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(waiting for twenty replies that just say "please delete this")

i did a dramatic reading of the utterly abhorrent change your fursona's gender post because i imagined the sender to be some uppity auld da who's intae the vorin' and disnae like thae gay fowk

on the first of april the world health organisation is gonna step up and be like “april fools there isn’t a big scary plague killing thousands of people it was an elaborate joke” and everyone that died would just walk into the room like “hey”

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honestly nothing in the world could bring me more joy right now than the knowledge that dominic cummings and boris johnson both have covid-19

Have I mentioned that I hate daylight savings time? Because I really do.

the rapid-fire "badup badup badup" of 10+ people leaving a webex meeting

bought the dog bowl set so villagers can come over and say they didn't know i had a dog, so i can reply "I don't" :3~

and i could text my coworker "jesus is looking for sinners, see you soon" like that "hell is real" post on tumblr

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i miss physically going to the office to work because there's a big signboard at the halfway point that has a clipart binocular graphic and says 'jesus is looking for sinners' in times new roman

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Animal Crossing New Horizons has opened up a whole new aspect of gender theory by calling it "style" instead

I don't have a gender, but I sure as FUCK have a style

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