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I'm actually 29 now, have been for a few weeks...
So I figured I'd update that first toot I made, since it's been a while.

Here you'll find some photographs of mine, some toots about food (but I'll try and CW it), some toots about kink (CWed of course), many toots about gardening...

Talk to me about anything, especially in trying days!

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tags are a thing! it's been too long since I used that kind of thing...

So I'm a queer person running away from the tumblr purge, because I do not enjoy censorship. What I do enjoy is open-source stuff, so here I am!

I'm 27, , , I plan on posting (hopefully) pretty pics of and maybe in-progress shots of my

I guess that's all?

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@Moss non-binary as in "fuck treating gender as a way of categorizing and organizing people", not non-binary as in "count to three instead of two"

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asking for help, boosts appreciated 

Anyway, Patreon is currently my sole source of income and if you have the means a lil' pledge would be swell

If you don't, a boost has the effect of putting it in front of people who do, so that's just as good!

somehow it does not feel reasonable to spend 80 euros on seeds...?

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I was today years old when I learned that hair ice only forms in the presence of a specific fungus; and that even though that had been the theory for about a hundred years, scientists didn't even identify which one until 2015.


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Today I took a mug of tea and did a short drive early in the morning to a quiet bit of beach nearby where I could be assured of dodging people, it was cold but crisp and glorious to behold and me and a partner walked along and chatted in the fresh air.

Then I went home and cleaned the bath, it was warm and damp, but glorious when it was done. #landscape #photo #sea #winter


covid test tonight after work
I don't have symptoms but I'm planning to go see my aunt for the week end, and she's at risk due to health concerns (lung and brain cancer)
And now I'm stressing out and thinking maybe I should just not go visit her...

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hello everyone, time for some ✨ self promotion ✨

I have unleashed all of my Valentine's Day pins, new pride flag pins, some body positive stuff, stickers, and a couple pairs of earrings over on my etsy shop 🎉

so if you like my art and wanna help support a queer, disabled, indigenous artist please check out my shop, share my shop, boost this post, etc. and if you don't want to buy off etsy, you can message me right here and we can work somethin out. thank you!

Today I sold the first blanket I ever wove.
I haven't been to any crafts market in 3 years so it was just waiting on my half forgotten etsy shop, and I had just told myself last week that I should probably just delete said shop as I'd never sold anything on it and haven't woven anything new to sell in over a year now, so it really came as a surprise!
It got sent today to its new owners, it's a present apparently so I hope they'll appreciate it...

I need a kick in the arse to leave my couch and go to the post office

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