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Hi! I'm a , and a . I earn my living writing , and I live in . I'm a little new to maintaining a social presence, but I want to try to make a post a day. New friends enthusiastically welcome!

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Trans affirmation 

bottom surgery tmi 

bottom surgery tmi 

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PNW Follow Friday: For Quiet Folks and Everyone Else 

bottom surgery tmi 

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me: change which interfaces u listen on
opnsense: are u sure?? u could lock urself out and that wouldn't be good
me: [clicks "I understand, I know what I'm doing"]
opnsense: [connection timed out]

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i’ve never played a pokémon game before but this new trainer is very persuasive

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meta, CWs, rant 

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@pigsflew we're back to normal! Sod's law that this happens when I go on holiday and take a break from computers.

@maffsie hasn't been online in 5 days and i don't think this instance has any other admins...

i dun want another profile, i want *this* profile 😢

why does it feel like the federated feed is dead?

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Soooo, *Ancient Magus' Bride* is... really good, but i wasn't ready for it to just end. It kinda just... stopped, and I wasn't done with it yet!

Give me more sad magic!

relatedly: No two of [IGCs, VGCs, Actual Gender, Assigned Gender at Birth] need agree.

when someone's AG doesn't match their AGAB, we call it being transgender or gender variant.

when someone's VGCs don't match their AG, we call it crossdressing.

When someone's IGCs don't match their AG, we call it unfortunate

lots of reasons can cause a person's IGCs to not match their AGAB, whether they are GNC or not.

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the entire phrase "earning a living" is fucked up in so many ways

Having that be normal even from people who pass as their actual gender is invaluable when you *don't*, or when your gender is less obviously in our binary-centric society. Enby people are real and valid.

Posting your pronouns when you pass for your gender is how you normalize this invaluable signal for those less lucky than you.

Most baby trans people at some point will find pronoun declaration to be an important part of how they gain the respect that should be common courtesy. [3/3]

For whatever (read: Bad) reasons, humans are almost universally taught to favor involuntary GCs over voluntary when determining how to interact with someone else.

Declaring your pronouns is one extremely literal, extremely controllable GC that, yes, the ignorant may ignore, but allies will *respect*. [2/3]

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