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Rambling thought: organising needs set pieces like football

once when I tried to start a union, a coworker said to me "I don't want to join a union because unions make life easier and I'm not lazy like that" and I was floored.

We need to practice what to say and do. Especially those of us like me without great social skills


Just had a random stranger come up to me saying "Got any ketamine, mate?" so I am now wondering why I look like a dealer

That's what you get for running your billboard on Windows

(Ancoats, Manchester, England; yesterday)

tip that helps me: You can sing *anything at all* to Anglican chant. Therefore, if you need to concentrate on a text you're reading, chant it. Here's how.

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Death mention 

Bjorn: "I would have preferred a god of parties, but the goddess of death was the only one available."

(Empires and Puzzles, no context)

Does anyone know why TX go BUZZ BUZZ rather than answer questions verbally?

Don't call someone a blockhead!

You'd be adding insult to Ian Dury.

Me: I should learn not to say everything that crosses my mind
Also me, three seconds later: Maybe we should rename aspidistras to autisticdistras

bird, cat, bird photo 

One of the pigeons here has been in a fight with a cat or something, and got badly injured, but healed. Respect to fierce pigeon.

It's a good thing Lego never brought out a Jenga set

as heard by me as a kid

"The mystery boat on the shore
This song is repeating itself
Waterloo! I was repeating you evermore
Waterloo! Promise you'll love me for evermore
Waterloo! Couldn't escape if I wanted to
Waterloo! Knowing my babies will be with you"

Android people:

I know there are sites which let you grab APKs of free apps from Google Play. If they're not fat APKs, which ABI are those APKs built for?

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Today's shower thought is about how so many TERFs say they're genderless, but how they treat me is like a surreal amplified gender binary situation.

⚠️ Big content warning for transphobia and TERFy rubbish. ⚠️

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You know when you see an athlete in the Olympics winning a medal. Most of the work they put in wasn't on the track that day: it was getting up early every day for years for gruelling training in all weathers.

Well, you and I are the athletes. The Olympics is the general strike. The medal is what that strike will win. And the training is workplace and community organising, and it starts *now*.

The housing crisis; annoying boomers 

And this is why people get angry with (a certain subset of) baby boomers.

This was a reply to someone who lives on a roughish estate (the Grange in Letchworth) complaining about kids throwing chocolate in through their window.

Across the road from the hospital, a banner says:


It's true— we do.

masturbation; sex ed 

Oh, and a teacher told us that "looking at porn is okay". He meant masturbating, but I had no access to porn so I didn't get his euphemism.

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