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I love my gf plz interact and I’ll tell u one thing I love about my gf

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I don’t tag CAPS/!!!/non-sexual gf love posts, please unfollow or don’t follow if that bothers you please. have a lovely morning/afternoon/eve!

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🌻🍓 hello friends! my name is Ainsel! I'm a NB femme gay/lesbian from California and I'm running from tumblr. I love my girlfriend Rusalka! and I'm in my fifth and final year of my undergraduate degree in linguistics.
let's be friends!

daddy microsoft, troubleshoot my internet connection. more like daddy micro-hard.

my mom: you shouldn’t be gay! think of how many friends you’ve lost from being gay! you should stop being gay so you don’t lose your friends!
me: all of my friends know I’m gay, you’re the only person I’ve risked losing by being gay

me n Rusa are at the rock show to see Alesana
it makes me anxious because it’s so loud and dark but also
im enjoying the live music this is my second time ever doing this


yesterday, at the Victoria’s Secret store
cashier: would you like these in separate bags?
me: no thanks, they’re just gonna go in the same drawer when we get home anyways *winks badly at rusa*

I’m complaining 


Get yourself a girl who
SORRY did I say girl I meant cat
Get yourself a cat. Meow.

boy: it’s too hot in here, I’m gonna crack the door
me, being funny: speaking of cracks would you like to try using the bathroom again?

human waste 

human waste 

hope they give me a fucking raise for working more than 40 hours a week consistently

eye doctor: okay I want you to close your eyes
me: uwu
doc: now open your left eye
me: uwo
doc: good now your right
me: owu
doc: okay great you're all done!
me: owo

I was pretty sad yesterday but I’ve eaten food, taken my meds, and gotten a good night of sleep. And I feel a lot better.


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