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So I was just reminded of the Knowledge Hoarding Taxonomy (aka NGW, for Nerd-Geek-Wizard) that me and some conlanger friends came up with once.

Archetypically, nerds hoard academic or intellectual knowledge, geeks hoard knowledge of culture and fiction, and wizards hoard knowledge of mysticism, religion, and other esoteric things.

Your likeness to each archetype is rated on a scale of 0 to 6. 0 means you have no interest, and 6 means your thirst for knowledge of that type is unquenchable.

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Oh, it's been quite a while since last count. I currently have 987 tabs open in Firefox; up about 100 from just under a month ago. Still below 1000, but not by much. I think aggressively closing some more tabs is in order—it's getting hard to manage this many.

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I really despise when people smugly apply middle-school-level grammatical prescriptivism in wildly inappropriate contexts and call things "bad english" that were clearly never meant to be "good english" in the first place

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sarcasm, migraines 

Controversial opinion, but: migraines are awful and the world would be a better place if they did not exist

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Alright here's my rant about , you asked for it

A pet peeve of mine is people misunderstanding what literal and figurative speech even are

When people complain that "'literally' is used to mean 'figuratively'", they are belying that their theory of communication is overly reductive to the point of being demonstrably false

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would you be annoyed if someone replied to your toot with a caption for your image without tagging you in the reply (this is a thing you can do on mastodon - you create a reply but delete the @ of the person you're replying to)

it's something i consider doing every once in a while when i want to boost something uncaptioned, but i usually just opt to not boost the thing

replies to this are welcome, boosts appreciated

image description 

A person I a black mask holds up a sign that says “cops aren’t supposed to kill guilty people either”

David Tennant's mortal enemy, David Landlord,

fucked up that you can only dedicate serious time to art if you either
1. have another income source
2. are willing to make the most commercial garbage imaginable
3. are willing to live in poverty

USpol (National Rifle Association), CNBC link

"New York Attorney General Letitia James on Thursday announced that the state is seeking to dissolve the National Rifle Association in a lawsuit that accuses the leadership of the flagging nonprofit of diverting millions of dollars for their own personal use."

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“Fail better”, they say. And it’s procedurally true, on the whole. For any project, one must grind issues away. It takes patience and pressure.

However, there is a macho aspect to this nostrum which doesn’t square with human life. People need to have a solid win now and then to make a grind worthwhile. Failure is a cruel tutor. For every scheming Edison there are a hundred Teslas.

Heroic individualism is the ideology of the sociopath. Monomania is a poor substitute for community.

Today I learned: learning styles (the whole "do you learn best by watching, hearing, or doing" thing), and in particular the idea that better results come from matching teaching styles to learning styles, are largely a myth:

I have good news for this : I closed over 300 tabs and am now down to 854. This is more manageable, and also seems to have significantly improved the performance and stability issues I was noticing with Tree Style Tab before.

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❌ bee lost eir job & needs some support ❌ 

hi friends, ya fave sex educator was laid off yesterday and i need some support to buy a laptop to start the job search over again, as i currently don’t have access to a computer.

my venmo is @ juicebat, any donation helps! if you donate over $10 i’m also happy to send you a lewd (put your @ and a 💖 in the comments), and for over $50, a lewd video. please only donate if you have the means.

boosts always appreciated!

#transcrowdfund #wenbiesday

big fan of radical left-wing ideologies like "compassion" and "treating people with respect"

GRRM Hugos issue, body selfie 

if life gives you george martins, make your own fantasy world

with queers and conlangs

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I should post more about my 200 special interests because I'm sure someone will find some of them interesting and it'll give me a reason to actually post things on here more instead of just boosting things


Imagine if you sent someone your nudes and they were like "Wow this is really good I'm gonna put these on the fridge"

this is the image wikipedia decided to use as an example of a dank meme

Every documentary is a completely biased account of whatever it is documenting

From The Life and Imagination of Sally Paul, 1760, the autobiography of a nonbinary person from London who worked as a sailor, and would dress in both men and women's clothing. The year their autobiography was published, they had married a woman as a man, under the name Samuel Bundy, been outed and arrested, and then freed because their wife refused to press charges. Only nine months later, they married again, this time to a man named William Kitchen, as a woman.

Asexual pornography DO NOT CLICK 

I'm sorry for this lewd nonsense on the timeline :blobsweat:

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