I mean I'm jobless but I'm not relocate to a government that invalidates my gender jobless.

Been struggling to figure out ways I can balance my fondness for wizards with autobiographical comic writing, while also simultaneously retaining anonymity while making art on a public profile. Think I've found a glamorous and elegant solution.

I like black liquorice and artificial banana flavoring, send me back to the factory.

What other states of matter are permissible other forms of *arity


After a long hiatus, I have restarted work on my spellcasting themed #roguelike in #commonlisp

That list of people you've caught in a lie that keep talking to you like you don't know what a lying sack of shit they are is one of life's little pleasures.

coright: when you are both right and correct at the same time.

I have more meaningful things to say.
But at present.
There is only toot.

Sabikui Bisco is such a fun watch.

I can't decide which Nekoyanagi sibling I'm more like, but that's on brand I guess.

The longer I work professionally in computing the more I suspect that businesses shouldn't be allowed to own computers.

Surge XT is a pretty incredible open source synthesizer & effects stack

Y'all cyclists tho?

Just got a new bike. 27.5" wheels, front suspension, 27 speeds. Nimble. Delightful. 2 days in LA to a flat.

I feel like I should have known better than to even ride it outside here on factory rubber. Our streets are so sharp here.

What are your tyre tales?


Macaron Review: Hervé Cannabis Macaron

Look: 🤩💅🤵‍♀️🥵💦
Taste: 🤤🫄🥴🥰🤫
Texture: 🤨😐😑😮‍💨😔

Perfect but for the D E N S I T Y of the filling, which was substantial enough (for a macaron) to be surprising to me in a way that was merely "good". Apparently the filling is a vegan coconut cream (but the shells are standard w/egg whites). It might be slacker when warm.

That feeling when you never expected to be in the place you are now, encountering the problems you are now, and those problems...

are so much dumber than you expected.

Vaguely smutty song chorus cover 

These thighs
are cryin'

These thighs have
done a lot of squats
but they've never done the squats
that I do when I'm with you

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