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I came out as bisexual in 2017. I’m still here, still queer, and still ain’t going nowhere. Happy , my fellow bi/pan/m-spec babies.

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Allow me to re-introduce myself. My name is Joseph. Some call me The Auracle (gaming buddies, usually). Some call me Bæ Grylls (partially due to my infamy on birdhell AKA birdapp AKA Elon Musk’s future property).

I’m not bothered what you call me, as long as you remember to use he/him/his pronouns.

IT professional by day; moonlighting as a musician, writer, photographer, and podcaster (co-host & co-producer of The Banter Pub FC).

Father to the most amazing non-binary kid.

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Previously on The Chronicles of's Prodigal Son: I cosplayed as Miles Morales for Halloween 2K19 and neglected to tell you all about it because I'm addicted to the Bad Place.

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So I thought I'd spread the word about an anthology on bisexuality that I contributed a personal narrative to. It's called The Bi-ble. Published by the amazing Monstrous Regiment (an indie publishing house ran by two wonderful queer women out of Edinburgh) and it might be the most important book on bise people you've never read. 
More info on it here:

Bæ Grylls boosted Yeah, I get that. During that time, it has also made it very clear who and what is responsible for those catastrophes with clarity that hasn't been possible until now.

And white supremacy simply cannot account for connections made by the advent of the internet.

A big reason so many places are going right is in desperation to control the narrative that has told us this is just how the world is.

But we are all seeing it's not. And the anger globally is increasing at this lie.

Bæ Grylls boosted And the lurch towards the right have been devastating to quality of life where ever it has happened, but they still vote for it.

If we can figure out a way to do a collective side step, they will run off a cliff on their own.

It's madness.

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Are you optimistic about the future of your country?

All this pearl clutching over NATO's future really is missing the entirety of the bigger picture here.

Brexit has sent a right-wing nationalist wet dream into overdrive. It won't be long before the EU itself is dead.

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@theauracle I am pushing my students to think about how fascism is having a big revival and why and they're making this connection

It's so damn obvious, and they have only been engaging in politics for roundabouts 2 years!

No patience for my fellow adults who are in denial

Let me be clear on this: centrists hate the left more than they do the right. From the exit poll data to the trends we see in political discourse, it is clearer than a sunny day without a cloud in the sky.

The centrists always attempt to appease the right but never accept that these appeasements only lead to ruin every single time.

The centrist parties and their members are really right-wing sympathisers; Viktor Frankenstein incarnate the way they create monsters and shirk responsibility.

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Now, Sweden and Italy are in on this far-right revival.

This doesn’t happen because the left failed to do anything (although that conversation about the failures of the left is a moot one to have at this point). This happens because every lurch to the right has gone through the centre.

It’s centrism that gave the right their platform, entertained their talking points, and endorsed candidates on the right when it came time to choose someone who promised to change things.

It’s a cliche now.

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I don’t know how many times we have to see this keep happening before people start cutting the shit and smelling the roses.

Hell, you don’t even need the last decade. You could go from 2016 but I digress.

The Tea Party mutated into a Trump victory
Decades of British Euroscepticism coalesced into Brexit *plus* each successive tory leader is more to the right than the last three.
Hungary’s far right government lead by Orban.
Brazil and Bolsonaro.
Turkey and Erdogan.

Like… come on, folks.

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Y’know… I have to question anyone who thinks this massive lurch towards the right over the last decade or so *wasn’t* due in large part to centrists themselves supporting the right in order to spite everyone to the left of them.

I sit here… in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania… having played a doubleheader of baseball games. Eighteen innings. My second and third ever baseball games. Got my first hit and my first RBI.

Prior to this, I played in two football matches (Thursday evening and Monday evening), one 7v7 and one 11v11.

Mate. Playing team sports again was easily the best decision I’ve made for myself in the last decade.

I really do need the complete version of Austin Millz's flip of The King's Affirmation by Iniko.

I came out as bisexual in 2017. I’m still here, still queer, and still ain’t going nowhere. Happy , my fellow bi/pan/m-spec babies.

I also like the way I look in sexy underpants.

If you saw what I just posted on Reddit, you'll know what I mean.

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Or at least something like it.

I'm at the point where I really don't care what anyone thinks about my foray into what feels a bit like exhibitionism.

It's taken all this time to be not only comfortable in this weathered vessel but to also look at it positively. I like the way I look.

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Okay, yeah. I should start an OnlyFans.

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I have 2 big bills due next week:
dental insurance: $29 and internet: ~ $60.51

and i have my refill due very soon ($60) along with my Simple Health annual subscription stuff ($20)

and now that my fucking phone is finally hitting to the point where it's due at the beginning of the month ( ~$45)

it's all been a pain =n=

As always, Boosts are appreciated, if you can't help there are probably other ppl that probably can. I would really appreciate it, and thank you again 💜💜$melaniemoo


#TransCrowdFund #disabilityCrowdfund #MutualAid #BlackMutualAid

The Content Creator Packs look handy if I plan on ever streaming Cities: Skylines on my Twitch channel.

And maybe I should earmark Plazas & Promenades once I’ve gotten all the DLC I’ve shortlisted.

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Looking at it, I’d probably do these first:

After Dark
Natural Disasters
Mass Transit
Green Cities
Sunset Harbour

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