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spider imagery invoked 

I believe the children are the future.

The children, of course, being my millions and millions of genetically engineered warrior spiders.

there's so much skin, i have to moisturize it all? what a hassle.

when trans girls are only just starting out and they go thru that phase of saying “i’m a pretty girl” or “i’m a girl with a knife”

boost if u agree

well i had plans today but i guess I'll just cry in bed all day instead

also seem to be having a very bad hip day, it's been a while since one of those. maybe I'll take the front door out to turn on the fountains there are fewer stairs

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I've been lying here awake in bed since 7-7:30
i got up to pee once and then went back to bed
i was planning on going to a free mpx vax event this morning, it doesn't feel like that's gonna happen
one of those days

damn and i'd had such a "normal" diurnal sleep schedule lately

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oops i stayed up past 3am uncontrollably sobbing about my cat

seem to have hit a lull its just a slow leak of tears now

cannabis flowers 

shit it rained and I didn't have an umbrella over my flowers I hope all the THC didn't wash off.

sky, this is not what i meant when i said “orange everything, i’m ready for spoopy season”

literally profit incentivizing anything makes it actually worse thanks have a good day folks

imagining the girls on Lost scavenging shaving products from the luggage so they can continue to have perfectly smooth legs, competing with men trying to achieve the delicate balance of an almost-beard without using a trimmer

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