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I love my gf plz interact and I’ll tell u one thing I love about my gf

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I don’t tag CAPS/!!!/non-sexual gf love posts, please unfollow or don’t follow if that bothers you please. have a lovely morning/afternoon/eve!

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πŸŒ»πŸ“ hello friends! my name is Ainsel! I'm a NB femme gay/lesbian from California and I'm running from tumblr. I love my girlfriend Rusalka! and I'm in my fifth and final year of my undergraduate degree in linguistics.
let's be friends!

it’s me n Ru’s 6 month anniversary 😡😡😡

photoshopped a boob on myself. then photoshopped seven boobs on myself. currently finding a crossbow to destroy my hard drive

Join me as I walk the fine line between using my pronouns and enforcing my identity and the tendency of words to reduce the distance between vowel&consonants (?)

an then like there r no good nb names for stuff like for girls there’s girl, girlie, lady, woman but for me the only words that come to mind are monster, blob, person, bib (like bab) but I’m a femme in a lesbian relationship and she’s very clearly my GIRLfriend & I’m her gorlfriend but it’s TOO HARD TO SAY IN ACTUAL CONVERSATION

u ever uh misgender urself bc ur lazy and call urself a girl instead of a gorl because the differentiation is too hard to make in rapidfire conversation

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I’m looking for queer-friendly housing in LA county bc me n Rusa are down to live with other gaaaaaays and
It’s like dating ngl

somtim u have to decide between
-cuddl girlf
-make & eat ham sammich

Just found out it's Unicorn Day so I'm horse now


ok so I guess I’ve firmly embedded myself in the education/college prep industry

β€œwhen I first heard about death I wanted to try it”

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