Google Translate turns "Κύριε, ἐλέησον" ("Lord, have mercy", a standard Christian prayer) into "Sir, take it easy". Rather a chilled-out approach to liturgy, I feel.

(I forget who told me this.)

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"Tumblr made sex a community experience. Sex wasn’t this separate, shameful thing, it was allowed it to exist right next to every other facet of our messy, millenial experience."

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@kacealexander Good show! My mom taught me how important it is to recognize depression so you can engage coping mechanisms. Here is a moment of snoozing kitten for you:

everyone send much love to my wonderful partner @Spiderling who is new to Mastodon

What about having specialised newbie instance? Apps could connect to one by default, and then people could learn how things work, and figure out what other instances to go to next. And people there could explain things to them.

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You must care about sex workers, because you are not doing work of an entirely different genus. Their interests are yours. Their rights are yours. And if you restrict their rights and speech, you better believe it'll impact you. Think about who rich people find obscene. It's everyone who isn't them.

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If you need to correct someone here on mastodon, remember the context. The atmosphere here is different, it's calmer, you don't have to deal with bad faith corporations and nazis everywhere. Be gentle, please.

Breathe. Relax. Trust each other and talk it out instead of escalating, breaking off and then grumbling and letting resentment build.

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as an open letter to all of mastodon:

please, do something fucking different. don't just become another twitter alternative or twitter clone.

the reason many people came to this platform in the first place was because we were all sick and tired of twitter. slowly, all the things we were tired of seeing have been coming over here and it begs the question as to why this platform even exists anymore. whats the point of using something that's just like twitter when you can just use twitter?

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I've just spent 20 min in a proper pub watching Manchester United vs Arsenal. I feel like I've been undercover as a straight man
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Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle, against you

Maybe we've been foolish, letting you down
We've listened to some tossers who fetishise the pound
But if we lose you, we'll be helpless and so
Brexit was a batshit idea

Cos now our economy's shafted completely
We cannot compete over here
And I'm stuck here with the Tories in this rainy dreary island
And Brexit's a batshit idea

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i can safely say that being a former tumblr user does not make you "a displaced person who has been forced to cross national boundaries and who cannot return home safely"

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SomeBODY once told me
The world will end in fire
Somebody else said in i-ice
From what I've TASTED of desire
I gotta go with fire
But if it had to perish twi-ice -

Well the years start coming but when they stop coming
I know enough of hate to hit the ground running
And say that for destruction it's true
That ice is great and it'll do too

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