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Hezekiah ✡️ ⚧ 🏴‍☠️ ☭ :antifa: @metapianycist

tired: gender binary
wired: building gender from source

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@metapianycist a gender distribution that Respects Your Freedom


Alarming: Uh oh... Missing some dependencies...

@Blort @metapianycist honestly though! I mean, which package includes "stdprincess.h"?

This is probably my fault. Who writes their gender in C these days? 🙄

@metapianycist Gender binary, sounds like something one would say when wired on THC.

@metapianycist inspired: providing the sha1 checksum for the gender tarball

@metapianycist Inspired: Gender just-in-time transpilers.

@anon2018 @metapianycist Gender DIY kits sold by websites with scary-sounding URLs.