- "I believe."
- "Those are my personal beliefs."

They "believe" something that can't be proven...

...and they want to use our government to enforce their "personal beliefs."

This is moving in a very bad direction.

The country should definitely be run by personal beliefs...🤦‍♂️

12-Year-Old Incest Victims Should Birth Dad’s Child, Says Speaker Gunn-

TIL there is a porn parody of Alice in Wonderland, that is also a musical

¿Deseas aprender más sobre @libreoffice Writer?

Entonces pendiente con esta información.

El Centro Nacional de Tecnologías de Información trae en el mes de julio el curso:

Introducción a LibreOffice Writer

¡Corre! 🏃‍♀️🏃🏾

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instead of buying rainbow merch to celebrate pride, consider having gay sex


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I can clearly hear my stupid boss playing a game on his phone, right now, the same day he threatened me for being late besides not having a fixed arrival schedule to the office.

The fake moral panic over the movie Lightyear has lasted for too long, its stupid, im fucking tired of it, and all of these homophobes should go and unalive themselves.

Yesterday i installed arch in my boyfriend's laptop hehe 😊

I'm on my way to install Arch in my boyfriend's laptop 😁


Comenzaré a realizar una serie de guias sencillas para introducir a absolutos principiantes a GNU/Linux.
Aquí va el primer artículo que publico sobre ello:


Espero le guste y que se lo puedan compartir a aquel compañere que tanto han querido convencer de comenzar a usar GNU/Linux.

Se les quiere uwu.

I just installed Arch (EndeavourOS) in my iMac. honestly, now her functionality skyrocketed

Children were murdered. Literally blown to bits so that they were unrecognizable.

Where are Republicans? Pointing fingers, whining about their rights & throwing tantrums over their imagined grievances. Just like Trump.





# Hola, hice un post en mi propia instancia de Writefreely.

Todavía estoy probando la federación, pero mientras tanto, aquí va.


Men's pockets: Can hold a Nintendo Switch, 3 games, 1 controller dock, 1 pair of joycon straps, a phone, keys, a wallet and an Amiibo with the figure removed

Women's pocket: Can barely hold phone

(BTW, I literally did the above in my pockets)

Let me get this straight.

Influencers and legally obligated to disclose who is sponsoring them, but politicians are not?

What kind of trans girl are you?

Someone saw the first episode of season 3 of love death and robots?

What a roast lol

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