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suicidal thoughts; copyright 

many things could be unpacked out of that thought actually

a. 'the positive right to paywall something' is useless without a network of people to spread the word / decide to pay it

b. copyright assumes the goal of art is to get money instead of something else like people

c. it assumes the author doesn't value other people getting the most possible use out of the work over their own existence

d. it assumes the author can plan ahead into the future > 20 years

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suicidal thoughts; copyright 

one of the most confusing things to me about copyright is,

what use even is copyright to somebody who makes art as a distraction from suicide

if i gave up on making it to a place where i have more people to interact with or places outside my house to go than none
or any of my elaborate creative work had been discussed by more people than none

and suddenly died

the prospect of being 'allowed' to try to wring money out of my work in the future was no use to me

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"torrenting a game is the same as stealing it, it's a lost sale"

that's great news, now I can set up a server farm to pirate J.K. Rowling's new Harry Potter game and repeatedly delete and redownload it until i bankrupt her

i'm going to tell you early, just because i think it's hilarious, that

you know how Noble variant forms are held up as some of the most perfect versions of a strain?
(well now you do.)

nightwalker's Noble forms are ninjaturtle sewer rats

intertwined with its whole concept is this idea of taking stupid trashy action scenarios too seriously, a.k.a. the Yore variant

politics; rust code of conduct controversy 

arguably mastodon *is* my hole
("that was made for me")

i oscillate between feeling like I like mastodon because I actually have more conversations with people than i did previous places,

and feeling like I like mastodon because it's perfectly feasible for me to just, without worrying, not check my notifications for a while and pop in and post something and pop out

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politics; rust code of conduct controversy 

it puts me in a very "retreat into a hole" mood

was globalisation a bad idea? should we all just have already retreated to our own holes of about 50 connected people where everybody in the hole has the same moral code so we don't hurt each other?

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politics; rust code of conduct controversy 

which if true is one of the most disgusting things i've ever seen

i never liked the idea of trying to keep peace across political factions by people pretending to be nice to each other when they would actually be enemies, already undermining everybody's shallow trust in each other the moment the illusion breaks

but what do you do when every country claims other countries have produced "the most (country) thing there is" just for not being far right

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politics; rust code of conduct controversy 

what i'm taking away from the rust CoC discussions is that a whole bunch of people are butthurt anybody would try to contain the tide of far right ideology erupting across the world by not allowing them to outwardly gaslight other people about what is considered normal and what's considered 'unusually left'

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capitalists: without the profit motive, nobody would do anything

modding communities: i have ported rollback netcode into super smash brothers melee

i feel what would more likely happen if i waltzed into a pitch meeting and plopped down a picture of this is something kinda like "ULTRAMAN" 2019

given that in the real world "anime" is suddenly starting to include 3d animation

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in the unlikely event ever gets adapted by some kind of "real studio" my dream is that it never becomes some Shonen Jump style "anime" and instead the kai actually get rendered in some kinda tokusatsu style of puppets or some shit

i know for some of them that would be fucking impossible but i would find it fascinating and hilarious to see what exactly was done with those

(incidentally, that's pretty close to how plays.

after you unlock all the various monster 'purebreds' you can start a 'run' through the tournament circuit with any monster,
as each monster you play IS its own run

there is a bit of story but it's mostly little sidequests that lead to unlocking monsters, and none of the story happens at a specific mandatory place in any particular 'run'

-i may as well tag the last two toots inspirations now-)

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how does this concept apply to pokémon?
well, I'm not totally sure

I guess for one, I think other people find these games more replayable than I do

I think I would like it if the games played closer to the way the solo run challenge videos "play", with the ability to start with any pokémon and not much story intruding on something the challenge runners are going to be doing 100-200 times with slight differences

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I also feel like it's fully possible for "replayability" to exist for things that aren't games at all

I used to think it was really weird of me to enjoy the process of going through a linux installer and 'breaking in' a fresh home directory

but now I just look at it as linux installers being unusually "replayable" for a program not intended as entertainment

the same applies to old monitors that had a degauss button

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I think that a key characteristic of games is how well they cover up the moment they've run out of unique content and encourage you to keep playing although there will be nothing new

some games you'll see people do absolutely ridiculous things to, like nearly impossible speedrun skips, "lowest A press" challenges, various pokémon gen 1 glitch tricks

and I feel like this level of dedication to messing with a game's usual 'rules' roughly means it must have done something right

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I personally feel like one of the core criteria for judging a video game should be replayability

i feel like the amount of "unique content" a game has before the experience starts repeating in some way is a core aspect of what a "game" is (perhaps even for some non- computer games)

you start to really see this when, for instance, you look at a ton of pokémon challenge run videos.

you come to ask,
"is pokémon a good game or have all these crazy people just modified it until I now enjoy it?"

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here's just one public post to explain I use to catalogue my threads on my profile(s),

and to find the actual thread lists you have to go to

rather than here

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(yeah. i listen to youtube on 144p because it's mainly an audio platform for me.

i can't stand it when it recommends me a bunch of videos under 10 minutes because changing videos every 7 minutes is unacceptably distracting from all the better non-youtube activities i'd like to do each day.)

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one thing I really love about pokémon gen 1
(no joke, no sarcasm)
is how oddly crisp it looks on a youtube video at 144p

when listening to a lot of pokémon challenge runs i often end up checking if youtube automatically turned my resolution back up whenever there's a gen 1 challenge just because it looks so actually good

there's something about the low resolution, 4-colour palette, & relatively sharp, high-contrast sprites
(well, the battles more than the overworld)
that really makes it pop

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