Just upgraded to @gnome 3.34, no words can express how absolutely butter smooth the shell is now. Amazing work from everyone involved!

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Just re-upping this offer: because being comfortable with git is a barrier to entry to many FS/OSS projects, and because I care deeply about lowering those barriers, I will tutor anyone who asks for help with git, and/or connect them with any mentor(s) they might prefer.

I'll do this while I put energy and work into making the tool more approachable, and into making better tools and learning paths.

Boosts gratefully appreciated.


@HTHR which meatpunks characters listen to 100 gecs

Really can't wait for @brainblasted's Social app to be ready for use bc it will deffo increase my masto use

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At the #GUADEC2019 combined GTK and FreeDesktop Dark Style BoF, discussing GTK4, GLib, Dark Style, GtkSourceView, and much more.

What the fuck I posted a paypal link on my Twitter to help with my bills after i lost my jobs and someone pitched in an entire $100? and I think it might be the same person who gave me $50 in the past?

what in the world...

re: anyone "silence brand"ing firefox: you do realize Firefox is a FOSS project and Mozilla is a nonprofit organization, right

nsfw porn talk 

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i headcanon ralsei as a demiboy ama but don't expect an answer rn bc im going to bed goodnight everyone

using tootle and so far not impressed at all

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this mastodon instance is officially approved by me

pinafore social more like pin a fork encroacher

guys....... im gonna.....

game on freebsd..................

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