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Not sure about this whole 'watching other people play video games online' thing? Ask yourself two questions:

1) Gay?
2) Video game?

If the answer is yes, come watch our streams sometime 'cause you are our target audience and we want to meet you!

Sunday through Friday at 8:30pm Central (Approx) and Saturday mornings on

Five very different takes on gaming, one channel.

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The Truck Community is the name we've given to our followers and friends at where we stream a variety of video games and provide a safe place online for LGBTQIA+ people for a few hours each day.
The phrase Truck Identifying Vehicles exists to reinforce that this is to always be a safe place for all people who identify in a way that is marginalized by society.

"But isn't that prejudiced against jeeps?" -A White Car, Probably

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Favourite of all times:

Andrea: Lisa, The Sexy Brutale, Star Ocean: The Second Story

Alice: LEGO Dimensions, Final Fantasy IX, Wild ARMs 1, 2, and 3

Zu: Monster Hunter Tri, Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, Joust, Pacman

Katie: Metal Gear Solid 3, Soul Calibur 3, SaGa 2

What are some of your favourite games, ?

I believe this is how I got into witching stuff

What did are e-sports if you can't even win a glowing piece of the radical rock

Been feeling ;off' in a different way each day all week. Never in a good way either. Today I was tripping on things and falling asleep on my feet. Thankfully my wife is here to help <3 -Katie

@squirrellilly paying more money to not actually play a game is some galaxy brain shit

The sheer number of people willing to pay actual real money to cheat at a game they paid to play is mind-blowing. -Katie

Turn-based tactical grid battle royale RPG when -Katie

The best part of playing an utterly non-emotionally-investing game on Sunday is I won't feel the need to write an emotional introduction that no one will remember the next day. -Zu

Rufus, the most selfless man on Deponia, has to save the mysterious sky-woman for totally selfless reasons. Care to join us for Deponia?

Has elongated limbs and digits
Sharp corners
Uses the colours yellow and purple in her abilities
Probably named for Moira Gatens
Kitted around disabilities common with intersex conditions, such as arthritis, which might make it difficult to aim at a moving target
Literally the first character in anything, let alone anything mainstream, who looks like me, an intersex woman, and is not played as a total joke
And completely ignored since her introduction :(


Remember when having a good connection was an advantage in online games? -Alice

Fear Effect Sedna is a pretty good stealth game once you remap the controls. The default controls are so terrible that I'm not sure how they made it past alpha, let alone to release -Alice

Please CW your meta-drama posts. I am so tired of this crap filling the timeline every couple of weeks. -Katie

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