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so it's uh, overdue somewhat, but i've made a tip-jar page available for those of you who've asked for a way to say thanks and have some spare change:

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google this is maybe the worst “related” search you can possibly suggest, get fucked.

can we get “ralsei smoking a fat blunt dot ping”

twitter just logged me out because i wouldn't stop blocking all its "who to follow" suggestions

i wish everyone a good night

except for all members of the usb implementers forum. have a bad night.

hey is there some secret setting that needs enabled on 1Password 7 for macOS/the 1Password Safari extension, in order to use Masked Email? I don't have an option for it :(

love it when my dog flattens his ears completely against his head it’s like he’s pretending to be lindsay lohan’s stupid fucking nft that has no ears

extremely not a fan of whatever design trend it is that is causing companies to start using really wide, short typography

Very spooky, not for the faint of heart 

Made some adjustments :blobfoxghost:

is this definitely the year 2021? apache just had a directory traversal vulnerability.

i will not elaborate on why i would lose my game save because i can't work out how to explain it in a spoiler-free way, and the outer wilds is a good game

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why? because i don't want to lose my game save after getting all the way to the end because i wasn't fast enough in doing the very last thing

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i never actually beat the outer wilds, i got right to the very end of the game and then watched the ending on youtube

this halloween try to forget that the scariest spectre is that of capitalism

it's a my chemical romance the black parade full album [320kbps].rar kinda day

*tries to climb your timeline* mrew! *looks determined*

had a couple spam sign-ups lately which are, seemingly, using email addresses linked to "frantech". probably something related to all the epik junk, but man these are annoying to clean up.

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