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I'm really bad at understanding subtoots, both because of their vagueness and because I'm never sure if they are meant for me or not.

Please, if anyone wants me to content warn something, or to figure out a new CW for something, or if anyone wants to correct me on my English or regarding a term I'm using wrong, or if I'm using oppressive rhetoric against a group, please warn me directly, even if we aren't friends.

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Hi there!

I'm @Aster and I made an account here so I can talk about / / stuff in English without either spamming English-speaking-only followers with stuff they can't understand or spamming my instance's public timeline with English toots about labels they don't care about.

I'm / / , , / and . More specifically, I'm an who's in a relationship with two other people.

YouTube link; exorsexism / cissexism 

Tumblr link; aromisia / amatonormativity 

*todas* as placas de orgulho NHINCQ+ que temos (emoji spam) (5/5) 

exclusion that mainly affects nonbinary people, bitter 

"enby" discourse 

These are statistics focused on asexual oppression, but they also contain useful data for oppression against other orientations and trans people.

Content warning for statistics on homelessness, attempted suicide, harassment, conversion therapy and other bad things.

It's ok to not view how you dress and act in terms of "masculine" or "feminine" or even "androgynous". Sometimes you just want to wear what you like, regardless of what society labels those clothes as. Labels that people put on clothing are arbitrary, you don't have to follow them.

How society views you does not define you. Sometimes "self expression" can feel like "self repression" if your gender does not "match" the way you like to dress.

Sometimes you're not expressing anything besides what colours and patters you like to wear. You're not trying to "express" a gender, you just wear what looks nice to your eyes or feels nice on your skin. Society is just reading too much into it, and their incorrect interpretation does not define you.

Gender should be opt-in, not opt-out.

(and opting out is extremely difficult and almost impossible in our current society)

I don't think it's right to force people into a system like that from birth. If someone wants to identify as a certain gender later, they can do that. Until they tell you their gender, I think it's best to assume that a person is just a person and not put any gender labels on them based on how they look or act. Even the pressure to choose a label can be stressful, sometimes you're just you and no matter how many labels there are, none of them feel right.

I think there need to be more options for people who don't feel comfortable existing in a gender system.

The Asexual Manifesto (1972) - content warnings inside 

Today I've learned about this flag for nonpolar orientations (assuming it's for all orientations and not just sexual orientations):

It's interesting because it's for any orientation that isn't lesbian/gay/straight, which means it includes:

• viramoric/feminamoric people
• a-spec and m-spec people
• people with attractions to one or more nonbinary identities who don't label their identity as lesbian/gay;
• people whose orientations are fluid or undefined.

You, as a nonbinary person, do not have to prove your worth to binary trans people.

It's unfortunate that that some of them choose to turn on us. However, that is their decision and not your failing.

There are even more of our binary trans sisters and brothers who do care about us.

They're the ones who deserve our time and focus.

#nonbinarypride #nonbinary #nonbinarypositivity #exorsexism

Tumblr link - agendercute 

here's a suggestion for when you are concerned that an identity is wrong or invalid: 

external link, many kinds of discrimination, pride month thing I've only seen now 

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