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Can I ask y'all a big favor?

Can i get everyone who can see this to CW for animal/pet death?

I really, really need that
Thank you

Asking for money, GoFundMe link, boosts encouraged 

MH, insomnia, paranoia? 

r/traa post, may contain sensitive content 

Selfie w eye contact 

Selfie w eye contact 

If you support the cops, then you support white supremacy. Period!

Strangely I see nothing wrong here, funny that. Perhaps, because it's fucking true.

Dear White People:
When you ask a poc where they're from when you meant to ask what's their ethnicity, you're implying that they don't belong in this country. You're literally insinuating that not being white is un-American.

Also, stop asking us what our ethnicity is. You are not entitled to know that information!

Dear White People:
We black, brown, and mixed-race folks don't need you to speak for us. So if someone posts about ICE without a CW, we don't need you to raise objections for us, esp when the poster is a POC. We have a voice and we're not afraid to use it.

Money is a means to an ends, not an end in itself.

If someone is already a millionnaire, what would they accomplish becoming a billionnaire? If their answer boils down to prestige, then you know they're gonna fuck up the economy and ourselves attempting for it. And you know they won't be satisfied until they're number 1 at their deathbed.

reminder that all cops are bastards, yes even the one you're related too

positive reinforcement and encouragement, talking about going from "gifted kid" to "mentally ill" 

you can't talk "punching terfs" antifa talk if you think screenshotting is a step too far when dealing with people calling for genocide

White people are more concerned with their comfort than with dealing with difficult truths *mic drop*

The great thing about mocking whiteness is that the only people who could possibly take offense at it are the people who cling to the notion that "white culture" is a thing.

'Cause "white culture" is actually patriarchal, cishetronormative colonial-Christian culture. It's the shitty, bland, oppressive result of stamping actual European cultures into the ground and turning them into a homogenous mess. And then inflicting that trauma on the rest of the world.

Looking for satanists 

Congratulate yourself for doing difficult things, even if they might not seem difficult to others.

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