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To queerphobic people, hede this warning.

If you interact with me, you will be blocked.
If you be queerphobic, shame on your soul.

found out that i can shiny hunt for reshiram in omega ruby

thats my next weekends until Christmas gone

moved my 3ds sd shit to a smaller card

psa: 64gb+ cards in 3ds corrupt and bad, use 32gb plsss

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England: Super Mario Bros.
America: NEW Super Mario Brothers 2 Wii U: Gold Edition

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the grinch's heart grew three sizes

unfortunately this caused several cardiovascular problems and the grinch died within the week

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that french friend has a french calculator

the calculator can do QR codes?!??!?! its so fascinating!!!

emotions, song lyrics 

listening to creep by radiohead:
"what the hell am i doing here"
"i want a perfect body"
"i want you to notice when im not around"
"whatever makes you happy, whatever you want"
"i dont belong here"

this song speaks to me as it sums up how I've been feeling for years and the fact that most of it flew over my head is sad because now im a right stick and it's hard to get out of bed in the morning

i would make a new blog post but i have too much work to do

i would dick about with DSLinux but i dont have a DS with a GBA slot or a copy of the Nintendo DS Browser

so there's this french guy i know and he has a french laptop so when i sat him at my computer he stared at the keyboard and I realised

his brain functions in AZERTY

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nintendo is seemingly incapable of adding all the pokemon back to a game so we'll never have a full natdex ever again :/

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Basically for a trans person to recognize that banning the existence of out trans children in schools is partially to keep cis children in the dark about what trans people are like, I just want to go "and now you get why racial segregation was so important that it had to remain de facto".

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Dear US folks:

1AM Thursday morning, don't forget to turn your bathroom scales back 15 pounds for Thanksgiving.

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