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I'm really bad at understanding subtoots, both because of their vagueness and because I'm never sure if they are meant for me or not.

Please, if anyone wants me to content warn something, or to figure out a new CW for something, or if anyone wants to correct me on my English or regarding a term I'm using wrong, or if I'm using oppressive rhetoric against a group, please warn me directly, even if we aren't friends.

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Hi there!

I'm @Aster and I made an account here so I can talk about / / stuff in English without either spamming English-speaking-only followers with stuff they can't understand or spamming my instance's public timeline with English toots about labels they don't care about.

I'm / / , , / and . More specifically, I'm an who's in a relationship with two other people.

:PlacaGlitravir: Glitravir - Um gênero que é homem + glitter. Glitter está entrelaçado com o gênero.

:PlacaGlitrella: Glitrella - Um gênero que é mulher + glitter. Glitter está entrelaçado com o gênero.

:PlacaGlitrum: Glitrum - Um gênero que é NB + glitter. Glitter está entrelaçado com o gênero.


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Sunbeam #neurodivergent folks, I'm making a #neurodivergent pleroma instance. (I'm a spoonie so naturalyl it's taking a bit to get going)

Admin/moderators are #PoC, and we will vet all whites that wanna join. Keep us in your minds if you feel it could be an appropriate new community for ya 💚

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i agree with this however as a nonbinary person, i dont consider myself to have a gender, so i frequently use gender identity to refer to myself or ill say "genders or gender identities" because to say "nonbinary genders" isnt always applicable

and i dont necessarily think identifying as something and something being your identity are the same thing.

being Latine, mixed race, autistic etc. are all parts of my identity, but its not like i "identify" as being any of those things, i just am. my gender identity is genderless, i dont just identify as it.

i avoid using "identifies as" but identity can be useful for many of us.

im not disagreeing, just pointing something out.

Queer and trans people of colour (), how do you feel about the LGBT flag with the black and brown stripe included?

(I've attached an image in the next post in case that helps!)

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If you're a trans person, and you are worried that your body type isn't right or that you don't look like the cis people of your gender, remember:
We have all been lied to about what humans look like. We've all had the diversity of our species contorted and hidden away from us. We are all, cis and trans alike, forced to reconcile our own appearances with these lies. There are cis people who look just like you, who have the same insecurities about their appearances that you do, I promise.

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Love how "no" in Russian looks like "het" in English. It's very valid and makes a lot of sense to me tbh

So all I can do is wait for someone to fill in this form:

Ideally a few someones, because most people who request handwarmers don’t claim them once I’ve made them.

So the fash are organizing another rally on Boston this time under the guise of being a "straight pride parade" to get their permit. It's organized by Proud Boys and there's gonna be a counter-protest at Government Center (city hall) 11am, August 31st (the fash sure do love to have things in August)

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I may not understand why is named like that, but it's a way better term than "obscure gender identities", "neogenders", " gender identities", "microlabels" and other vague, offensive and/or misleading names.

A pocket gender is a gender identity which is thought to be used only by a single person or a small group of people.

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