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I love my gf plz interact and I’ll tell u one thing I love about my gf

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I don’t tag CAPS/!!!/non-sexual gf love posts, please unfollow or don’t follow if that bothers you please. have a lovely morning/afternoon/eve!

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🌻🍓 hello friends! my name is Ainsel! I'm a NB femme gay/lesbian from California and I'm running from tumblr. I love my girlfriend Rusalka! and I'm in my fifth and final year of my undergraduate degree in linguistics.
let's be friends!

now I’m mad because I don’t think those were my emotions I think those were her emotions manifesting in me

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was getting stomach in knots about my old friend who I had a bad break up with

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reproductive biology 

my essay is about ... ova and spermatogonia & how it gets harder to get and be the preggernerbate and get others the pgarbaaat as u get older & I think it is overwhelmingly fair

I made a list of house rules for my tiny studio apartment maybe now I will have more peace now that I have SOLID rules I can point to and be like THIS IS RULES.

me in 2002: "arm the homeless"? ok tom morello, pretty edgy

me in 2020: arm the homeless

my tootstream tonight is an accurate representation of what goes on in my mind like ~~ usually this is how I think but I’m tired so it’s a lil slower but this is how I think a lot, does anyone else think like this?

rules-ains stop talking and go to bed you’re tired you don’t know anymore

about me: degree in-linguistics, wants to-nurse
ok Ainsel who are u ?

have 2 write a research essay 2day and I haven’t done this in YEARS I hate this imma sleep and maybe INSPIRATION will strike when I wake

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