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Hey all.

I'm here to learn about my gender, gender presentation and sexuality.

Part of learning is making mistakes, and you only learn from mistakes if you know you've made them.

Please tell me if I make a mistake, even a fairly small one.

Yeah, it might hurt a bit, but I'd rather get kicked in the shin then keep stepping on people's toes, you know?


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First toot, well here goes.

I realized I was bi recently, and I'm not young. No idea why it took so long: Not like I haven't been around lots of gay/bi/pan people before, and hell, I read some yaoi in high school, but well, it never did as much for me as anything involving women. But well, I noticed I was checking out the butts of pro wrestlers, and had a crush on a male friend, and was thinking about doing lewd things with people with penises a lot.

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lava, racism 

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Mild thirst, Cat from the stage version, eye contact 

Mild thirst, Cat from the stage version, eye contact 

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Mild thirst, Cat from the stage version, eye contact 



That ngngng nasal sound I make sometimes DOES sound like a fox.

I had no idea.

So, @rockario and I have agreed to upgrade our relationship, and I'm now speed to call her my girlfriend.


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anyways, working on my command line Mastodon client, msync, for an hour or so if anyone wants to come watch.

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EFFFF. Just introduced my girlfriend @rockario to Fortnite.

We won our first Duos game. o.0

She won her first game ever.


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Snail update 


When this is all over, mild lewd 

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additional bad idea but just regular bad instead of seasonally intentioned bad:

what if instead of april first, we celebrate april thirst, and everyone is just extremely horny on main.

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i was thinking about japanese and thought "what if there was a language where you had to use a whole different writing system when you're being polite" and then i remembered cursive

nude, butt, balls 

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Trans day of loving trans people and wanting them to love themselves and tearing up about it

Been ages since I could asthetic experiment: Tries mixing colours on finger nails.

Layering = no good

Red and blue side by side? Ohhh this as POTENTIAL

@KitRedgrave We are thinking of doing The Fast and the Furious movies when we run out of bond movies, would you be up for that?

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