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tags are a thing! it's been too long since I used that kind of thing...

So I'm a queer person running away from the tumblr purge, because I do not enjoy censorship. What I do enjoy is open-source stuff, so here I am!

I'm 27, , , I plan on posting (hopefully) pretty pics of and maybe in-progress shots of my

I guess that's all?

alcohol, homemade 

Pic of the day, 2020, "upside down world"

winter sun, since there is no snow and no ice around here...

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sorry for the silence peeps, I haven't taken pictures in a while so I don't have much to share with ye...

You gotta give the butcher his share
You'd like to make believe he isn't there
You'd like to make believe you just receive what's only fair
That no one has to suffer to keep you in your chair
But you gotta give the butcher his share

Daniel Kahn & the painted bird, The Butcher's share

just... go and listen to those lyrics

"comment veux-tu qu'on s'émancipe en s'aimant si peu?"

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Shit is going down in Hong Kong. Some speak of a new Tien'anmen Square Massacre.

The battle of the Polytechnic University has reached unsee leaves of violence as fire, toxic gas and live ammo is being used against the people protesting.

People from outside are trying to force the police blocus, but it's very hard and evacuation is impossible.

Even first aiders are denied entry.

#freehongkong #polyu #hongkong

pic of the day, 2019, "borrowed dog"

rented a place with my whole family to celebrate birthdays, and there was a forest next to it so we went on short hikes.
The owners have a dog they let free since they live deep in the countryside with no roads around, and she decided to follow us every time we went walking, so that was very nice!

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imagine there's no genders

it's easy if you try

Pic of the day, 2019, "shroom, aka lépiote élevée"

parasol mushroom is english, also known as coulemelle in french

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I want a tattoooooo
but the artist I want it from is on another continent

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People who are nonbinary as an intermediate step in transition because they feel more comfortable trying out gradual changes: valid

People who are just nonbinary and want to stay nonbinary: also valid
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The way this snow froze!!! Lol I don't live in snow so I'm amused by simple things like this

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