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"Doesn't include spaces, <, >, /, &, or # "

I am moved to tears.

I was excited when I thought I saw Makunouchi Ippo on their shelf but it was actually Little Mac.

Mike Tyson's Strike Out.

Super no-smash brothers.

"vertical hanging blueprint clip compatibility"

I'm trying not to hate my own search history πŸ˜†

CRISPR is humans copy-pasting from bacteria.stackexchange.dna.

I've gotten more excited about this invention once I realized that it was also a GENE HEIST!

I didn't think I liked mainstream sports things but these Jon Bois specials are something else. Three hours and forty minutes deep dive into the esoteric history of the Seattle Mariners is intimidating just to look at, don't know if I'm ready for that yet πŸ˜‚

This week feels like presiding over a shitty tournament of gentiles in my life to see who won't remain friends when they realize I don't celebrate Christmas πŸ™ƒ

Therefore, I've decided to wear a fancy hat because if I have to judge people it should be in a fancy hat 🎩

Either that or I need to turn the thermostat up.

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NFT Replicas β€’ Mint any new category of NFTs by cloning someone else's NFTs. nftreplicas.net/ #linkblog #nftforgeryfunnycryptocurrencyvia:hackernewstootme

Bonus! It was the wrong wheel! The overheating issue persists.

So, downside, my lack of understanding probably cost me $160. sad sound x2

Upside, the trauma of monetary loss has seared the architecture of single laser phosphor white light emitters into my long term memory.

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Just did my first wheel swap in a laser phosphor DLP projector. Just like traditional DLP except harder to service and more exciting warning stickers!

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