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I'm really bad at understanding subtoots, both because of their vagueness and because I'm never sure if they are meant for me or not.

Please, if anyone wants me to content warn something, or to figure out a new CW for something, or if anyone wants to correct me on my English or regarding a term I'm using wrong, or if I'm using oppressive rhetoric against a group, please warn me directly, even if we aren't friends.

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⭐ Read before following! ⭐ 

This account is locked because I don't want people to follow me just out of politeness, or because they just follow anyone in front of them (this includes bots). I don't want hatefollowers or people following just for private posts either.

I /will/ talk about pride flags, obscure queer labels and lack of awareness/recognition of lesser-known identities and concepts related to them.

Feel free to not follow if you don't want to see that. You may unfollow anytime too.

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More info 

- I'm Brazilian and I (help) run a bunch of queer/IMOGA/LGBTQIAPN+ sites and groups in Portuguese

- I'm an ex-Pride Flag Collective (pride-flags dA/Pride Color Schemes Tumblr) mod

- I don't mind people who don't want to use labels, too many labels, labels that are too specific and so on for themselves, but I don't tolerate people who mock other people's labels for superficial reasons (and yes, weird names or having to look them up to know their meanings are superficial reasons)

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Hi there!

I'm @Aster and I made an account here so I can talk about / / stuff in English without either spamming English-speaking-only followers with stuff they can't understand or spamming my instance's public timeline with English toots about labels they don't care about.

I'm / / , , / and . More specifically, I'm an who's in a relationship with two other people.

Cishets ideas on what is or isn't stylish is not relevant to you as a nonbinary person.

You didn't let them decide your gender (even though they tried really hard to make accept their choice), so don't let them pick your wardrobe, either.

#nonbinarypride #nonbinarypositivity #nonbinary #cishets #fashion #appearance

it's sometimes hard to explain things related to nonbinary identities

sometimes we have to simplify things to be understood

that's not necessarily because the concepts we talk about are complicated

it's often because they require reframing to fit into a cisnormative linguistic and cultural context

for me agender and nonbinary are simple, because i don't a priori gender people

you're agender unless you opt in to gender

for me, being cis or even just binary is a coincidence, not a default

CW: discourse (especially anti-ace discourse)

Capture the Flag (Why I’m Concerned about Flag Discourse on Twitter)

transphobia, burger king 

burger king forced Angela Martinez Gomez to work while she had covid symptoms, and she died of it, yet burger king says she didn't die of covid, but died of her hormone therapy

now the workers are striking in solidarity

fuck BK

misgendering, mattel, external link 

This Nonbinary Astronomer Alleges American Girl Stole Their Identity for a Doll

"If the lookalike doll wasn’t enough of a headache, the fact that it’s marketed so heavily as a cisgender girl has caused misgendering migraines for Walkowicz, who had begun opening up publicly about being nonbinary when the doll was released."

ugh, what a nightmare. :I

Vila Eloise has a fanzine now! It's a queer fanzine dedicated to queer activism and culture, DIY and news about our project.

You can download it for free here:


And now, if you're looking for #Pride heart designs to wear, you can check out my shop!

I've got my Drippy Heart design in several flag colors, on t-shirts, v-necks, tanks, hoodies, and even face masks! Plus, you can get the designs on stickers!

about being an autistic lichtgender nonvirmina 

I can relate to masculinity and femininity, and I think maybe I would be a male/female androgyne in a different world, but binary genders are distant and alien to me not because I don't understand them, but because I understand being different from them.

Regarding being lichtgender, I can relate to light in a number of ways I can't relate to binary people.

Of course, other autistic/xenogender people and nonvirminas will have different experiences.

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about being an autistic lichtgender nonvirmina 

Honestly, I'm also neurodivergent and xenogender (+ a nonvirmina) but for a different reason.

I don't relate to what being a binary gender means in a neurotypical world; I can't feel welcome in groups where I was always seen as weird and only assumed to be a member of a group when I tried to leave.

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tumblr link about xenogenders and being neurodivergent 

the ties between neurodivergence and identity; why xenogenders are important

hot take: we should have sex-positive pride AND also sex-sensitive pride

hear me out

✅ twice as many prides

✅ consenting adults get a place where they can be as radically sexually queer and free, completely separate from...

✅ people having a place to celebrate all of queerness in a content-safe and trauma-free environment

basically the same toot as before. earlier i'd couched it in the context of "kid safety" which is admittedly reductive and somewhat infantalizing, so here it is again

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"I created this fundraiser on November 6 of LAST YEAR & the goal STILL hasn't been reached.

"I'm asking that you please share and donate the same way you do for white trans people. Black trans women deserve resources we need to live in safety and dignity."

deadnaming retraining, support materials for your trans allies, boosts appreciated 

Via @sesshire, on how to train parentals to use your chosen name and identity.

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