jokes for old geeks with some negative health implications 

Effective immediately, we have replaced our CEO with a Cat Executive Officer, who is directly answerable to employees. Any questions?

"Is the Cat Executive Officer an actual cat?"

*cat wearing a tie leans into the microphone* Meow


Just read a take that was like, "people don't hate trans folks, they hate trans activists"

this is basically just saying you want trans people to be quiet, and the only way to be a likable trans person is to never mention your struggles as one

if this is your thinking, f*ck off

Ableism, fustration with leftist communities... (-) 

@wertercatt you get a doll that can become any character you want, but it breathes and blinks and makes eye contact even if it can't see you

Cursed garage sale! Boost and ill give you a cursed item!

Got suspended on reddit for yelling at someone who made a transphobic post lol.

I finally got fed up with not being able to find good digital copies of a bunch of public domain TV shows.

So I broke down and bought the most common/best available DVDs for: Space Patrol; Rocky Jones, Space Ranger; Flash Gordon; The Phantom Empire; Clutch Cargo; Space Angel; and a couple of other shows.

I'm going to do nice, high quality rips with good metadata and get them up on the internet archive, peertube, and possibly a homespun torrent tracker.

if someone asks for boosts you should give them boosts, regardless of why.

i dunno why but i really believe this. it's praxis or something

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