I saw this so you all have to see it now. My condolences.

called an uber in constantinople but it was waiting in istanbul

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yesterday i was in the correct unicode area. I'm going to sleep.

i remembered today that vlc on android can stream video from an sftp server, so now i have a gender presentation

Boy, this is worse than I ever imagined.

At some point in time in the past we all pushed towards standards and flamed Microsoft for not respecting them (for example, IE6).

Nowadays, we don't give a shit about standards and unilaterally decide which standard to respect. Yet we keep complaining about incompatibilities and providers or services breaking.

This is not how the Internet works you guys. Standards should be the single most important thing you follow here. This is how we got here.

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Another thing I love which I wish I could have on desktop was relative timestamps for boosted toots

So my cat is a bit stressed out because we're moving out of this house, and my brother just moved out today so half the house is empty, but she refuses to come into my part of the house because a cat who was here a couple months ago bullied her a lot and she doesn't realize that it's safe now.

So anyways I brought her my coat so she'd have something soft to sleep on that smells familiar and she's on it now which makes me happy.

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That feeling when you forget your own age but refuse to consult any outside sources because you refuse to accept that you don't remember how old you are

@jzs42069 'i was eating cheese with my pet monkey when she walked into my office. this dame had legs like two wacky waving inflatable tube men...:'

Wouldn’t it be nice if people spelled out CWs

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i finished crocheting a new kitchen implement that turns apples into slinkies :damn:

The chief way I enforce CW outside of my own account is that if I see a post that lacks a CW that I think it needs, I won't boost it, even if I otherwise would have.

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