UK heatwave 

Managed to keep the heat in the house relatively low with just keeping curtains and windows closed and a lot of drinking, but still a little worried about tomorrow as it’s going to be 3/4 degrees higher. And sleeping tonight is going to suck.

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The ninth annual international Gender Census 2022 is now open until 13th August 2022!

It's for anyone whose gender (or lack thereof) isn't described by the M/F binary. It's short and easy, and results are useful in academia, business and self-advocacy.

The event for Nonbinary Day at work is a panel of 4 people, the first two speakers are a cis ally and a cis parent of a nonbinary child.

I don't like being negative, but is it Nonbinary Day or is it I Know A Nonbinary Person Day? Our voices aren't even being centered in our own events

Transphobia, UK pol (Tory leadership bullshit) 

Love working in a job where I have to be “politically neutral” while folks up top are battling to destroy my rights to win their pissing contest.

There is no reforming this. There is no “but you can change it from the inside!”

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Good morning.

Learned last night that there was finally a study done last year on autistic inertia, aka 'getting stuck'. Links below.

If you are autistic and haven't heard of this before -- yes, it happens to most of us, no it isn't your fault that you can't 'just get up' or whatever,

Webcomic explaining autistic inertia and a bit of what the study found:

The study:

I'll probably do an essay on this next week.

When I switched pronouns from just they to they/he, I was expecting most people to use they and for a handful of folks to use he occasionally and that’s what happened, probably because friends have been using they for me already. However, I was using they/he when I started at this job and so I’ve found coworkers pretty much use he exclusively for me. It feels kinda weird, like I use they/he and not he/they and there is a difference

Maybe I just don’t like cis people using he for some reason?

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From birdsite 



*slight* changes to eligibility (new poster below):
- no longer restricted to first-time parents (any & all now!)
- any LGBTQ+ poly folx in a relationship (w/ children)

- non-binary folx explicitly included

if you know anyone, pls share! ✨


Once again asking W3C to add a WCAG criterion “9.9.9 Oh No This Is Fucked” for all the time I find things on sites so inaccessible that trying to squeeze them into any other criteria takes more time that I want to spend

Trying to not have an autistic meltdown in Ikea every time my ADHD girlfriend gets distracted and goes off somewhere


Doing work today with everything that's going on is just so hard, like I get giving into despair is "what they want" but I'm just feeling awful. Fuck all this

I’m here, I’m queer and I’m having a nap

The weird dysphoria caused by being a trans masc who is really into something and seeing that something become part of trans fem culture

Any good tools that are no code? I can code but I find things like Unity where it’s a mix of code and GUI very confusing and I’m doing some web dev as well so don’t feel like code-only game dev.

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I don’t know who needs to hear this but you don’t have imposter syndrome. Imposter Syndrome isn’t a thing a person can have- it’s an issue with systems and organisations. what a person has is insecurity caused by a bad workplace
or community culture and the onus is on the community or organisation to fix it, not you.

Imagine making a presentation about discrimination and intersection but not mentioning disability at all

I work in digital accessibility and I’m getting endlessly frustrated at having to do the 101 “did you know disabled people exist??”. I’m so ready to have more complex conversations.

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We do things not because they are easy, but because we thought they were going to be easy.

Got my From Up On Poppy Hill tattoo finished off today and I love it so much. Not sure I would have another calf tattoo though, it’s not the pain as much as it’s the twitch reflex constantly

There's a work event later about the intersection of LGBTQ+ and autism, and I've got a small section to chat about my lived experience. Finding it hard to narrow down what I want to talk about.

Talking for an hour: Easy peasy
Talking for 5 mins: Brain does not work that way

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