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Can I ask y'all a big favor?

Can i get everyone who can see this to CW for animal/pet death?

I really, really need that
Thank you

I've been crafting till I hurt and am exhausted, but it's worth it

Wednesday's craft was a 4 hour sweater for a teeny dog that is the mascot for a rescue

shout-out to everyone who makes stuff, y'all are amazing

Invite link for an app 

just me fretting about relationship stuff 

Maybe eye contact in the first one 

Thanks to a handful of strangers who were kind, my Thursday wasn't horrible
It was actually ok

I had a nice dinner and rewatched most of season 8 of (new) Dr Who
Thank you, again

For all the white queers out there, you can stealth in a safety emergency or just to fulfill your career ambitions in a homophobic world(*cough*lindseygraham*cough*). There is no way to stealth Blackness/Browness for those same reasons. And most of y’all can’t even relate to NonWhite Gay & Trans folk IN the queer community so stop doing this shit👇🏽

CW eye contact selfie, minimal clevage 

thinking about shopping exclusively at second hand stores this friday

remember to lie to an authority figure today

I just wanted to say thank you for all the retoots and help yesterday

Thank you very much :purple_sparkling_heart:

hey! i'm dealing with a time sensitive financial emergency

i ended up being called by debters from an urgent care i went to some months back this year and found out i owe them 345. i gotta try and pay it before the end of the year or they will probably, honestly most likely, raise the debt higher!

i can lower the total of it all however if i can pay 245 by friday of next week and then it'll be finally over with

sorry this is pretty late i just realized i could post here

intelligence is arbitrary tell me about the stuff that lights you up inside


so ICE set up a fake university, with like, a building and pretend staff, and lured Indian nationals to take classes at it, then arrested and deported them.

What the actual fuck.

Asking for money, financial help 

I just want someone to want my attention and affection

I want somebody who, even on their bad days, doesn't find interactions with me a chore, but a joy, a comfort

befriend the local crows then teach them all to say “fuck”

Robotnik: "Haha! You've fallen into my trap, Sonic! Now witness as I steal ALL the chaos emeralds!"
Sonic: "ok boomer"
Robotnik: "... I... W... HOW DARE YOU!?"

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