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Join me for a free online presentation about vermicomposting for small spaces. We'll explore the amazing benefits of worm castings, general worm husbandry, and how to get started.

No signup required, just mark your calendar. A presentation link will be available at sensorstation.co when the date gets closer.

@gardening #vermicompost #organicgardening

🐛 🌿 ✨

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extremely not a fan of whatever design trend it is that is causing companies to start using really wide, short typography

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@kate Looks like they're desperate for funds. It is alarming, and we should support ff somehow.
If ff fails, the web will remain chromium-only (except maybe caves of gemini). That would leave google alone to set all the rules. Somewhat doomsday scenario. So don't be too picky and keep supporting ff. If they fail in funding, we all will get ads in chromium address bar or something worse.

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Here's a little thing that may not be obvious to many people....

When you install an open-source app from Google Play or the Apple app store, there is no guarantee that what you install actually matches the public code.

@fdroidorg are doing a great service. They independently build the public source code for apps from scratch, review for common issues, and publish their builds. Thanks to "reproducible builds" it's possible to verify they do not tamper with the code.


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While Deliveroo pays its couriers sometimes as little as £2 hour, Wings Coop provides an alternative democratically owned by the couriers.

Could it foster the wider coop economy by expanding ownership to restaurants and partnering with other coops?

A new article on Mutual Interest, a no-paywall media coop owned by our readers & writers.


Become a Mutual Interest member and vote for your favourite articles in our participatory budgeting here:


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A "podcast" behind a paywall is not a podcast.

A "podcast" that only one app can receive is not a podcast.

A "podcast" without a public feed that can be freely pulled into any podcast client or RSS reader is not a damn podcast, don't let people get away with calling it that.

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Man I really dislike when companies bury their "cancel account/billing whatever" links. Do they think people are just going to give up if they can't find the link easily??? Not only will I redouble my efforts but now I'm not going to recommend your service to anyone. Looking at you Backblaze.

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Websites are really like "are you really sure you don't want tracking cookies??? We won't be able to autoplay videos to you if you refuse them :("

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I keep seeing open source projects saying "join the conversation" on discord or "stay up to date" with a link to twitter or a facebook group.

Have we really failed on messaging so hard that no one understands the cognitive dissonance at play here?

Or is it really just that Matrix is that bad, and the fediverse is that obscure?

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Being a pirate in 2021: waaah, we can’t get Disney+ in our country!

How the mighty have fallen.




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@aral as a high school student I can confirm chrome books are the worst thing since canned bread

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The Small Web isn’t about going back to the days of GeoCities. It’s about going forward differently, using modern tech in a non-colonial manner.

It’s not about building clones of Twitter, YouTube, etc. There’s no way anyone can self-host a dozen different services. Instead, it’s about having a single-tenant place on the Web that you own and control without technical knowhow; a place you can add Twitter, YouTube, etc., *features* to.


#SmallWeb #SmallTech #SingleTenant

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make zip codes a protected class so employers can't discriminate by paying remote workers differently for the same work

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Deliberately concentrating and wasting computing power to create artificial scarcity in order to further empower an elite who can afford to destroy resources is not a path to a decentralised society.

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@aral agree on the open standards, but as long as people just chew what is given, it will be a very long haul. legislation is neglected/circumvented when Big Tech wants so -- see chat/vidcall software, GDPR, updates on battery load etc.

so: use a phone to call or sms someone, and do your banking on your desktop at home (better: automate monthly payments)


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@cjk We have a system that works constantly to apologise for those with wealth and power so it’s not surprising. Is Facebook socially unacceptable today? No. Not by a long shot. When someone goes to work there, do they get scorn? Nope, they get praise. When someone sells their startup to FB, what happens? They get congratulated. Once, there was a cigarette in every hand. Then came the surgeon general’s report. Big Tobacco is still a thing but perceptions have changed. We need the equivalent.

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@avalos you forgot the part where they killed the headphone jack.

Also, as a musician in Germany, you can't have a concert with your own music without the venue paying "GEMA", the centralized national music copyright holders organization. Even when you aren't a member of GEMA, you have to pay them a processing fee so they can process the piece of paper that says you're only playing your own stuff.

Also, they got this monopoly in 1933, from a certain newly elected administration.

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