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Hey all.

I'm here to learn about my gender, gender presentation and sexuality.

Part of learning is making mistakes, and you only learn from mistakes if you know you've made them.

Please tell me if I make a mistake, even a fairly small one.

Yeah, it might hurt a bit, but I'd rather get kicked in the shin then keep stepping on people's toes, you know?


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First toot, well here goes.

I realized I was bi recently, and I'm not young. No idea why it took so long: Not like I haven't been around lots of gay/bi/pan people before, and hell, I read some yaoi in high school, but well, it never did as much for me as anything involving women. But well, I noticed I was checking out the butts of pro wrestlers, and had a crush on a male friend, and was thinking about doing lewd things with people with penises a lot.

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Help. @flyingfox is being SO clever tonight I can't stop laughing. How am I dating someone so smart and wonderful

Oh gosh. I didn't realize T would change sometimes laugh. Gosh his laugh is even more handsome now. 😳😳😳

Okay, you know the stage musical Cats? Not much plot, very queer, dream like atmosphere, horny as hell?

if they made a musical titled Foxes, what would it be like?

Subtooting a WONDERFUL fox, flirting like heck 

Ok, the thing Kitt does when you compliment her? Just the best. So wonderful and wholesome, and she is so easy to compliment because she is so good, and, let's be honest, super pretty.

You know, someday I would love to project strength and feminine at the same time like @memnus does, bit at the same time I don't think that is really me



Porn management games + hyperfocusing are the biggest time waster, but fuck if I don't feel good afterwards

wake up lewd 

I really want someone to fuck me silly, and then just to cuddle them for a real long time, fall asleep holding someone while feeling sated

This boy keeps giving me such good gender feels I can't think straight to compliment him back! Unfair!

Oh gosh. There is an boy flirting with me and he is so handsome and ~boy~ and it feels the same as flirting with girls and enbies but new and shiny at the same time and gosh.


It still kinda blows my mind not everyone wants a pussy at least some of the time.

Anyway, today's lewd post is me, wishing i could lie on my back, spread my legs, and look someone beautiful in the eyes while they press something hard into my pussy and whisper dirty things to me

lewd, mildly subby, Max you'll enjoy this 

Ok, but what if a cutie with a pussy pushed me down, squatted over my face and told my to make myself useful?

The feeling of wrapping my arms around them, taking a big breath then eating someone out from as close as I can, just burying my face in pussy and licking their clit for as long as they want..


damn it, I'm horny and thinking they should take care of that, but both my forearms are real sore from work, to the point of impacting my grip strength, which makes the idea of masturbating somewhat.... yeah.

music, lyrics, sexual 

🎶Desire is hunger is the fire I breathe
Love is a banquet on which we feed

Come on now try and understand
The way I feel when I'm in your hands
Take my hand come undercover🎶

(I'm really enjoying the Nightcore remix)

kink clothing 

When the host of an early 2000s tv show wears a collar every episode despite the rest of her outfit changing and you are wondering if she managed to sneak kink cloths onto international TV

@Kyresti I just raised I haven't told you how wonderful you are lately, I read a lot of the stuff you're posting but usually don't have anything to say in response.

but you're very good.

Watch "Meet Liv the squirrel" on YouTube

Fox: I don't like this mink food

Same fox: Mink food is now in a cup- I will careful sniff this cup to see that it is the same food I don't like,.

Same fo: I should steal this cup full of food I don't like


Watch "Dakota Coyote Education!" on YouTube

Such an adorable Coyote!

@squeedoodle Hey, haven't heard from you in ages, thought I would say hi


*eyes g key really curiously, gives it a light tap*

(Caption: "g: fox women", which in Dwarf Fortress means press g to become a fox women as I recall)

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