@polychrome Sure. This is completely fine since Google has never shown that they would drop a service suddenly when they lose interest in hosting it.

@polychrome this seems like a bad deal for everyone except copyright lawyers and Google

game developers are gonna make less money
game publishers are gonna make less money
players aren't gonna be able to play the games

... but you can't pirate it, I guess

Google's game streaming service Stadia will not let you own an offline copy of your game.

Your games will be locked on Stadia with no offline play option. :blobcatinnocent:

your greed will be nothing. Only I will turn the golf courses into wind farms

wolves have been persecuted and in many places eradicated. Both deliberately and through human destruction of their habitat. Even today wolves are dismissed and hated as violent predators and pests.

This image is really unfair. Wolves very rarely attack humans and when they take livestock this is largely to do with depletion of their own food sources and building of human settlements in their territories.

Further, wolves are social creatures. The idea that they form hierarchical packs with an 'alpha' is the result of bad science done on captive wolves. They are social creatures who live in family groups.

In conclusion, wolves are awesome, beautiful, social beasts and people are jerks.

Thanks for coming for my wolf talk.

if you are a #web developer and describe anything you make as "works best on #Chrome" I stop listening to you

btw if someone made a proper #GUI toolkit with a subset of #HTML and #CSS and no JS, just native bindings, that might be cool

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The 14th is - a ❤️ pronoun used to talk about people when their gender is unknown, irrelevant, or non-binary. We used a brilliant illustration by @cassolotl@twitter.com that is both self-explanatory and sassy!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/strzyqa/status/110

this year's survey of new game dev graduates, only 72% identify as cis

games are gonna get trans as hell

(source: hevga.org/reports/ )

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what is the "analogue loophole"? why do people say that removing the headphone jack would allow companies to restrict your ability to listen to music? (long, serious) Show more

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btw we should normalize asking for explanations of weird posts

walked into my house last night to our TV screen frozen on this

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