second: Turbo Pascal
third: dBase
fourth: Miranda
fifth: Ada
sixth: C
seventh: C++
eighth: Java
later: Perl, Javascript
now: Python

Maybe I'm old

A thing I wrote a while ago but put away. (See below.)

If you ever wait and wonder why you're living on the earth
And you're thinking that you might as well be dead;
If the darkness ever whispers that your life is lacking worth
And your place should pass to someone else instead:

There waits a task that no-one else is competent to do.
And without your hand it never could be done.
There lives a mind that keeps a place particular for you,
That can't be filled by any other one.

I dreamed I was back at primary school, and Jeremy Corbyn came to visit. But he was cosplaying a comic-book superhero called Psionic. (This was the OED word of the day yesterday, so my mind evidently appropriated it from there.)

It then turned out that the comics artist had originally designed Psionic to look like Jeremy Corbyn, so he'd figured it would be an easy cosplay. I'd never noticed before, but once you got past the green skin and yellow hair, it was obvious.

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hey by the way do y'all like queer characters, genders, sci-fi, and anticolonial narratives that dig into the complexities of empire, the poisoned fruits it bears, and the people it crushes to dust?

you should absofuckinlutely read A Memory Called Empire & A Desolation Called Peace

He's right, but I hate that we live in a country where we have to think this way.

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Had a dream that Amazon introduced the Amazon Wasp which were just giant mechanical wasps. Then they released hundreds of thousands of these giant robo wasps into the wild. When the wasps found a phone they would use their stinger to stab the phone forcing it to subscribe to all amazon services.


The thing about people saying "it's the end of an era", as they will when the Queen dies, is that they're also saying it's the beginning of another

Which at least means that people have an idea that life doesn't need to go on exactly as before

As we saw after WWII for example


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I agreed to go paddling, but I wasn't convinced it was a good idea until I found a bag of money under the water, by the shore!

That convinced me. I found it pursewading.

@mi you have an immediate follow request for interacting with me while having a wug reference in your name

If anyone wants to learn Welsh remotely, has Tuesdays free, and has £45 spare (though there are bursaries), Nic would like to hear from you. Please share if your friends might be interested!

I have a half-finished font named Anchoress. It's a bit like Juliana, or at least it will be when I have the proportions balanced.

The Anchoress project has been on the back burner for a couple of years, but it's not abandoned. One day it will be done.

I listened to Christopher Columbus's latest album the other day. It was a new world record.

This paragraph from Evelyn Underhill's book "Practical Mysticism" (1915) reminds me very strongly of the introduction to object-oriented programming in the manual for Turbo Pascal 5.5 (1989).

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