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spider imagery invoked 

I believe the children are the future.

The children, of course, being my millions and millions of genetically engineered warrior spiders.

actually watched it 3 times.

isolated composer's score
isolated finalized score

and I think I'm gonna call it there instead of watching again with directors commentary, then directors cut, then directors cut with directors commentary.

save something for tomorrow.

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rewatching Alien because it's a good movie and I like it


penis? more like a double ended meat dildo shoved in and fused to your clit, am I right?

flirting the gayest way I know how:

"I like your hair!"

getting the gayest flirt back:

"thanks! I was just thinking about telling you I like your hair!

each day of october until 'ween i emit a stronger and stronger pumpkin spice scent

I've got most of my harvest done for the season now.

I might get another artichoke head to maturity before frost, and I'll probably get some more pole beans

But it is pretty much time now to be getting my overwinter crops going.

I mean I started peas and greens to overwinter already, but I'm clearing up more space now.


I did leave a few little buds on what remained of the plants and I moved the male over to them, but he doesn't seem to be pollinating this late season.

we'll see if I get any new seed. probably not. but maybe.

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I am
very tired now
this shit isn't ready yet, and wknt be for a couple months,
but I've got some concentrate carts to use today.

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did harvest today. had to cut a few more buds loose for mildew. my toes are very cold now. ran out of clothes pins.

I should get up and clean the stinky litterbox, but cat is so snuggly and soft

time to let the chickens up for the day?
then time to sleeptime rituals?

growing weed 

despite my mediocrest efforts, a couple of the buds on my cannabis plant have gotten mildewy. I'll have to do some trimming.

looks like it's about ready for harvest though.

it's a nice feeling, seeing topless cis women on TV and realizing I have bigger boobs than they do.

hormones, erotica, bedtime 

oops i took progesterone and read fic oops i'm flushed and sleepy

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