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- threads & profile hashtags thread -

"legacy" thread where i used to put all my threads from both accounts,
which will gradually be deleted as the individual threads go into the new thread tag(s)

also, featured profile hashtags because those are strangely inaccessible on mobile phones

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Reading a book is like re-writing it for yourself. You bring to a novel, anything you read, all your experience of the world. You bring your history and you read it in your own terms. - Angela Carter

sort of. it doesn't seem like it performs very well)

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i'm trying to learn how to parallel park a slightly long car

and i just really, seriously went looking to see if .drive, the game griffin mcelroy did that famous let's play of, was available on linux so i could see if it was useful as a parallel parking simulator


I think a big reason i gravitate toward "mon" series is
they start assuming mons deserve care/support;
Even these powerful kaiju recognise having needs is normal

some kind of dino-dragon or weird mouse plops down in front of you
and you don't ask
"why was it born" "is it making up its needs" "is it worth it to make sure it stays alive"

it's just assumed you'll:
appreciate what's good about this thing,
if applicable, take care of its needs,
& help it reach its full potential

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(one of these days i will find out that in the course of 53 damn years there was at least one fucking awful horny plot in there somewhere and I will just have to shake my head and admit i was wrong)

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"wow, what kind of trash did you order"

ultra series items are always lumped in with the most fucking embarrassing booby girls shit in online stores and I could not remotely tell you why when, as far as I know, these shows are one of the few things *not* inexplicably tainted by that

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yuga sevens: i now summon my best creature

he puts down one of those ultraman orb hero cards,
ultraseven appears

I actually do mean something by this:

it really feels like whenever the shows actually make room for explaining stuff about the ultra world,

they are trying incredibly hard to contain and hide the fact that almost whatever ultras do is motivated by basically the same concerns as socialism

it's like when writers are trying really hard to hide characters being gay in subtext to bypass censors.

it would be dangerous to admit ultras have a socialist economy so we just show them being really nice

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me: checks out ultraman tarou

me: ...have i finally discovered the fabled "Cultural Marxism"

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sometimes i just think about how,
(specifically within the fiction of the shows, not referring to anything outside that)

ultras are technically anti-capitalist

so i tend to feel like zero should probably look at his past more like 'wow i was really being an asshole, i don't know what else they could have done'

especially considering how he is literally put side by side with this average japanese businessman it's sort of like no ultrawarrior is supposed to relate to (leito) but zero is /so/ mature & polite they're almost similar

unless he doesn't in fact regret what he did and still thinks it was reasonable?? which just opens up a lot more questions

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i don't feel like past zero had the same set of emotions and motivations at all, and it makes any sense for present zero to be like 'why were they mean to me'.

he seemingly didn't trust a single person and he was going to steal the sun. (as they point out, exactly like belial tried to.)


what past zero was /actually/ trying to achieve seems like an incredibly interesting question.

he turned around way too fast to have possibly been aiming to be an evil galactic emperor, if you ask me

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i've always been a bit bothered by the way raybrad movie portrays zero's character arc as pretty straightforward ─

he is clearly not a good person and has no idea how to interact with people to start out with (he wants to fight everyone.), then he turns around and learns to respect people

...but it seems like everything after that just forgets zero wasn't well-behaved to start out with and just has him react to his past as if Present zero was being punished that way

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i'll admit it's a bit not-obvious why this one is funny.

i was just looking at a poster thing for "ultraseven x" thinking, huh, i wonder if zero was designed off /this/ ultraseven

then i remembered the rather odd portrayal of zero's connection with ultraseven in "geed".
raybrad movie suggests seven was too afraid of zero to raise him, but "geed" (& "zero chronicle") suggest zero is a gentle person and slightly fears ultraseven

then i imagined zero visualising him as Actually Fearsome

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- in zero content in general (not specifically "geed"), when doing flashbacks of cool things ultraseven did he's always the 'ultraseven X' version of himself,
although whenever he appears in the present and outside anybody's imagination he's still regular ultraseven

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I love that I have like /50/ different AUs of how to fix the " geed" show by changing just one small thing

and every single one of them is fascinating to me, to the point I sometimes for just a moment forget the show isn't better than it is

but then when my mind goes back to the exact unchanged show i'm like. this isn't a /bad/ show but i don't know if i'd even recommend it to anyone

though i haven’t watched “leo” yet
-(there are like 30+ whole shows and it’s almost not even easy to pick one to watch.)-

i always thought it was kind of cool he & king sorta effectively had to go through a redemption arc For formerly being royalty and not in spite of it

i wish it was more clear why any hostile/antagonist party in the ultraman universe did anything though, so i wasn’t stuck here speculating L77 was actually corrupt along with magma

the “ leo” theme and the king dedede theme ( series) are actually strangely similar

and i don’t know what to do with this information

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Alright fuck it I'm gonna start working on a Mario universe TTRPG/5e conversion

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