Anyway, when will you lot officially designate me as your bi/pan icon and ambassador pls.

@theauracle Welp, you've definitely got my vote!
(I'da voted for myself, but you dress way better than i do 😄)

@somarasu I'd vote for you, for what it's worth. Thanks for being a sweetheart. :)

@Jewbacchus I probably should've put a content warning on this. 😂

@Mj @Jewbacchus That sorts it then. I'll be sure to warn everyone next time.

@theauracle Uh, done. You're already mine. Icon of the century. Bless your face.

@crowbasing Of the century?! Good heavens, this is exalted praise! I'm very flattered right now, thank you! 🤗🤗🤗

@theauracle I’m a lesbian and I had to stop scrolling to say “hot damn” you got my vote

@HelloItsAce This is noteworthy, indeed. 😁😂 Thank you! 😁🤗

@Mj I appreciate you and your support. 😊😁🤗

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