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Not sure about this whole 'watching other people play video games online' thing? Ask yourself two questions:

1) Gay?
2) Video game?

If the answer is yes, come watch our streams sometime 'cause you are our target audience and we want to meet you!

Sunday through Friday at 8:30pm Central (Approx) and Saturday mornings on

Five very different takes on gaming, one channel.

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The Truck Community is the name we've given to our followers and friends at where we stream a variety of video games and provide a safe place online for LGBTQIA+ people for a few hours each day.
The phrase Truck Identifying Vehicles exists to reinforce that this is to always be a safe place for all people who identify in a way that is marginalized by society.

"But isn't that prejudiced against jeeps?" -A White Car, Probably

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Favourite of all times:

Andrea: Lisa, The Sexy Brutale, Star Ocean: The Second Story

Alice: LEGO Dimensions, Final Fantasy IX, Wild ARMs 1, 2, and 3

Zu: Monster Hunter Tri, Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, Joust, Pacman

Katie: Metal Gear Solid 3, Soul Calibur 3, SaGa 2

What are some of your favourite games, ?

Dark Souls
Ableist Souls (The Surge)
Cultural Appropriation Souls (NiOh)
Soulless Cash-in Souls (Lords of the Fallen)
Tenchu But With Dark Souls Mechanics Clumsily Stapled Onto It Souls (Sekiro "Shadows Die Twice?" "Yes, Exactly")
Actually Really Good Except the Final Boss Souls (Ashen)
For Some Reason the People Who Play This One Are Generally Less Shitty Souls (Bloodborne)


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Pour one out, not for the studio that worked everyone nearly to death, but for the people who created such wonderful games as this and got nothing in return.

We're gonna play Minecraft Story Mode, a game very much unlike Minecraft.


The bland-ass pop ballad at the end of Sonic Forces shoulda just been replaced by Fist Bump by the Hoobastank guy 5 times -Katie

Good Evening! I'm playing more HELL YEAH! tonight, a game about the fragility of toxic masculinity and also skeleton rabbits with chainsaw jetpacks.

I don't have the patience to write up a cool outro for Earthbound because we've been fighting for three weeks to have a clear enough line to finish off Pokey and Giygas.
But I still believe in miracles, I swear I've seen a few; and the time will surely come when you can see my point of view. I believe in second chances and that's why I believe in you.

Please join us. It might be the end of the world.


Used my downed state to complete Million Onion Hotel.

The quantity of homo-sapiens decreased.


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The B.iso show is going LIVE for the first time in far too long at !

Kirby's Dream Land 3 is continuing now! CW for body horror, nightmare fuel, and blood, no seriously.

Let's get to sucking.


switching to extreme meatpunk forever also apparently it has a twitch game category now which is rad #gameing #live

So one more post about the surge, I cleared out a huge area and was about to head back, but then the game froze for just a second and everything respawned.
On top of this, physics objects make clipping through walls a breeze, and many attacks can hit you regardless of whether you're anywhere near their collision boxes (Literally being behind and several meters away from several enemies does not stop their melee attacks from connecting).
I'm definitely missing Ashen's generally decent engine.

Bosses in the surge remind me of some of the worst NES games, where it's impossible to really figure out what you're doing wrong without just trying over and over again until something doesn't randomly insta-kill you. Either that or you just take them down on your first try. I'll say this about Dark Souls (At least 2 and 3): The challenge does increase as you go on. Here it's like everything was ordered by die-roll. -Zu

No stream tonight because American internet infrastructure is literally rotting and no one will fix it. -Alice

The Trash Beetle Lives! Join me as we continue our latest build, the 20076 LEPIN Technician M*** Garbage Truck bootleg, and compare overall build quality with the official kit.


I see Hellblade is getting a Switch release. Please don't buy it there, or anywhere else.

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