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Sometimes* I come on the fediverse, scroll down my timeline, and just have no idea what is going on.

* read: almost all of the time actually, like 95% of every time I check there's at least something on here to baffle me.

“I’m not here to toot my own horn” says legendary sax player, Mitch “Can I Borrow Your Saxophone, Mine is in The Shop” Davis

There are 32,768 genders but only 56 can be displayed on screen at once.

I opted out of gender but i still see the ads all the damn time

There's also a 4-file per post limit for uploads, which is also annoying because I have 7 that I wanted to do a poll with

Hmm, apparently you can't upload files with polls for some reason. This is annoying because I wanted to do a poll with pictures as options.

tumblr discourse mention 

comin’ outta my cage and i’ve been coming out of my cage
gotta gotta be down because i gotta be down
started out with a kiss how did it start out with a kiss
it was only a kiss, it was only a kiss


Heat Exhaustion/Stroke PSA, Mayo Clinic source 

A piece about the specific ways transphobes target trans men 

*noire voice*
The radio star was dead. Shot. Killed.
The cops didn't have a clue what had happened; business as usual.
But I had a lead.
She'd been in my office earlier that day.
I had to find her.
I had to find Video.

im busting my ass off thinking about how google removed "dont be evil" from its code of conduct in 2015, imagining the conversations they had to have about it

i like image descriptions even though i can see fine bc i cant always tell what exactly im meant to be looking at and having the important details in text form is very good for that

Horny on main, borderline shitpost 

Disney, fascism 

Fun ways to mess with allistics is to just literally say what you mean and watch them run themselves in circles trying to divine a hidden meaning that’s not there

I have nothing but love and respect for people who never change their display pic.. Because I never learn anyone's name or @ and yet. Thanks to ur bravery, I can maybe find ur account again.

A storm doesn't stop to explain itself before crashing against the windows. It is a force one must accept even if one doesn't understand why or how such a storm came to be.

Being nonbinary can be similar.

It doesn't matter if being nonbinary shakes the foundations of heteronormativity or cisnormativity.

The possibility of being nonbinary is a fact of existence that pauses for nothing.

#nonbinarypride #nonbinary #lgbtq #nonbinarypositivity

anyone care to join me for a romantic spaghetti dinner?

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