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So I was just reminded of the Knowledge Hoarding Taxonomy (aka NGW, for Nerd-Geek-Wizard) that me and some conlanger friends came up with once.

Archetypically, nerds hoard academic or intellectual knowledge, geeks hoard knowledge of culture and fiction, and wizards hoard knowledge of mysticism, religion, and other esoteric things.

Your likeness to each archetype is rated on a scale of 0 to 6. 0 means you have no interest, and 6 means your thirst for knowledge of that type is unquenchable.

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Oh, it's been quite a while since last count. I currently have 987 tabs open in Firefox; up about 100 from just under a month ago. Still below 1000, but not by much. I think aggressively closing some more tabs is in order—it's getting hard to manage this many.

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I really despise when people smugly apply middle-school-level grammatical prescriptivism in wildly inappropriate contexts and call things "bad english" that were clearly never meant to be "good english" in the first place

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sarcasm, migraines 

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Alright here's my rant about , you asked for it

A pet peeve of mine is people misunderstanding what literal and figurative speech even are

When people complain that "'literally' is used to mean 'figuratively'", they are belying that their theory of communication is overly reductive to the point of being demonstrably false

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Covid-19 adjacent, immunology question, :boost_ok: 

don't use april fools as an excuse to just be an asshole 2020

Lake Retba in Senegal is a salt lake which is naturally bright pink like strawberry milkshake.

The colour comes from microbes which use a type of photosynthesis which evolved separately to the kind that plants use. The chemical machinery those microbes use is rhodopsin – the same stuff which is found in your retinas, allowing you to see.


i think my original point to all this, which i forgot to make, is that no matter what labels we choose for ourselves, we should also always be challenging ourselves to try and be comfy with the language that came before us, or risk losing our ability to identify with our history.

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There is no trans terminology that will ever be unproblematic and timeless because every new generation brings internalized transphobia that associates to the terminology they learnt in regards to trans people before coming out.

additional bad idea but just regular bad instead of seasonally intentioned bad:

what if instead of april first, we celebrate april thirst, and everyone is just extremely horny on main.

April Fool's advice PSA and advice; implies COVID-19 

This is your requisite April Fool's post.

It is the video for “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley.

Please follow the hyperlink below and be pranked.

Thank you for your time.

April fool stuff (wholesome) 

"what if we run our economy entirely based on a random number generator?" - Johnathan Stockexchange, the inventor of capitalism

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I used the neural net GPT-2 to generate some April Fools pranks.

conveniently they're all pranks you play on yourself. or possibly solo performance art.

I don’t want people to get canceled I just want those close to people to hold them accountable for the things they say. Stop defending your shitty friends, they’ll never grow that way

"what's your horoscope", well, my birth sign is hot chicks, babes rising

cishet peole be like "i should only ever be emotionally honest and vulnerable with my partner" and it shows

I got some books! It's been way too long since I last read an actual book. I don't even remember when it was tbh. It was probably Things to Make and Do in the 4th Dimension, by Matt Parker, in ca. 2016-17. Unacceptable, frankly.

I've already read GEB and The Phantom Tollbooth, but I want to reread/own/display/share them.

I'm starting by rereading The Phantom Tollbooth, which won't take me long, I've already gotten to chapter 4 (p. 45 of 256) in just ~40-50 minutes during my commute to work.

This would appreciate 1,093 votes, please!

Which of the following best describes how you think of yourself?

Queer gamer voice 

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