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I guess the conclusion is that copyright & the ideas surrounding it make the bold presumption that media series have an end

when it's kind of never been true,
and even capitalism & anti-competitive laws can't stop fans from keeping a series that's remotely possible to extend from continuing

if they have to push and nudge Company itself to keep making 10 more games, that's what they will do,
and Company does not ultimately determine when series end if it seeks the most money

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and we have the phenomenon of fans saying 'wish this series wasnt dead' just because Company hasn't made a new entry for a while

but at the same time we also have whatever series solely being produced by Company when if it had "ended" early and been under a regime of < 50-year copyrights it could have become public domain with fans producing literally as much gratuitous new content as they wish

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i don't know how i feel about the fact that capitalism puts us in such a shitty situation for actually /enjoying/ art but also gives us so much more gratuitous new content than anyone thought possible

ultra series and pokémon were both (coincidentally) going to end after their 2nd entry,
but then we Accidentally end up with 50 years of ultra series & 20 years of pokémon, & 11 megaman games etc just because people buy/advertise each time

> Eiji Tsuburaya had originally intended for the Ultra Series to end with the 1967 series Ultra Seven

wow. so you're telling me we just kinda Accidentally got 50 years of series because it couldn't be contained and wildly ran away from its creator

that's the funniest thing to learn after knowing that pokémon was (possibly) going to end after gold/silver and the exact same thing happened to pokémon.

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I'm dead serious,
the first time i saw i really thought he was a fake leak

i thought i was looking at the version of when pokémon hoaxers mash together only elements of existing pokémon,
in order to be overly safe about adhering to the art style

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I search for Star Trek, because I'm watching it because lockdown and because it's kinda an optimistic vision of the future, and I see posts on fan forums like Reddit that suggest a bunch of other people are doing the same thing for the same reasons.

Are we looking at the beginnings of pre-2009 Star Trek being cool again?

It doesn't have to be Star Trek. I just want a show about an optimistic Federation-like entity that sort of Katamari Damacy's the galaxy species by species.

the best part is at the point there were a bunch of unrelated things all channeling what /they/ believed to be the best parts of pokémon

i just *know* i would then turn around and be like,

"no, you don't understand what the best parts of pokémon were...

i know i griped about it a whole lot sometimes, but The Pokémon To Pokémon That Eclipsed It And Took Over The Internet is really missing the point of pokémon and here's what the actual good parts of pokémon were"

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> we would have the pokémon and megaman and steven universe, mha, dragonball, ben 10, etc. of pokémon

(setting aside that some of those might not even be examples & have happened completely without ultra series,

the point is there are a Lot of unintentional reinventions of ultra series by people who dont even know it existed and are just picking up stuff secondhand.)

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for one,
by the time they'd made the about ~1660 pokémon there would be at that time,
(= 720/23*53)
i would probably have found Some i like at a level transcending every single gripe i have with the pokémon design style

for another,
at that point people would finally start crystalising out what exactly they like about pokémon and making their own completely unrelated series,
and we would have the pokémon and megaman and steven universe, mha, dragonball, ben 10, etc. of pokémon

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Sometimes i just think about like,

how i would feel if exactly like ultra series, pokémon literally kept going for 53+ years without really slowing down

and i think... i probably wouldn't mind or be "upset" in any way.

i might be mildly, mildly disappointed in the world (in the mildest way),
just because i couldn't understand how it happened

but judging by the way i feel about ultra series,
i might actually give it more credit the longer it went on & the more non-overlapping content it had

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The movie Mary Poppins was released in 1964 and set in 1910. This must have seemed incredibly distant to its primary audience of children, but it was still in living memory. If it were made today, it would be set in 1966.

To me, 1966 feels a lot closer to the present than 1910 does to 1964. How does it feel to children?

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yo, if you're stuck inside and like documentaries; here's the film RUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked the World. It's about the native american roll in the founding of rock and roll and how pivotal we were to rock music, as well as the erasure of our role.

me: reads/watches almost anything

me: wow, this sure has a keen resemblance to that one part of

it's shocking how well that song Actually Works for geed....
i may be forced to make an actual edit at some point

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donkey kong: i don't get it, why is it no matter what i do i can't be a hero

ultraman geed: ♫ I don't know what's happening to me / I'm getting all the blame for things I ~ DIDN'T DO ♫

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