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spider imagery invoked 

sometimes I remember things that haven't happened yet and that can be confusing.

does anyone else hear that weird whistling noise?

and the screams?

it was up

I did something on my phone

then it was down


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surely everyone will get this weirdly specific reference to a fifty year old band

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Gandalf: "I am not some conjurer of cheap tricks!"

Gandalf, seriously just yesterday: "it's too fucking quiet." *snaps fingers* *Robin Zander and Rick Nielson appear*

of the firm belief that the easiest way to cancel subscriptions is just to cancel your card

for the love of god, won't somebody think of the twinks?!


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first rule of night crew always talk about night crew

I've never seen fight club am I doing the quote right?

forage a bit
play with forest puppies (deer, wolves, etc)
Maybe make art in spare time to sell to wealthy city hipsters.

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