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Hey, follow me if you wanna interact with me while is suffering issues.

Of course I’m an anarchist, they placed me at the bottom of all the hierarchies what kind of idiot defends that

Hey, follow me if you wanna interact with me while is suffering issues.

having eaten the Jesus flesh in church as a species had prehensile tentacle dicks.

I meant to type "specific" but my autokeyboard thought it would be able to draw new conclusions allowing me to wear a bra!

from now on, whenever I meet anyone, Im gonna go out to dinner with girlfriend for a soul.

the 15 hour lag and inability to post media makes it really hard to use.

I like it here, but right now it's just not functional.

So, I'm thinking of migrating instances until becomes usable again, but I don't really know how.


hey, fellow PS4-havers:

do you have Space Hulk: Deathwing?

afaict, the AI is kinda garbage, and if I'm to get into the multi-player, I'd love to have a squad full of real people.

I know @Lumb is in, but that still leaves space on the roster.

Things that bug me: people who respond super weirdly when you use "they" singularly and pretend that it is near impossible to interpret whatever you said as referring to less then multiple people

it runs fine, but it ain't pretty.

Still a fun game though.

me: "Let's see how well total war Warhammer runs on my laptop if maybe I turn all the graphic settings down to ultra low."

*34 turns of a Greenskins campaign later*

"shit, when the sun go down?"

Toots are now coming in on my home timeline about 5 hours after posting.

It's fascinating.

I know I just started a campaign with a fighter

but now I also want to play a druid so I can wildshape into a giant spider.

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