushd or popd in cwdcmd may cause an infinite loop. It is the author's opinion that anyone doing so will get what they deserve."


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