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spider imagery invoked 

I believe the children are the future.

The children, of course, being my millions and millions of genetically engineered warrior spiders.

weird how when i queue up a bunch of torrents all my other devices get slower internet.

trimmed the hens wings today.

they can still jump really high

i dont understand why people feel the need to gender infants.

deer has gotten MUCH larger since last year. good for you, deer, but please leave my trees alone, i need them to grow.

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mh phones 

i think my phone anxiety has got worse it has spread it is now also test anxiety.

do i desperately need a haircut?

or am i growing my hair out?

i honestly don't know anymore.

transition is when you shed your mortal shell and become a god once more

covid, sick grandparent 

last surviving grandparent has COVID
seems mild
we'll see

those are pretty standard rates around here i just don't have anything coming in.

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thinking about going back to that queer salon i went to a couple times back in college.

34 for a cut + 75+ for color...

i need income

the Shrek musical is good because have you seen a community theater doing Shrek costumes? it is something that must be protected.

the official version that was/is on Netflix... is interesting.

and what kind of lesbian would I be if I didn't break at least one nail getting my hands covered in dirt?

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p sure all my carrots died

my beet line is also full of holes

something has been eating my radish greens so hard they're not bulbing up

not a good year for root veggies for me.

I should go out and seed some more in.

"sorry, I didn't recognize you. you're wearing a different mask."


got distracted by building a fire and forgot everything else I was doing.

very glad I didn't wear my thigh high bi socks today, it was warm out. mid 60s at least.

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