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Another attempt at a live storytelling video. This is a story by Frank Muir. Yantantessera the cat makes an appearance.

and through the years, as every ship went down,
I'd gather up the sailors to my breast
and hoping you'd return to me and drown
I'd seek your face alone amongst the rest;
so sadly should I spend my lonely foam
until the rivers washed your ashes home.

If I'd been born the sea, then I suppose
though ages might have ended since I rolled
my breakers round the sand beneath your toes
I'd still remember how it felt to hold
your body, how my ripples on your skin
delighted you; I'd dream of you inside
my depths, of how you washed me from within
each hour I held you close in love and tide;

I would like to buy a season ticket, please.

Autumn for preference, but spring would do.

New legislation for "serious shortage protocols":

"The provision, part of the contingency planning for a possible no-deal , allows pharmacists to swap drugs, reduce quantity or change dosage, overruling GP prescriptions."

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Update: Now that the GP has set my title to Mx, it seems to have caused the pharmacist to decide I'm a rabbi.

Update: Now that the GP has set my title to Mx, it seems to have caused the pharmacist to decide I'm a rabbi.

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guys i got a hot date tonight
*is holding a lighter to a fruit*

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roses are red
violets are blue
in surveillance capitalism
poem reads you

and shows you ads
for flower shops
and tracks your clicks
and never stops

it cares not about
if privacy's harmed
the money is green
when people are farmed

twitter is cyan
facebook is blue
your friends are the product
and so are you

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The QWERTY layout is designed so that the letters in "woodpecker" are far apart from each other, so a person can type "a woodpecker is pecking me please help" faster than the woodpecker can type its denial

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@feonixrift this sort of thing was a big problem when I worked at Nokia. The N900 was designed so the user can have as much freedom as they want (it runs Linux). But the operators, the telcos, *hate* user freedom. They want to lock down as much as possible before they'll offer the phone to their subscribers.

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Just overheard a fascinating conversation in Paperchase. Shop assistant kept asking a teenager for her email address so she could sign up for a loyalty card, and the girl didn't know what "email address" meant!
"You mean the address for my house?"
After quite a while the penny dropped and she said "Oh, you mean my email!"

Does this mean that "email" is starting to mean "email address" and if so, what will we say when we actually mean an email?

David's Bookshop is part of what made me. I spent so many hours browsing here as a child and a teenager. This is part of the tables outside, with the second-hand books. Most of them cost £2 or less; many are 50p. I foresee some heavy bags.

Random quiz question:

Who was the most recent UK prime minister to have attended Cambridge University?

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I need to hire a professional sensitivity reader/consultant to have a look at a poem for me.

It's a bit delicate, because it isn't my poem! But I have, with permission, set it to music.

I haven't published yet, and I'm aware there is one line that might be ableist but in all honesty I can't tell. If it is, I need help finding words to ask the poet to change it.

Is this a thing that can be bought? How much am I looking at?


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