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UK politicians want to start accounting and billing for epidemics? Cool, cool, the American Indian nations in the US and Canada should be getting some pretty big payments then. I hope they want to include famine in there too, that'll be a nice payday for Ireland and India.

That is how they mean it, right?

so, I made a TikTok account.

you can follow me if you like that sort of thing.

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I'm selling made-to-order zines because I lost my main job 

Now, the world is very wide
(seven seas from side to side)
and it holds a million ways to tell a tale,
And you'll broaden your horizon
When the work you lay your eyes on
Isn't always European, straight, and male.
If you've ever been and gone
to a panel at a con
I'm assuming you're familiar with the sight:
There'll be four and twenty guys
Who are listed for the prize

(With apologies to Rudyard Kipling)

I just caught myself shaking down a digital thermometer. Now I feel old :)

“Gay liberation is not a ‘cultist deviation’
it is a movement embodying the revolutionary will of the oppressed!”.

Melbourne, 1973(?). Graffitist and photographer unknown. False colour added by me.

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@brainwane Something I only recently discovered: the Mexican Empire was named after Mexico (City) in the same way the Roman Empire was named after Rome. The whole country wasn't called Mexico until after the Empire.

Clue's in the name, folks

[picture: quiz question asking for the capital of the Roman Empire]

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Your #BedtimeStory tonight is part 1 of "Chutzpah", by Jan Mark.

No subtitles, bc my computer is playing up. Also, the audio is oversampled. Many apologies: tomorrow's will be better.

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Stand up, if people called you worthless,
if they kicked you to the floor;
their pride is fading from their faces
and their reign shall last no more.
The rules they made are swept away now,
so you're free to hear our call,
and though they thought of us as nothing,
as we rise we shall be all;

So come stand with your comrades
And tomorrow we shall find
The Internationale
Uniting humankind.

(my translation)

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I did consider changing my middle name to Potassium, and abbreviating it to K, for the sake of the rare times when anyone asked me what K stood for.

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