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I'm really bad at understanding subtoots, both because of their vagueness and because I'm never sure if they are meant for me or not.

Please, if anyone wants me to content warn something, or to figure out a new CW for something, or if anyone wants to correct me on my English or regarding a term I'm using wrong, or if I'm using oppressive rhetoric against a group, please warn me directly, even if we aren't friends.

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⭐ Read before following! ⭐ 

This account is locked because I don't want people to follow me just out of politeness, or because they just follow anyone in front of them (this includes bots). I don't want hatefollowers or people following just for private posts either.

I /will/ talk about pride flags, obscure queer labels and lack of awareness/recognition of lesser-known identities and concepts related to them.

Feel free to not follow if you don't want to see that. You may unfollow anytime too.

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More info 

- I'm Brazilian and I (help) run a bunch of queer/IMOGA/LGBTQIAPN+ sites and groups in Portuguese

- I'm an ex-Pride Flag Collective (pride-flags dA/Pride Color Schemes Tumblr) mod

- I don't mind people who don't want to use labels, too many labels, labels that are too specific and so on for themselves, but I don't tolerate people who mock other people's labels for superficial reasons (and yes, weird names or having to look them up to know their meanings are superficial reasons)

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Hi there!

I'm @Aster and I made an account here so I can talk about / / stuff in English without either spamming English-speaking-only followers with stuff they can't understand or spamming my instance's public timeline with English toots about labels they don't care about.

I'm / / , , / and . More specifically, I'm an who's in a relationship with two other people.

nonbinary ramblings, exorsexism 

Plenty of people use terms specific to their own cultures, identities affected by being not white/intersex/MI/ND/otherkin, identities that are seen as uncommon and identities that don't use labels "formally defined" (only) as gender labels, such as queer, femme, butch, void, ghost, autistic and so on.

It's distressing when I see other trans people acting like any identity that isn't one of the Common and Recognized Nonbinary Identities as a threat and/or trolling.

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nonbinary ramblings, exorsexism 

If there are nonbinary people in someone's circle, but all of them only identify as nonbinary, agender, bigender, transmasculine, transfeminine, demiboy, demigirl and/or genderfluid, it's not a very diverse circle.

It may seem like it is, for people who are used to only have women and/or men around them. But it may be a sign of having a gatekeep-y or partially closeted circle.

5 Radical Ways People Do Non-Monogamy That You Need to Know About

(a comic from I added image captions to)

:betterpride_flag: :flag_polyamory:

Nonbinary erasure 

I wish cis people would stop with the "he or she" or even the "progressive" "she or he"

Just shut up. Stop it. Get some help

@momjeans Yeah it's the ONE thing I ignore. I don't choose to use it but it has a longer history than the internet. It's been coopted like a lot of other AAVE but it comes out of the history of Blackness being sort of ungendered. Here's some articles if you'd like to know more. :)

We now have an etsy shop up and running and ready to take orders, in case you prefer to order this way.

Keep in mind, these are still preorders. Still waiting on some supplies to come in.


Hey the flag I made, the queer trans BIPOC pride flag? Now you can get it as a holographic sticker! one for $4 and $7 for two! @popstar is making them, and they're being awesome and giving me $3 when you buy one and $5 when you buy two!

#bipoc #qtpoc #stickers

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📷 Bancos de imagens inclusivos 1/3

🏳️‍🌈 Tem Que Ter

O primeiro banco de imagens brasileiro focado na representatividade LGBTI+.


:heart_trans: The Gender Spectrum Collection: Stock Photos Beyond the Binary

The Gender Spectrum Collection is a stock photo library featuring images of trans and non-binary models that go beyond the clichés.


cissexism thing that mostly comes from a place of ignorance I guess, second person 

People referring to groups of people using pronouns seems weirdly dehumanizing. If you don't call groups "he/hims" or "shes", why would you call people "xe/xems" or "theys" for using those pronouns?

some info regarding labels I wished more people on the Fediverse knew about 

3. a ton of xenogenders (genders defined by comparisons to things such as rocks, plants, animals, feelings, holidays and so on) have already been coined. Kingender people (people whose gender identities are defined or influenced by their kintype[s]) also exist. So genders that are mainly defined as fire, dragon, 80s aesthetic, fragility, fruits and so on already exist, and aren't jokes or hypothetical situations.

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some information regarding nonbinary labels I wished more people on the Fediverse knew about 

2. a ton of [word]gender like words have already been coined. Firegender, hemigender, gaygender, bathgender, gigagender, netgender, faegender, colorgender, compassgender, metagender and so on all have existing definitions. It's weird to see people act like no one already uses those words for "real identities". 😬

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some information regarding nonbinary labels I wished more people on the Fediverse knew about 

1. "neogender", "MOGAI gender" and "microgender" are labels usually applied by exorsexist people. I know some people use these labels in positive ways, but a significant number of people prefer that people use "lesser known nonbinary identities" only if needed, and otherwise just refer to "nonbinary identities", "xenogenders" or whatever else is the thing about.

in light of how certain transphobic authors continue to be unable to shut up, remember its not good enough to just condemn transphobic artists. you gotta also promote the work of the trans artists you like and give us the visibility that transphobes don't want us to reach.

you can help support me, an indigenous fantasy romance writer:

or @ArtistMarciaX who kinda does it all AND skateboards:

and @guerrillarain aka callisto is a dark fantasy writer who will need beta readers soon!:

there's also Aiden Thomas, author of Cemetery Boys

Kacen Callender author of Felix Ever After

Mark Oshiro, author of Each of Us A Desert

Victoria Lee author of the Feverwake Series

dunking on transphobes is easy, but what about amplifying our voices instead?

lack of visibility for nonbinary specific orientations 

This, along with certain stigmas mspec labels have ("you have to be attracted to your own gender", "you have to be attracted to both binary genders", "gender can't be a factor in attraction", "flexible labels are problematic"), can really mess with nonbinary people's perception of their attractions and label choices.

It's also bad for a lot of binary folks, but binary folks tend to have more acceptable/known label choices.

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lack of visibility for nonbinary specific orientations 

However, it's annoying and sad (and monosexist) that other orientations are ignored and called "mogai hell and thus problematic" (even though they may describe the same attractions a lesbian or gay person has).

* Yes, I am including "accepting as few orientations labels as possible" in monosexism, since the idea that people are either gay or str8 plays into that even though multimisic aspects of monosexism don't affect mono-attracted people

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lack of visibility for nonbinary specific orientations 

Sure, gay/lesbian may fit for a lot of nonbinary people. And even though perioriented heterosexual orientation is the norm in a way it can't include nonbinary people, I understand if a genderflux person who is often a man and is only attracted to women or if a quiverwoman attracted only to men call themselves straight/het, especially in a heterosexist and monosexist world.

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lack of visibility for nonbinary specific orientations 

Even viramoric and feminamoric, that are nonbinary-specific (ma/woma/etc. were usually not) and have been well received by a subset of the community, are not widely spread.

And then there are juvelic terms, such as diamoric, enbian, toric and trixic, and mspec terms like neptunic and toren, besides a number of earlier terms such as proqua, nin and so on.

But nothing seems to get spread/memeified so much as "enbies are gay for all genders".

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lack of visibility for nonbinary specific orientations 

I'm thinking about how many nonbinary people feel like they have to use het/gay/lesbian for themselves since there's rarely any talk about anything else...

Some places do mention gyne/andro, but those orientations are basically blacklisted for a lot of folks due to cissexist usage.

ma(n)-/woma(n)- and alternatives have existed for years, but no one considers them "fun" or "memetic" I guess.

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