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I already added this note to my profile info
but I will also pin this as well

If I liked a post of another account that's negative, sad, upset, etc

I am doing that to show supportive feelings/solidarity or like "here's a hug if you want it"

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Can I ask y'all a big favor?

Can i get everyone who can see this to CW for animal/pet death?

I really, really need that
Thank you

community moderation protip: Ban the nazis quickly without endlessly pondering the (perfectly clear) morality of this

you're welcome

begpost, please boost 

A beloved member of my university's LGBTQ+ student organization is about to lose their home because of the rent moratorium being lifted soon. She's older, a mother, and just graduated, making her ineligible for assistance from the uni.

She needs $2300 ASAP for bills. I'm personally committing $500 to help out. We still need $1800... please assist in any way you might be able to. Please please boost this.
#mutualaid #begpost

NEW VIDEO: Coping With Chronic Pain (Part 2: Prevention)

a video where I talk about how to not be in pain

these sorts of informational disability videos don’t perform as well on YT, so comments, shares etc are especially appreciated 💜

disability useful language 

today i learned the term "Energy-limiting chronic illness" (ELCI). one in three disabled people in the UK has some form of ELCI (ME/CFS is an example of a disability characterised by energy impairment)

Reminder that nothing is "just the way it is". It's the way we make it.

Having a whole process to determine whether or not somebody is allowed to exist in a different country isn't "just the way it is". Humans did that, and we can undo it.

People starving despite there being enough food isn't "just the way it is". Humans did that, and we can change it.

Your quality of life being determined by how much money you inherited isn't "just the way it is". Humans did that, and we can get rid of it.

apparently people still like to trot out the false and harmful notion of "transtrenders". all this notion and its implict immorality does is scare people away from exploring their gender and prevent people from coming out out of fear of being accused of faking it. its transphobia, plain and simple

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some reminders:

you do not need dysphoria to be trans

it's okay to explore your gender and land back on cis

when it comes to gender, "faking it" is a myth

Being 30 and trans my whole adult life I find myself being the trans elder in a lot of places.

My experience has shown:

* Critters gotta find their own path in life, and that goes for being trans

* Statements like "you're trans" or "you're an egg" doesn't help someone transition faster, or at all

* It is in direct and total opposition to bodily autonomy to push or pressure someone to be trans; some critters are guilty of this

* There's nothing wrong with offering information

* Often linking to some resources can do a lot more good than just explaining it

* Some critters don't want the problems that come with being trans, and that's valid

* Pretending it's going to be automatically great for someone when they come out as trans sets them up for failure; critters need to know how trans hostile the world is

* Not every trans critter on this planet is good; in fact, some are ready fucked up; pretending every trans person is good can sometimes set someone up to be overly trusting

* A little reassurance goes a long way

capitalist language about disability, extremely negative 

so in the case of boris johnson's tweet, he is not offering to help disabled people at all (though he thinks he is). he is offering to help capital. he wants to restore deactivated workers into circulation.

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ukpol crimes against the disabled, text of tweet by boris johnson, extremely negative 

boris johnson tweets: "On #IDPWD2020, I pay tribute to the extraordinary contribution people living with disabilities make to this country. Next year we will publish the most ambitious disability plan in a generation - so there are no barriers to anyone realising their full potential." this fucking terrifies me

The final ask from milly

I have a job that pays enough

My training paycheck (and some donations) have carried me through car explosions and HAD gotten me enough for rent.

And then the baby i live with got to take an er trip this morning.

And i got to buy medicine, food, supplies for her.

And it took me just under my threshold for rent and gas. Mandatory but aggravating.

I literally can pay you back on August 5th if need be. But that is right when rent late fees arrive.

If you can, a few bucks would be grand.


🚨Urgent Indigenous Autistic Need 🚨

Zach is a medically complex autistic Ojibwe and Ponca youth, he depends heavily on his phone for communication and engagement with the world around him. His phone is broken, and his mother (also autistic, disabled and Deaf) has no way to obtain one. $300 will get him what he needs, refurbished and unlocked. Any boosts or assistance are beyond appreciated!

@mutualaid #mutualaid #indigenous

Venmo: SuzEQ13

“No homo” is cancelled. You can all have a little bit of homo, as a treat.

NYC: $100 for getting vaccinated 

#NYC will pay $100 to any person who goes to a city-run vaccination center and receives their first injection starting this Friday

You know that Activision Blizzard is completely devoted to creating a better environment for its employees because they've hired WilmerHale, a law firm known for *checks notes* union busting

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