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I already added this note to my profile info
but I will also pin this as well

If I liked a post of another account that's negative, sad, upset, etc

I am doing that to show supportive feelings/solidarity or like "here's a hug if you want it"

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Can I ask y'all a big favor?

Can i get everyone who can see this to CW for animal/pet death?

I really, really need that
Thank you

mutual aid request 

I could use some help buying medicine and toilet paper

boosts welcome and appreciated

My paypal is

Cash app $bonemasque

pls DM for Venmo

I really appreciate anything, including boosts

Asking for $ to buy food 

I am loathe to ask, but I also need to eat and my body has just been a worse time than usual lately

I haven't been able to stand up long enough to make anything

If anyone could send me anything so I can order something to eat, I would be eternally grateful

Boosts are also super helpful

My PayPal is

Cash app is $bonemasque

DM if you want/need to use Venmo

Thanks y'all

Is there a name for the feeling of "hungry but not for food"?

are there any decent witchcraft-centric places to go be online at?

It doesn't have to be mastodon

I'm especially interested if they are hedge witch/low magick- centric

Mutual aid request 

I'm sorry to make another post for this, but the original got buried and so did the boosts

I just have more costs this month than disability money is gonna cover

I really appreciate any help
And boosts are super welcome

My PayPal is

Cash app is $bonemasque

Ask me for venmo

Thanks y'all

Mutual aid request 

Just boosting myself

I appreciate everyone's boosts

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Mutual aid request 

Ugh I hate banks so much!

I deposited some money online
And it showed up a few minutes later(I know I checked)

And now my bank is not registering it

I can't afford to be in the hole

I'm really sorry that this is so urgent :(

My PayPal is
Cash app on profile

Ask for Venmo

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Mutual aid request 

I have a lot of extra bills coming up in October and I anticipate coming up short

I would really appreciate any help anyone can give

Boosts are welcome and appreciated too

My PayPal is

My cash app is on my profile

Ask me for venmo deets

Thanks y'all

Dog question/behavior 

Why does my dog insist sometimes on crawling under the arm chair I am sitting in and laying under there?

It's making me nervous
Like I'm afraid imma hurt her on accident if I move

Any dog parents have any idea why she's doing this?

Soemtimes it seems like to hide, but other times seems like just super casual

Most of the time I get the vibe of she just wants to

But why?

Mutual aid request, hospital bill 

I am so sorry to be asking again

But apparently my insurance didn't cover the ER visit in July and I only am just now being informed

The bill isn't as outlandish as it could be, but I still literally can't afford it

Anything helps

Boosts welcome and appreciated

My PayPal is

Cash app on profile

Mutual aid request, financial aid 

Idk why my bank account is negative suddenly, but I could use some help if anyone can

My PayPal is

My cash app is $bonemasque

Both are also on my profile

Boosts welcome and appreciated

Mutual aid request 

My bday is coming up in a few days

And all I really want is to get some of the basic household stuff I haven't been able to buy

Like toilet paper, shampoo and conditioner, and trash bags

Anyone who wants to/is able 5o help:

My PayPal is

And my cash app is $bonemasque

Both on my profile as well

Any help is much appreciated
Boosts welcome and appreciated too

I like humans. They’re my favourite alien species. I’ve been watching them for the last fifty thousand or so of their years. But I was getting impatient with their slow pace of development. So I started helping them along by lighting supernovas in their galaxy to spark their curiosity.

Then my parents found out and they grounded me for 400 years. The humans must be wondering why the supernovas stopped.

Anyway, I’m back, and boy, does Betelgeuse look tempting.


Turns out, we know a lot about dinosaurs and it's not just from their bones.

Well, when I say "we," I mean "paleontologists." Another thing I learned here is how hostile regular people are to updating our mental ideas of dinosaurs. Which is interesting in a different way: sociological rather than paleontological.

Today was hella busy

But also pretty ok

Not a bad day

fediblock recommendation 

Since it's been a bit since there's been a fediblock site I'm throwing up some recommendations for new instances that have come up since it went down - this is an alternative instance to with the same admin - nazis, harassment - nazis (even a big swastika on their about page)

kissl* - self explanatory - self-explanatory - alternative kiwifarms instance, they operate the harassment "fediverse wiki"* - neo nazis, harassment - transphobia and racism

poast.eth - this is an alternative domain for thats operated through crypto instead of a standard host so it could potentially be used to block evade

#fediblock @fediblock

The revelry seemed unending and though I'd prepared myself for the crowd, the smell and the noise, I found myself needing to escape.

I ducked into a sweet little café with small windows and dark curtains.

Inside it was lit like twilight, cool, with gentle scents and a cat dozing on the counter.

Once I had bought some food the cat decided to relocate to my lap, preventing me from leaving until the festival was over.

Good kitty!

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Caturday #Fantasy

also, if you're looking for a remote programming job with a fully remote company working on a video teleconferencing system for creatives, hit me up and let's chat about what you like to do.


toxic masculinity in memes 

I am seriously tired of the
strong/buff/chad vs weak/crying/virgin memes that signify a good bad dichotomy.

It's 120% toxic masculinity to correlate "good" with big muscles and "bad" with crying and/or virginity.

Will you please stop it!

And no, using it ironically doesn't remove the toxicity, because someone else will see it and relate to it unironically.

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