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I really despise when people smugly apply middle-school-level grammatical prescriptivism in wildly inappropriate contexts and call things "bad english" that were clearly never meant to be "good english" in the first place

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Oh, it's been 48 whole days since my last count, but anyway, it's up to 956 now. This is, uh, probably a record? If it hits 1000 that's *definitely* a record, but I don't intend to let it.

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sarcasm, migraines 

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Alright here's my rant about , you asked for it

A pet peeve of mine is people misunderstanding what literal and figurative speech even are

When people complain that "'literally' is used to mean 'figuratively'", they are belying that their theory of communication is overly reductive to the point of being demonstrably false

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Sometimes* I come on the fediverse, scroll down my timeline, and just have no idea what is going on.

* read: almost all of the time actually, like 95% of every time I check there's at least something on here to baffle me.

i always try to cheer up my friends when they are sad, but that doesn't mean it's not ok to be sad

even i get sad sometimes!

it is ok to feel whatever you are feeling! don't feel like you have to be happy all the time, mew.

contrary to popular belief, "USB" does not stand for "Universal Serial Bus", it actually stands for "Unbelievably Shit Bus"

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If people want an open network, stop shit-talking open things 

@HTHR in vanilla oblivion, the entire environment scales based on your overall level. your overall level only goes up when you level up class skills. so if you wanted to play a pure rogue, you pick all seven schools of magic as your class skills and never use them. You will still level up your archery/lockpicking/etc to 100, but you'll be level 1 the whole game. so will every single enemy.

not really lewd, but implied, 75% joking 

Excuse me while I slip into something more comfortable *crawls into bed and goes to sleep*

a lot of people don't know how to caption images. and i don't mean this as a rip on them, just to say...

it can be super easy

imagine you're talking to a friend on the phone, and you want them to understand why the image on your post is important/funny/significant/etc

that's it, that's all you have to do. jot down the one or two things you would say to your friend over the phone

it's simple as writing a text-only toot, with one quick extra step

so lord of the rings has this reputation as "the thing everybody else copied," but your average stock fantasy novel has a lot more in common with star wars than lotr

frodo doesn't have a Special Farmboy Destiny, that's not really the point of him. he's just some poor sap who inherited the apocalypse from his weird uncle and now has to go do the thing solely because pretty much everyone else is Way Too Dramatic

@velexiraptor I like the implication there that humanity as a whole just didn’t do any thinking at all for a few millennia

every single philosophy course i've taken has treated them as the first four philosophers, in that chronological order

philosophy is fake

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ah yes, the first four philosophers ever, socrates, plato, aristotle, and descartes

It's funny as hell to me that people will constantly attack someone on the off chance they're faking a disability without considering for a second they're just depriving a disabled person of resources


dick sucking etiquette, psa 

where are you located

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