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Hey if you want to do a permanent , then you can do so now!

Requirements: Your instance is on Mastodon 2.5.0

How to do it: Open a profile by clicking on it and open it in the column view. Click on the three dots and then on "Feature on profile"

What does it do: It shows them on your web profile (reachable via https://<your_instance>/@<your_username> as a suggestion to follow.

How many: As many as you like, because 4 get picked randomly on each visit.

You see it on my profile.

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What to do on Mastodon:
- make friends
- be save
- have fun
- be social
- build/help building a community
- talk about what makes you feel bad (behind CW, so people can opt-in to read)

What not to do on Mastodon:
- continue toxic behavior
- bringing in :birdsite: culture (dunking & being negative)
- ignoring Mastodon etiquette
- generally the opposite of what to do on Mastodon, because we want to be friends here, have fun and escape the hell of :birdsite:

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Handy tip:
If you see (+), (-) or (~) in a content warning, that's an indicator of if the content is positive, negative or mixed.

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General thing!

If you want to find people, you follow on Twitter, here, use

Bonus: It stores your Twitter and Mastodon relationship, which means that people who want to find you, find you via that tool.

When you move accounts and don't redirect, make sure to use it again, to register you again!

Whoops I just see that I posted on the wrong account...

Socialism Pol talk (+) 


Social interactions, socialism (+) 

Social interactions, capitalism (+) 

Social interactions, capitalism (-) 

Social interactions, capitalism (-) 

Social interactions, capitalism (-) 

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folks, has been upgraded to Mastodon 2.6.1! adjustments have also been made to improve site performance, should hopefully clear up the sluggishness and occasional errors y'all have been seeing

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OK, instance is going down for 5 minutes to half an hour for performance improvements

Something people, especially people in HR, have to learn, is: of you want the truth, don't punish people for telling you the truth.

Also that's a good way of inducing depression into someone. Because what's the point, if you get punished for telling the truth or tell them what they want to hear and be punished for lying?

There is a puppy outside here, who is winning, because they were left alone and I really want to buy them a toy and play with them to make them feel better.

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When listing off races, especially minorities, make sure to capitalize Black - and here's why. 

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I'm happy to be here now ❤️ @maxine helped me move over the most important things, like art, pixel art and pupperframe stuff. I just didn't want to leave it behind and I thank moo for the help. ❤️

Now I think it's time I find some dindins. Got some homemade parsley pesto from my mum that I want to try out, so going with something simple tonight, just pasta with pesto and maybe ketchup, but I add that after I taste.

Reminder, that my instance at is still open for friends, if people want to join

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My name is Emily, a tenacious mutt who has gone through her share of rough patches, but who won't just give up either.

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