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Hey all.

I'm here to learn about my gender, gender presentation and sexuality.

Part of learning is making mistakes, and you only learn from mistakes if you know you've made them.

Please tell me if I make a mistake, even a fairly small one.

Yeah, it might hurt a bit, but I'd rather get kicked in the shin then keep stepping on people's toes, you know?


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First toot, well here goes.

I realized I was bi recently, and I'm not young. No idea why it took so long: Not like I haven't been around lots of gay/bi/pan people before, and hell, I read some yaoi in high school, but well, it never did as much for me as anything involving women. But well, I noticed I was checking out the butts of pro wrestlers, and had a crush on a male friend, and was thinking about doing lewd things with people with penises a lot.

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Watch "Dracula The Musical (Wao Yoka) Zu Ende" on YouTube

@AliceRedgrave Found am outfit for you (wait for it)

I'm blaming @KitRedgrave for this. She is just to wonderful.

... Also beautiful

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Smiling so hard my face hurts was NOT this regular a problem before I started hanging out with queer people

Important messages from this movie:

-EVERYONE looks good in garters and a corset

-Bi/pan sexuality good

I kinda want a RHPS inspired movie but with actual respect for consent, about a young "man" discovering he isn't nearly as man as they thought, with over the top dance sequences and sex scenes

What the heck is this movie.

This has so much of my bullshit in it.

How did I not notice I was queer for so long.

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Oh HI! My parents had Time Warp on a mix take!

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Watching Rocky Horror for the first time. Gonna be either very pumped and queer feeling at the end, or need a hug. Possibly both.

anyway if anyone want to do distract me from The nightmare that would be real good so I don't close my eyes and fall right back into it

nightmare, UFOs, embodied nicely at least 

there was an old drunk guy who would talk about the aliens and weird stuff seem to happen around him more. and he was obviously supposed to be being played by someone famous? and there was a bunch of references to what I think was a parody song about independence day

no one believed me about the missing time and thought I was skipping out on work

it ended with me seeing something over the lake and feeling time can you around me and it was super freaky

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nightmare, UFOs, embodied nicely at least 

Just woke up from a nightmare about alien abduction. I was a blonde, leggy, tour guide wearing a tan top and short shorts somewhere in Nevada at one of those lakes that are famous for UFO sightings. And whenever I saw something over the lake I'd lose a bunch of time and so would anyone with me. it was like being in one of those really bad science fiction movies like Independence day, the start where it's setting things up.

sex toy vr stuff 

@chr I figured you could pass this along to the right vrchar users

mother f***, how did I forget about how much time I spent reading Rain in high school.

It only had the first gender fluid character I ever encountered ever.

it also is real weird rereading it now that the character I most closely align with has shifted to a completely different character


Tonight has been a parade of "Holy FUCK her breasts are pretty. Would I look good in those? Do I want those?" Then someone posts even BETTER looking breasts and it starts over.

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