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folks, I finally got sick and tired of the bullshit I have to deal with on the computers I currently have, and I have bought an Alienware now.

Can we talk about how cute Wolf is in the new trailer.

just remember, even on your worst day, you're better than the person your youtube recommendations think you are

what the fuck microsoft. i'm running windows 10 enterprise, with active hours set to 4am to 10pm, joined to a domain, where the machine is under management by windows server update services, which isn't enforcing installation of these updates.

50 stack overflow posts: how can i live-edit a javascript file in firefox

seemingly every single stack overflow in existence: CHROME AND FRIENDS CAN DO THIS!!!

that’s nice but the question is specific to achieving this in firefox

go on, todd, release skyrim for another platform

todd howard here to announce skyrim for ios

oh hey the apple event is happening isn't it

migrating a nodejs app's state to another host?

(google search voice) did you mean: recursive node-modules hell?

i had a nightmare last night that i sent an email to my friends saying something to the effect of "i'm a gay furry" and my department's DL at work was accidentally CCed

new canon: everyone's fursona goes to sleep with a small plush of themselves

The honorific for a non-binary person is Mx., which is pronounced Mix, because all enbies are honorary DJs.

friends, has been blacklisted for data mining crimes

i love this friggin' 1980s MGM Pictures-wannabe logo for NFS

man it turns out that RancherOS+RKE gets -really- unhappy when hv_balloon is enabled
a completely empty deployment rapidly consumed 50gb of ram

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