A rooster whos just into everyone and a secretary bird !!! Who else could that remind me of than @irisjaycomics

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Doing the "too depressed to eat" thing.

Also having to catch myself from replying to complete strangers crushing their fragile dreams (of the UK being any better than the US).

I think I need to go offline for a bit. But as in meat space, I don't have anywhere else to go.

If you're in the UK, one tiny thing you can do about #RoevWade today is to sign this open letter to Foreign Secretary Liz Truss:


abortion access volunteering, PSA 

Midwest Access Coalition isn't taking new volunteers right now but they linked me to digitaldefensefund.org/ and I just filled out their volunteer application form

They're looking for anyone with tech skills and a strong belief in safe access to abortion and I am pretty sure there are some other people on here who fit that description :BoostOK:

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... and I've just had the call from a profusely apologetic solicitor. Apparently the reminder popped up three hours late, and her assistant isn't in to double-check her appointments for the day.

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The call was supposed to be at 10am today. It's now nearly 10:50. I haven't had a call. I've blocked out my morning to be able to cope with this, and it's been completely wasted.


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I explained to the secretary calling that in the first instance I just wanted an answer to my simple question, which would determine what sort of meeting would be needed, if any.

She suggested instead that the solicitor would give me a call.


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Their main office is a 40min drive away. They have a satellite 20min away, which is where we've mostly done business with them in the past, but not everyone in the company goes there.


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Think I need to change my solicitors to ones who don't assume NT accessibility needs.

I asked a simple question regarding wills via email.

I got a phone call in return asking me to come in for a meeting.


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In my last video I raised sea levels by 2000m and got some pretty interesting landforms to take shape.

Of course Tibet was the biggest of these remaining lands, and features quite a few interesting features.

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I usually don't post about spam campaigns because they come and go, but this one is weird enough that many people aren't going to spot it: there's a campaign going around now with hijacked accounts posting 3-5 words of nonsense in reply to tweets.

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next year can we have a Trans Day of Audibility where everyone *listens* to trans people

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Emergency commissions!!

Guys help please!!!!
I'm doing quick Chibis right now! 25$ each.

Will be completed in 1-3 days tops
YCH or custom.
I'm about 400$ short for my rent this month on the first.

My complex doesn't accept late payments and they'll evict if You're late. Help!

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: To fund a community setting in all rural villages and towns to be open for 12 hours a day


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A wneithoch chi dala ein hysgrifennydd ni, Eira Ghiani, ar Prynhawn Da yn hyrwyddo ein digwyddiad Pride ni yn Llanymddyfri dydd Sadwrn yma?

Os wneithoch chi collu e, dyma link i’r sioe ble mae’r sgwrs am Pride yn digwydd am 20:00 a fideo E am 24:00 😍


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Did you catch our Secretary, Eira Ghiani, on Prynhawn da promoting our pride event this Saturday?

If you missed it, here is the link to the show with Pride talks beginning at 20:00 and E’s snippet at 24:00 😍


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