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spider imagery invoked 

I believe the children are the future.

The children, of course, being my millions and millions of genetically engineered warrior spiders.

another warm one today. gonna wear my "Florida Girl" outfit ie shorts and a loose top

"my 900 thousand past lives help me"
sounds cool, my 900 thousand past lives just make me nostalgic about forests.

garden box

squashes are still preflower stage, but some of the bigger corns are starting to get tassles. the bean continues to spiral up a cornstalk.

why picture file size go up when I crop parts out? I'm trying to get you from 6 to <5 and instead you go to 7.5?!

I love my little old snuggleman, such a very good cat

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Begpost, Injured Pet 

Okay, so, we seriously thought we could do this completely by ourselves, but we're not actually sure if we can.

Our cat had a UTI and that's taken care of with an antibiotics injection, but our emotionally and financially abusive father was making us choose between the cat and paying back a debt to this company called ProCollect (something we refused to do). We don't get paid next until August 5th and already did our paycheck advance for the week and we've never done that before, so we don't know if it'll even work.

As it turns out, our cat might have a (apologies) fucked up paw from trying to jump up on one of the shelves in our room, something we thought he succeeded at, and which is something we didn't notice until extremely recently (as soon as yesterday night) and we would like to stop restraining him as soon as possible.

Please help us. The Xray and check in alone we hear is probably about $220 USD. We would like to get to $300 - $350 USD to account for car gas money, any meds he might need, and the fact both us and the cat still need food.

Why didn't we say anything until now? Well, what else are you going to do when you think you can do everything by yourself?? We didn't think we would need the help and we're also scared shitless.

We only have a Cash App for now because our PayPal and Venmo don't like our system name, so we have to do something about that, sorry:$rusanyacollective

I have decided that I too will be going to space.

I can't afford a rocket though, just gonna astral project.

hooboy, big mood swing, now I'm crying all of a sudden.

think it's time for my hormones perhaps.

"leos are ambitious and outgoing" no, no, not that...

"leos are divas who will hog the spotlight" ah, there I am.

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sometimes I wonder if I'm really a Leo.

Then I'll hear someone call leos "attention starved narcissists" and I'll be "oh yeah, sure, that's totally me."


I've got both hips going and some exciting new heel pain on my "good" side.

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my body really wants me to just sit down and do nothing today, but my pacing instinct really wants me to circle my territory and patrol for predators.

pain high, depression also high. coincidence?

eggs (food), chickens (not food) 

the art / the artists

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my birds have been laying, like, a week, and already I'm getting 2 eggs a day.

They're tiny eggs, but they're perfectly formed. and the hens aren't full grown yet.

There was 1 soft shell egg, but that was it.

"sometimes when you speak, it sounds like there are multiple voices coming from you"

sometimes when I speak, there are multiple people talking. easy answer to that little mystery.

Wapato sent out a runner.
Runner found a bit of algae right by the surface and said "yeah this seems secure" and is now growing off of that.

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