why are CD, as well as cassette, deck players so expensive when i don't want to pick a no-name brand that i may expect a really shitty DAC from.

i want to something to quickly listen to a CD before ripping it Accurately™, and something to rip and listen to cassette tapes with

I am split between queer.party and functional.cafe and i feel weird. I wish i could just have an own instance. I wish we had circles like on Google+ or friendica/diaspora. But friendica didn't work for me too well. Darn fediverse. Eh. I feel like just having a website for all kinds of purposes, maybe with it having ActivityPub from scratch.

What do you do with your clothing when you sit down on toilet, depending on its type? I focus mostly on waist-covering-spanning-upwards parts but not only, and i'm talking about both genders of gendered clothing. A poll.

Is it drinking black tea brewed from ~40°C water that seems like it's going to make me have problems in an hour or so?

It's been quite some time since i'd been getting some choking during cuddles when they went for a sw crude way w elbow at one point but i loved it too much to dissuggest that until a bit of pain happened.. and today i got a bad cramp there after cat litter dust made me cough hard

Planuję jeszcze dziś wysprzatać wszystkie części wspólne. Zaczynając za jakieś pół godziny. Najpierw muszę zrobić sobie drugą herbatę. Po powrocie po 19 zaparzyłom już jedną i zapuściłom pół godziny temu pranie na 66min. Współlokatorzy: trochę późna godzina…

TW weed 

Damn I miss weed, I recently smelled it from someone's balcony while walking somewhere and damnnnn

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