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I already added this note to my profile info
but I will also pin this as well

If I liked a post of another account that's negative, sad, upset, etc

I am doing that to show supportive feelings/solidarity or like "here's a hug if you want it"

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Can I ask y'all a big favor?

Can i get everyone who can see this to CW for animal/pet death?

I really, really need that
Thank you

I got very frustrated with the nearly constant fireworks

So I went outside to see if I could figure out where they were coming from

So that I could politely go ask whoever it was to stop it

But alas
There are at least two sources and I physically cannot walk to either

I would do almost anything to make it stop

I did manage to finish the fingerless glove I was making

Although, I had a couple mishaps after I bound off and had to sew some unraveled yarn back together

Still, considering half of the top of the glove came undone and the thumb partially did, I think it looks ok

And it's definitely useable which is what I care about most

Win 10, BSOD and boot problems, deets inside, pls help 

I've done so many things to fix this

I've run chkdsk /r
I've run DISM /RestoreHealth (the command is longer than that)

I've used CCleaner to update drivers

The only thing I can't do because 'access denied ' is the fixboot I tried


How do I stop these BSODs?

The ones I keep getting are "service exception" and the "thread not handled' recently

And I have tried every single fix I could find online

I even did some system restores

mutual aid, need help to do laundry 

My mid-month bills have finally come out and I'm back to being pretty much broke

I've run out of clean clothes and need to do laundry in one of the nearby laundromats

Anything is helpful
Boosts welcome and appreciated

my PayPal is

Cash app is $bonemasque

As always I'm very grateful for all the help

personal, anxiety about fireworks, 

Really really really anxious about all the fireworks around my area these past two weeks

I have such a hard time with loud noises
And my dog is so anxious

And that's really upsetting

I'm trying not to freak out

I would love to escape the noise
And/or to soundproof my apartment

And also never go outside ever again
(Which isn't feasible really, but I'm agoraphobic on top of everything)


Day late for
My lovely daughter Opal cuddling in bed with me

Getting good pics of her face is very hard
Very pretty and camera shy

Hopefully my short story is as cute as I hoped

I think calling it microfiction might be...inaccurate.

Still, I hope it makes someone smile or laugh today ^_^

"I apologize for my laughter, brave knights. My horde is not material," they said smiling toothily.

The first knight spoke up once more.
"What? What does that mean, dragon?"

They gestured with an enormous claw at the city.

"This community and all its people are my horde. I horde mutually beneficial relationships and friendship, sir knight," they told him.

The knights just mounted their horses and left.

The dragon bowed their head and returned to their roost.

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It looked as if nearly every citizen had come to block their entry.

"Stand aside, citizens, we're here to slay the dragon and free you," one knight said loudly.

There was a sudden great gust and a vast shadow obscured the sun.

"I shall take it from here, my friends," rumbled the dragon softly.

The people dispersed as the great creature settled before the knights.

"Why have you come here?" the dragon asked narrowing their jewel like eyes.


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The knights had all heard the rumor about the dragon holding an entire city hostage in the far north. There were whispers about it in every kingdom.

A small elite group of knights had been tasked with liberating the town, but upon arrival they were stunned.

Literally stunned as the citizens tossed rocks and flaming bottles at them and hit some of them in the helmet. Other knights were ambushed and knocked from their steeds.


asking for mutual aid, disabled and need to grocery shop 

Kinda freaking out because I have 35 cents in my account now
I I'd really appreciate any help

Boosts welcome and appreciated

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asking for mutual aid, disabled and need to grocery shop 

I was going to order online so I could get my groceries and be done with it, but the store I need to shop from to get all the things in one go does not take SNAP/EBT for deliveries

so, that means I have to get a Lyft to and from the store

it's going to be about 10 each way plus tip, and I don't have enough to cover the trip home if I go

any help is appreciated

my paypal is

cash app is $bonemasque

Mutual aid, disabled and don't have a car 

I desperately need to go to the post office
But no one I've asked for a ride has responded to that question, so I need outside help

I'd be willing to take a Lyft there and home, but I need $$ for that

My PayPal is

My cash app is $bonemasque

Boosts welcome and appreciated

Neg/sad MH I guess, neg emotions 

My fiancé/best best friend/nearly constant companion has gone to work at a summer Scout camp until the end of July

they left this past Saturday

I'm happy that they really enjoy it and I recognize that they need to go be in the middle of the woods and away from home

And I want them to be happy/content etc

it's just been hard without them to talk to/spend time with because I'm not close to very many people IRL (for a lot of different reasons)


Mutual aid, $ help 

I had to go pay my rent& water in person because both of my place's digital methods were down, so it costed me extra

So I'm a little bit short for my electric bill this month

If anyone could help a little, I'd be grateful as always

My PayPal is

My cash app is $bonemasque

DM for Venmo

Boosts welcome and appreciated

Thanks y'all

Eye health stuff, eye sight stuff 

Sometimes I really feel like using my eyes to focus or concentrate on something gives me a headache/migraine

And in the last 2 years every time I go to the eye doctor and explain the trouble I feel that I'm having with sight and using my eyes for things like sewing (or writing by hand or other hobbies)

I find out my vision hasn't changed much
There's no signs of any physical problems with my eyes

But yet it's still a problem to see the things I want to do

mutual aid for a disabed friend 

My best friend needs help (they don't use mastodon right now but asked me to ask
They'd gotten a second tutoring job a month ago and told they were needed

but last week were informed that their boss "couldn't guarantee hours"

They're job hunting again, but in the meantime have 6 days to get 400 dollars for rent

they only have cash app right now

boosts welcome and appreciated

Talking mental health ~/- 

It'd be nice to know why I feel so empty lately
I know a depressive disorder is at least partly responsible

But part of me intensely desires to adopt a pair of rats or gerbils

And I want to have at least two aquariums

Aside from the money or space I lack, I know it won't fix the heavy hole on my heart

I don't want to get out of bed anymore most days

Hopefully I find a way to ease the negative feelings soon

Mattress sliding solution question 

Does anyone have ideas about how to get a mattress to stay on a box spring that doesn't involve Velcro strips or a mattress pad?

I don't have and cannot afford to get those

And the newest problem with my mattress is that now it won't stay put and about every 3 days I have to do this

And it's very heavy and I can't lift it much or at all

So I'd like to move it once more and make it stuck there

Any ideas appreciated

more computer stuff, Reimage? 

hello again techie fedi

so Reimage is a thing I found, because my computer started back up doing her BSODS

and listen I love Darla(that's my desktop's name) but I was like girl wtf

some light internet research says Reimage repair tool will fix these problems it found

so before I pay 28 dollars and whatever tax bc I live in IN

is it ok? is it safe, like really for really?

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