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zero has two dads theory 

zero has two dads theory 

"Ultraman Geed": Has the dearth of female ultras grown into a plot hole, or did i get double queerbaited by narrative symmetry

despite my constant posting about it, i have only watched just enough series to be Heavily confused if

- tarou and his dad are supposed to be likeable, or these tony stark figures that confidently fuck everything up

- ace is a bottom-of-the-barrel ultra warrior or among the best

- male ultrawarriors' sons have moms somewhere or Actually appear out of thin air

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I love this artists conception of cryolophosaurus with feathers and markings like a barn owl

I guess what i'm basically saying is:

kamen rider, the 'dark' ultraseries shows, and maybe jojo (?) are just another form of "YA fiction" in the meme sense of the term, but are actually good at it

you've heard of adulthood but are you ready for RADICAL ARMOUR EVOLUTION

one reason I really like is the way it concentrates squarely on this aesthetic of

"wow, guess I'm a teenager now.

better start prepping for the impossibly awesome & stylish Next Stage consisting only of Cool People with Expertly-Honed Skills in Amazing Larger-than-Life Scenarios that's much more vast, intimidating, breathtaking, and literally-unbelievable than being an adult really is, or could ever be."

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the inherent flaw of just monetizing everything is that only things that can return or generate wealth will be incentivized and improved on.

there you go. thats the argument against capitalism. i didnt need to go to some head ass 8 year school to figure that out.

I just found out about /

- the old chinese book i jokingly called β€˜anarchist pirate fallen-angel revolution, or, robin hood cinematic universe’

and i have been laughing my ass off at this premise

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I missed Dragon Appreciation Day, but here's the theme song from Flight of Dragons for you πŸ‰

spiritomb evolution that’s 108 anarchist swamp pirates WHEN

whenever the series suit actors just kinda /appear/ somewhere and i see. small ultra right in the middle of an otherwise normal image. it always creates such a weird effect

"......something's not right here. what are fantasy being doing outside fancy electric containment box"

i'm now concerned is just going to be a way for corporate interests to "put on a disguise" and sneak into the fediverse

- because their instances and videos look the same as anyone's right now

then 'accidentally' become the most popular instances much as the mastodon network has centralised,
& their hosts bought out by one of GAFAM
(after which their policies and UX probably-though-not-certainly go to shit.)

did we learn nothing from /gitlab

"hmm let me look at which instances people are actually posting to"

results:, provided by ploud, provided by PSAIDE

"email address, storage space, various services. huh. looks kinda like the next google or something, maybe less bad??"

our partners: microsoft

"no no no no no"

> \"adPlacementConfig\":{\"kind\":\"AD_PLACEMENT_KIND_

spotted in youtube html, the world's most boring strife specibus

it blows my mind how much sheer bloat is in the undoubtedly-server-generated pages after they're generated.

one script consists mostly of what would be several full printed pages of json properties about videos, and Why

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wow, real excited for the #INAUDIBLE #CHEESESTEAK #CONCERTA ! got tickets for the whole family

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i mentioned this on an episode of commune college, but it frustrates me when people use "nobody being here" as an excuse to avoid mastodon and the fediverse at large

really shows people's true colors, doesn't it? the second it involves actual work of maintaining a space, of building something, of creating something greater, they bristle

they expect the spectacle to defeat the spectacle and not reinforce it, or merely don't care

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