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Allow me to re-introduce myself. My name is Joseph. Some call me The Auracle (gaming buddies, usually). Some call me Bæ Grylls (partially due to my infamy on birdhell AKA birdapp AKA Elon Musk’s future property).

I’m not bothered what you call me, as long as you remember to use he/him/his pronouns.

IT professional by day; moonlighting as a musician, writer, photographer, and podcaster (co-host & co-producer of The Banter Pub FC).

Father to the most amazing non-binary kid.

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Previously on The Chronicles of's Prodigal Son: I cosplayed as Miles Morales for Halloween 2K19 and neglected to tell you all about it because I'm addicted to the Bad Place.

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So I thought I'd spread the word about an anthology on bisexuality that I contributed a personal narrative to. It's called The Bi-ble. Published by the amazing Monstrous Regiment (an indie publishing house ran by two wonderful queer women out of Edinburgh) and it might be the most important book on bise people you've never read. 
More info on it here:

That caption should say “yo soy un Chivas hermano” but alas, mi español esta muy muy bastante oxidado.

It’s happening.

I’m off to the piercing studio.

Another realisation: is there anything more ironic than a wheelchair-bound human being espousing eugenics-based talking points like they’re quoting Bible scriptures?

Answer: probably fucking not.

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Y’know… Madison Cawthorne might be the most moist motherfucker I’ve ever seen.

Man wasn’t put off by the consequences of his role in furthering a fascist regime but got his knickers in a twist over being invited to an orgy full of old horny fascists.

And this is the guy that desperately wants you to believe he’s a bad boy? Pahahahahahahahahaha.

Maybe this is a holdover from my parents but… if you want something to cry about, I’ll fucking give you something to cry about. 😈

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I don’t see why I can’t rewrite the Harry Potter books to lampoon Joanne, the bigoted cis white woman who — like most if not all bigoted cis white women — spend more time playing the victim whilst they victimise countless others; many of whom aren’t as hyper-visible, wealthy, and powerful as her.

So I think I will. I don’t want this to consume me so I may do it chapter by chapter in the form of a blog or something.

The people who support those who are keen on stripping if not trampling all over another demographic’s human rights are not exempt from backlash.

The only difference between Trump and a Trump supporter is one is a weapon of mass destruction and the other are people simply willing to push the button but don’t have the intestinal fortitude to actually do it.

Either way, if you support redacting human rights, you deserve to be made to live in fear of losing *your* life.

Bigotry or peace? Choose.

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the fact they stopped making viva pinata games is an indictment on our society

As a reminder, LGBTQIA Wrath Month begins tomorrow.

Bring your pitchforks and torches.

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Fuck a month, make em feel the present

Make em feel the *presence*

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None of this truly matters at the end of the day.

If you're queer, *you are* Pride Month

If you're Black, *you are* Black History

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For those that actually care about the facts, Homo sapiens (that’s us; AKA modern humans) have been around for roughly 200,000 years.

Not the 6,000 that Creationist Christians managed to dream up. That’s way too short.

there’s overlap between homo neanderthalis, homo erectus, and Homo sapiens but we (read: Homo sapiens) are the only species of human that survived.

Humans did not directly descend from apes but humans *are* classed as primates. Apes and humans share a common ape ancestor.

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By the way, I don’t know who needs to hear this but… humans have not been around for 500 million years. Not even close to that.

Maybe next time when you cite “science” in your transphobic letter to Nottingham City Council littered with lies and empty threats, ensure that it’s actually science you’re citing and not the stuff you pull out of your arse.

Welcome to the Republic of Gillead.

Population: 332,278,200

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instead of buying rainbow merch to celebrate pride, consider having gay sex

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