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The local government of Berks County, PA, sent out postal ballots with English/Spanish instructions to return them by November 2 / el 18 de Noviembre.

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liquor and blackjack both have very different relations to the concepts of being under 21 and getting carded

When I was little, I thought the moon was a mirror of Earth, so the patches you could see were reflected continents.

And if you looked closely enough you'd be able to see everyone walking around and see your own reflection looking back at you.

"But this is England on a winter's afternoon
There is no sun, there's just a pale and sullen moon
And shivering sparrows on the broken chimneytops
And all the children suffer from cold and flu and raindrops"

There should be a word for "well, that would have made much more sense than the real thing".

Like, a while back, someone asked me whether the river Po is in Poland.

Silly typo, mention of the afterlife 

My favourite typo ever:

"Picture the universe as an infinite glove with this very thin crust on the outside."

You could modify a popular font to add a ligature of "w-o-n-'-t" which read "will" and a ligature of "w-i-l-l" which read "won't", then install it on someone else's machine.

("Calibri Perverse")

Apparently rent is pretty cheap in Dubai
This is because of the low rents of Arabia

Apparently pies are very cheap in Jamaica
This is because of the pie rates of the Caribbean

So there I am with this cyborg who is trying to attack everything in sight and then probably report back to HR about it

So I google "where is power switch on cyborg"

Well, turns out it's in the prostate

So I have to consider tactics

Chat him up?
Pretend to be a proctologist?

(here it ends)


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I just found a journal entry that says:

Last night I dreamed I found a VPN app on my phone from a company I no longer worked for.

For some reason I decided to use this to remove my old account, rather than just deleting the app.

Unfortunately I made a mistake and instead summoned the company cyborg


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Oh man, commercial dudes discovered, doing very regular speed checks from multiple high bandwidth servers. Godlike Frankfurt bandwidth is also godlike expensive so I'll cut that off on Friday. You like my services even though they start to die out due to abuse? Feel free to ease my wallets pain over at thanks.

"Oh so you admit to perceiving humans as different to each other?"

Yes, yes I admit to perceiving humans as different to each other. What a dull world it must be to perceive all humans as identical!

Happy 42nd birthday to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

I don't like Thursdays…

This is a 1976 schools programme about what you can see on a railway journey, narrated by Chris Tarrant of all people.

Someone in the comments has gone through and identified all the bits of track. I love the internet.

Severe autoimmune disorder (psoriasis); picture shows me naked facing away from the camera 

Ten years ago, I did a Reddit AMA about having severe psoriasis.

Thanks to ustekinumab (Stelara), my psoriasis is now under control and my skin is mostly clear!

This is not an advertisement for Stelara.

Relatedly, it took me years to realise that the puzzle in Repton Infinity where you have to photocopy a ghost was a pun on "spirit duplicator".

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Anyone else remember school handouts made on Banda machines? Where all the ink was purple, and you'd get lightheaded if you sniffed it?

They were obsolete by the time I reached Year 4, but I remember them clearly.

Photo: Dan T, cc-by-sa 3.0.

Salvador Dalí: great artist, but shit at civil engineering

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