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y’all i am on a plane for the first time in my life and


hp the server literally hasn't even issued a POST code yet

HP: hey our servers have a built-in management interface so you can always manage your shit even if it crashes!!!!!
me: ok thank you hp i have logged in to reconfigure the server
HP iLO 3 Console, displaying an image of the server only partially booted: an advanced license is required to use the console after it has booted

server i pulled out of storage in order to repurpose for low-throughput internal storage had a shitload of dust in it. i figured okay i'll use compressed air to clean it out.
i used the compressed air to the point where the can itself froze up and my hands started to burn |:

server is clean now though

the trouble with dating @maffsie is that whenever i go into my soundcloud likes, three quarters of them are shitposts and sometimes i quite like to chill out oop

ps love you waffer 💜

friends,'s upgrade has been finalised for a second time - some things didn't carry over yesterday and that's why the default theme was purple and also why the word for "toots" became "baps".

someone: jython (java python)
me: jython (jeans python)

folks, media uploading & viewing on will be temporarily unavailable while i do some preventative maintenance cause the disk is nearly out of space again

The Spell Goes By Many Names. The Ancients Called It "Windows Registry Cleaner For The Soul", In The North Witches Refer To It As "Aurafucker666". Whatever You Call It, It's Some Serious Shit, And Will Cure Any Heartbourne Ailment

@tootapp hey, is there a way to change your profile from Toot! (update profile photo, bio, etc)?

friends, is now up and running on 2.7.4!

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