level design is an elaborate process wherein you convince yourself that there are ways to solve the problem with this room that do not involve having to move the entire world five inches to the left

the student: water from the tap tastes better than water from a cup

the master, intoning with a bowed head: shaved parmesan tastes better than grated parmesan

the nice thing about the Skin Deep setting is that if I want a piece of tech to be lower-poly I can just say "hey what if it had a chunky plastic case for no good reason?"

so that just happened. that just happened?

*grabs you by the shoulders*

please tell me it happened. I remember it. I remember it so clearly. please. it must have happened.

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character who says "so THAT just happened", not as a quip, but because a series of convoluted time-travel tragedies in their past left them with the need to constantly, loudly reassure themselves about the dependable nature of cause-and-effect

Thinking about Dark Cloud 2 and becoming incensed that it didn't set a precedent for video games letting you play a golf minigame in their combat spaces

I want to golf through Sastasha, through Highway 17, through Undead Burg,

I think it's very unfair that I have to make geometry that the player probably isn't going to look at. It should just be fuzzy, like a face you can't remember in a dream

the most tragic thing in environment design is going "this would look so cool with [warning visual language] on it" and then remembering you can't do that because the player will interpret it as an actual warning

booze, tacky fairground attractions, celebrity vanity projects, crumbling infrastructure, and to cap it off, someone might run you through with a machete for no particular reason

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I think one of the truly excellent things about Deathloop is how all these wealthy people paid up to live in a hedonistic consequence-free paradise and it is just utterly fucking miserable

I changed my mind. The funniest thing in Guilty Gear is actually when you get repeatedly annihilated and the feel-good post-match summary starts trying to find increasingly vague and abstract ways to say something nice

"what if I set up the training dummy to throw out a jab on block?"

*five minutes pass*

"oh no. everything I have ever done is vulnerable to this"

(It is a *very* good game, if you don't mind a healthy dose of jank. Highly recommend if you like a multiplayer experience that's 50% slapstick mayhem and 50% nerve-wrackingly tense standoffs)

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we have decided to get into Intruder and I have learned that I am every bit as likely to shoot at cardboard cutouts in a panic as I was when people pulled that trick in Counter-Strike with custom sprays

I don't actually think I could write an engine from scratch but it'd almost be worth it just to reproduce Quake's movement physics verbatim and put them in something entirely inappropriate

god, this is a good game though. I love Colt and Julianna's whole dynamic. I love exploring the locations and learning how they change over time. I love slowly piecing together how to accomplish everything in one loop. Arkane makes another banger.

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when Deathloop was revealed I admit I was a little concerned that Arkane would be retreading overly Dishonored-y ground in its moment-to-moment play, but the time loop grants a unique twist in the sense that I no longer feel bad about doing a ton of violent murders

I just finished my first loop and I fully understand *why* they railroad you through it, but I do kind of wish I'd been allowed to just dive straight in, eat shit, and dust myself off

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Deathloop seems like a compelling, beautiful, very clever game that is deeply worried I will not Get It

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