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your purple friend

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software and computer's are good

people not knowing what a youtube poop is but then watching one and giggling their arse off is just the most innocent thing

windows server telling me to change my password like it's a soft aesthetic tumblr blog

it's one of those days where i wanna log into the NOC displays in work and put on 'em

to be up all night,
perchance to get lucky

nested remote desktop sessions drastically increase the likelihood of upsetting user experiences such as this eternal travesty

it's not even halfway through the first shift of the week and i'm already wishing it was the weekend

cool, management reshuffle at work and now there's an email been sent by the most despicable person in the company implying that he'll be restructuring things further.
if this impacts my department i'm going to start looking for another place to work.

Good morning.

I am afraid that I must inform you that the arachnids are developing optical disc technology.

Do u think I can get blackberry to retweet this

folks there's some weird new thing going on - instance may wish to keep an eye on ap (dot) uwu (dot) st