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I already added this note to my profile info
but I will also pin this as well

If I liked a post of another account that's negative, sad, upset, etc

I am doing that to show supportive feelings/solidarity or like "here's a hug if you want it"

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Can I ask y'all a big favor?

Can i get everyone who can see this to CW for animal/pet death?

I really, really need that
Thank you

Medical question, description, I'm sorry I don't know the names of things 

The short version is I can't just ask my father because we aren't speaking

But he had some condition as a child that caused his leg bones to be...painful or unusable in some way

Like he had to wear those leg brace things that are like leather and a bendy metal joints

And then he has to have surgery which removed part of his leg bones and this cured him somehow??

I ask because I have leg issues I want to understand

Cancer, begpost 

Friend of mine is selling a bunch of his gaming stuff to cover medical bills of another friend who has liver cancer due to radiation exposure. Details at link.

Mutual aid request, laptop needed, financial help for disabled person 

I have been unable to get my desktop repaired and so I need a laptop

I know I retooted like 7 days ago from an older post, but I am desperate

It's a quality of life thing for me as I am housebound most of the time, pandemic or not

My PayPal is

when you die, what's the weirdest thing that will be found among your belongings?

americans: do you still need a covid vaccine? important information, please boost! 

I got inside information that Costco JUST managed to get their vaccine scheduling site up.

This is the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, one dose only.

No membership is needed. It is free to anyone.

today is one month til my surgery consult!!!! between gfm and saving stimulus money and squirreling away pennies, i have about half what i need saved based on the over the phone estimate, tho i will have more info after the consult on how much things will cost. in the meantime i really appreciate any shares 🖤

For a Markup feature, Leon Yin and Aaron Sankin compiled a list of "social and racial justice terms" with help from Color of Change, Media Justice, Mijente and Muslim Advocates, then checked if YouTube would let them target those terms for ads.


covid vaccine, societal PTSD 

There were dark moments, where I genuinely believed that I'd never receive the C19 vaccine.

They came from internalized experiences of being made to feel worthless, and not worth saving, by this society.

That I've actually received the vaccine doesn't exonerate America for doing this to people.

It simply says there might be enough compassionate, determined people to change the track this society has gone down.

More importantly, if anyone else feels this way, or felt that way before they got the shot / their unemployment / their disability stipend / friends who care for them / a healthy chosen family -- you DEFINITELY deserve it. Fuck that internalized voice, it's a liar and a mirror of something that isn't you.

(boosts are ok)

It's officially my birthday,

and if you want to contribute to my game/book fund, you're very welcome to throw some money my way via paypal, liberapay or kofi

and long-term support is always available on Patreon:


I know it's not possible without auto tune probably

But sometimes I'm like
I wanna be able to sing all digital pitchy like Countess Coloratura from MLP: FiM

UC San Diego scientist and curator Phil Hastings discovered a new species of Pacific blenny while his employer, the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, was closed last year. He decided to name it Coralliozetus clausus; its common name is the pandemic blenny. He published the fish's discovery in February of this year.

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Here is a yokozuna slickhead, discovered in 2016 but only just announced in January 2021 after verifying that nobody had seen one before, and for good reason: most slickheads average 14 inches (~35.5 cm) in length, but the yokozuna - named for the highest rank in sumo wrestling - averages 55 inches (~140cm) and about 55 pounds (~25kg). These are deep-sea predators that supplement their diet by scavenging; they were found by biologist Fujiwara Yoshihiro, a specialist in whalefall communities.

My new novel, NON-PLAYER CHARACTER, is live on Kickstarter!

Can six TTRPG nerds in their 30s find their way home from a fantasy land -- and do they want to?

Boosts appreciated. And please do check it out! ^_^


menstruation + covid vax 

Oh hey there's an actual study gathering data on the menstrual side effects of covid vaccines: redcap.healthinstitute.illinoi

I just did the thing and they did a basically fine job of making the language in the survey gender-neutral so that's cool ✔️

If you are a menstruator (past or present) and have had at least one vaccine dose, consider participating!

My special #PeerTube instance geared towards creators is up and running. I'm in the process of migrating over myself, before I shut down my personal instance.

Still looking for creators interested in putting videos on it. Feel free to DM me! In the meantime, check it out:

Thief breaks into an advanced, highly secure government facility to steal away the AI being kept there that they met online and think they might have a crush on 😍

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