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Hey all.

I'm here to learn about my gender, gender presentation and sexuality.

Part of learning is making mistakes, and you only learn from mistakes if you know you've made them.

Please tell me if I make a mistake, even a fairly small one.

Yeah, it might hurt a bit, but I'd rather get kicked in the shin then keep stepping on people's toes, you know?


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First toot, well here goes.

I realized I was bi recently, and I'm not young. No idea why it took so long: Not like I haven't been around lots of gay/bi/pan people before, and hell, I read some yaoi in high school, but well, it never did as much for me as anything involving women. But well, I noticed I was checking out the butts of pro wrestlers, and had a crush on a male friend, and was thinking about doing lewd things with people with penises a lot.

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Fun Storm fact: When I went to, I'm really good at finding four and five leaf clovers.

Today those names me feel very fox

kink, rough, sex 

Today's unfulfillable lust: I want to bite and claw someone and listen to their happy noises.

Preferably while my dick is buried deep inside them.

I want to look at them after sex and see bruises, claw marks, and my lipstick all over them.

1) isn't the title of this video kind of redundant, are coyotes ever not breaking rules?

2) I love how despite being Brown the coyote can basically disappear into grass half his height without even trying

3) that was definitely a coyote walking across campus I saw a few years ago, that fur and walk is real distinctive

"Dakota the coyote breaking rules"

metal, dick jokes, so much blasphemy, unclothed women 

what even is this song, it was on a YouTube recommendation at I can't even, this is kind of hilarious.

Watch "POWERWOLF - Resurrection by Erection (New Version 2020) (Official Lyric Video) | Napalm Records" on YouTube

sleep fears 

You ever get irrationally fears about sleeping? There is a part of me that doesn't want to go to sleep as I have a tiny feeling that when I wake up I'll have found I imagined all the good stuff from the last year.

whistful, memory 

January was one of the best months of my life.

But now so many of the things I did are so distant it is hard to reassure myself they really happened?

I guess that it's the downside of living out your fantasies, it is hard to convince yourself that what happened was more then a dream

Also see: < I had very good luck with their panties, they fit me well and are very comfy.

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For those that want it: Underwear brands for trans and genderqueer people:

@Kyresti Saw this shortly after you're message about being more coyote lately, and it made think of you going off to do labs.

Searching Fox

Did you mean, Furry Chaos Missile?

Watch "Bonding with Finnegan Fox and Dixie Fox" on YouTube


To do: Bury @flyingfox in foxes.

So far I have myself (a fox), another (VERY CUTE) fox, and a pony so cute that they can join the foxpile

Am watching partner flirt.
Am doing my best to wingperson.
An having compersion.

Is good night

So, @skysailor started T today, and the first thing he noticed is that things seem to taste different. Is that something other people have noticed when they started hormones?

How is there a comic called Foxes in Love that no one told me about, doubly so when I am clearly one of the main characters

@KitRedgrave Hehehe @DialMforMara and @rockario are figuring out which Kingdom hearts character you are.

.... they already decided that Mara is Donald, Cole is Sora, and I seem to be Goofy‽‽

lewd, dick 

Just did my nails, what do you think?

(The excess at the edges will wash off pretty quickly)

Huh, this is cool. A BC court has ruled in past in favour of the parental rights of poly families.

A lot of other gaps in Canadian law, but I didn't know there was any favourable precedent

OK, it seems like CBC has to explain to the rest of Canada what polyamory is about once a year XD

And they seem to be doing a surprisingly good job of it. Kinda makes sense with their mandate to represent Canadians and well, there are poly Canadians

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