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Hey all.

I'm here to learn about my gender, gender presentation and sexuality.

Part of learning is making mistakes, and you only learn from mistakes if you know you've made them.

Please tell me if I make a mistake, even a fairly small one.

Yeah, it might hurt a bit, but I'd rather get kicked in the shin then keep stepping on people's toes, you know?


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First toot, well here goes.

I realized I was bi recently, and I'm not young. No idea why it took so long: Not like I haven't been around lots of gay/bi/pan people before, and hell, I read some yaoi in high school, but well, it never did as much for me as anything involving women. But well, I noticed I was checking out the butts of pro wrestlers, and had a crush on a male friend, and was thinking about doing lewd things with people with penises a lot.

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Question about a kink leather company 

Anyone have experience with Aslan Leather's stuff?

Boosts ok

The BC human rights tribunal has confirmed that you have a right to your pronouns:

"like a name, pronouns are a fundamental part of a person's identity. They are a primary way that people identify each other."

"Using correct pronouns communicates that we see and respect a person for who they are. Especially for trans, non‐binary, or other non‐cisgender people, using the correct pronouns validates and affirms they are a person equally deserving of respect and dignity."

Sexual question, gender stuff; Repost publically 

hmmm. How similar does anal sex feel to vaginal, for the person receiving?

Would love answers from both people with handmade and homegrown gear.

If I'm deciding what gear I want, would how getting fucked in the ass feels be a useful guide to what vaginal sex will feel like for me?

(Thinking about this as I'm hoping to enjoy someone's ass in the near future, if plans, you know, plan out)

lewd, claws, directed at reader 

What if I looked you in the eye as I gently ran my claws down your back, them kept getting harder as long as you kept making pleasing noises?

*headdesk* my literal first thought was "wait I'm all three of those"

*bounces head on desk*

lewd, caps 


lewd, mh, +++, bullying losing power 

It has been a while since someone expressed a desire to have sex with me. It feels so good to have that again. More at peace?

I feel a little vain, but so good.

I've been told by some amazing people who could have sex with pretty much anyone they want that they are interested in having sex with me and.... it's like the weight of a quarter-century of being told I'm not attractive and no one would want to fuck me all lifting at once


@starkatt May I ask you a lewd question?


Pussy tastes good, and I've recently discovered dick tastes good.

Two great tastes that are better together?

(talking about Wayne freshly fucked pussy to be clear, in sure two dicks and try pussies are also excellent combinations and I need to try then someday)

lewd, fluids 

Just occurred to me that someday I want to come in someone, then ready them it and take our mingled flavors

lewd fantasy about my partners 

Want to help my partners have sex some time. Caress them, fetch condom and lube for them so they don't have to stop as long, help line get up and guide her cock in. (I have no idea if they'd be up for this, but I can hope)

sex worry 

Actually worried that I will be disappointing in bed when I next have sex, since I was in bad shape before, and have barely move all pandemic, and don't have the energy to work out due to work stuff.

Possibly once the first draft of this project is done?

lewd, is this voyerism 

Really want to watch someone I love have good sex with someone who isn't me while I touch myself and tell them I love them and possibly stroke their hair if that isn't distracting.

Or even two people I care about having sex with one another?


You know that feeling when you are fucking someone and they get really into it and start bucking their hips up back at you, and wrap their legs around you?

Fucking want to feel that again


Fuck I'm horny the last couple of days. Like, having to get off at lunch to be able to think clearly in the afternoon, then fucking myself after work levels of horny

dream log, lewd nightmare 

But before i can I feel the ghosts overwhelming me and start screaming and wake up

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dream log, lewd nightmare 

And due to the speed the elevator goes at I wind up sitting on the bear concrete floor of the elevator.

Final time I'm distracted bya recording of one of the Elf's girlfriends sex recordings on the pa and go all the way to the basement. I'm taking to someone on my cell or a radio as I go down and there is the horror into thing were as I touch down "You can't go down to the basement, it isn't safe" and I try and press the button to go back up

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dream log, lewd nightmare 

Problem: due to the vandalism the basement is haunted. This is the first time in the dream this has been mentioned. most of the rest of the dream was images of the sea lapping at the knocked over trees photos of the film of the scene and stuff.

And long, aggressive, mildly scary they are going so fast elevator rides. With sexy eleven moaning.

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dream log, lewd nightmare 

anyway then there was a long elevator sequence where someone has been hacking the elevator sound systems to put on a audio of elves having sex in an immature revenge for the damage to the building.

near the end of the dream they've actually put on a recording of the vandal's girlfriend having sex, which distracts me enough I press basement instead of first floor.

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dream log 

anyway there's some major damage and I was part of the investigation finding out how, and it turns out part of the vandalism damaged a whole bunch of historical items, and involved cutting down a bunch of trees with hundreds of year old graffiti on them, however the security camera records and photographs of the scene reveal it's a specific Elven vandal that did this

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