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@wolfie @neil @Marcus I recently did an MX lookup on a contractor’s (vanity) email domain before sending him a msg (because always want to ensure that I’m not feeding Google or MS). It came back negative (the MX server matched the domain name). But when I tried to email him, I got a bounce back from Google. So the guy was forwarding to gmail, and gmail was refusing msgs based on the IP of 2 hops back

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I can't speak for this shop's usage in particular, but this remains a "paper, please" from me, until I'm confident a shop will:

- only use my email address to send the receipt. No marketing. No "service messages".

- doesn't use it for profiling / tracking without my consent.

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I am very tempted to take bookings for a new conference on "disinformation in practice" and then just not bother to organise it.

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@n8chz @LauraC_rter new rule: everyone who is obsessed with time travel is trans until proven otherwise

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Many crypto miners are shutting off rigs and plan to sell their GPUs, as GPU-based mining for most cryptocurrencies becomes unprofitable after Ethereum's Merge (Michael Kan/PCMag) - Michael Kan / PCMag:
Many crypto miners are shutting off rigs and plan to sell their GP... - techmeme.com/220918/p1#a220918

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RT @Impossible_PhD@twitter.com

What do WPATH Standards of Care 8 actually say? A megathread. 🧵

There will be multiple threads covering the document from this post--one for each chapter. I'll post as I go, but be aware that SoC8 is HUGE, and it will take me time to work through.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Impossible_PhD/sta

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I was chatting to a friend and he mentioned that his PhD was in Low-dimensional Topology. So I asked how many dimensions counted as a low number, and he answered “Between zero and one.”

I had to admit that was a low number of dimensions to be studying topology in; even lower than I had been expecting.

Monetization (in general) is what ruined the internet. It was better when nobody expected to make any money (large or small) off it. At some point everyone fancies themself a member of the creative class and the long tail distribution kicks in.

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trans women are women
trans men are men
non binary people are cooler than you

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seems that a funeral procession is happening on the Lodge freeway

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(Previously, placing a copyright symbol on a piece was a prerequisite to copyright restriction, including on paintings.) "The copyright notice is usually offensive and visually distracting in the context of a carefully arranged artistic composition; its use, moreover, implies an unseemly concern for monetary profit, and a lack of faith in the honesty of viewers as security against unauthorized copying." (1980)

If you're so embarrassed by copyright, why avail yourself of it in the first place?

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Dear so-called “UX” designers, the opposite of “yes” isn’t “not now”, it’s “no.”

#design #deceptiveDesign #bigTech #peopleFarming #ux

“In general, if someone is making a website publicly available, others may freely link to it. That open linking is what makes the web a ‘web.'”–Electronic Frontier Foundation


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For US folks, there's currently a proposed Title IX change that would protect trans people.

It's only open to public comments for *two more days* and the vast majority of current comments are looking really TERF-y. Please consider adding a comment to the proposal to help out :heart_trans:


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There are two wolves inside you.

Also two pandas. And two lions. And two rockhopper penguins, and two sunda pangolins.

Also, two rather unhappy moles who wish to know where all the soil went.

You are Noah's Ark, and you are uncertain how you know this, or when you gained the capacity for thought or introspection.

There is only sea, all around; the rain has not yet stopped.

There are two wolves inside you, and you were built to keep them safe until the dawn.

#MicroFiction #creativetoots

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:alex_thinking: #PHP is probably a suboptimal choice for a new project in 2022 right?

But if I want it to be cheap and easy for people to host, it seems best for that?

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@kate earlier this year the unions for student workers at cal hosted a rally against rent burden and asked us to sort ourselves into a human histogram based on how much of our income we were spending on rent. it wasn't pretty

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