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"While the western thinker has coined environmental approaches like: green footprint, green infrastructure, green technology, green approaches, and the green new deal, they still have the tendency to ignore the oldest Nations of the world, Indigenous Peoples.

The greenest footprint, jurisprudence, infrastructure, and approaches in the world belong to Indigenous Peoples. In fact, Indigenous water governance, jurisprudence, and environmental approaches are the oldest in existence, and have been field tested since time immemorial, surviving colonialism and genocide. The resilience of Indigenous environmental approaches spans generations. Today, Indigenous Peoples have enabled 80 percent of the world’s richest and rarest biodiversity across land and water."


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So uh y'all understand they're using the Navajo as the test for your vaccine and the long and fucked up history of that right?

Stop saying "when there's a vaccine" like it's some passive process that isn't, right now, today, relying on the exploitation of Native folk.

Say "When we're done using oppressed marginalized people as human test subjects and I can secure a safe vaccine with my privilege."

Doesn't sound like such a pleasant goal and future any more, does it?


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Request mutual aid 

I have a good friend who's been doing a lot of really hard work, reporting from the front lines of the protest and supporting defense networks. She was recently injured, and had to heal, which means she hadn't been able to report on anything, thus making it a challenge to pay her bills. She's unhoused, living in a van, and losing that would be detrimental.
So please check her work out and send a bit if money her way if you can.



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Hi, I need money for #trans related clothes (~100?), #medicalbills (owed $400, and 3 more labs need to get done :flan_sad:), for a nice #Halloween (my favorite season!), to take my cats to the vet for a checkup, food, etc

Ways to give:

- Buy a #QTBIPOC Pride sticker designed by me, made by @popstar by messaging them or going here etsy.com/shop/StarsFallStudio

- Paypal or Google pay (PM me for info

- Venmo (info in next toot)

- Boosting this! :boost_requested:

#crowdfund #disability #BIPOC

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Fun Fact: Acetone (nail polish remover) dissolves super glue (cyanoacrylate)!

Unfun Fact: I just glued my fingers together.

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swastika, indigenous-jewish solidarity, + 

I think a lot about this moment. In 1940, in the middle of the Second World War, several Native American peoples gathered to make this statement that they would no longer use the Swastika because its meaning had been polluted to a hate symbol. It had been in use for centuries among their peoples as a positive symbol, but they laid it aside in a gesture of support for the victims of fascism abroad.

it's such a powerful symbolic gesture, in the most literal sense, of solidarity. As a Jew, this is the level of solidarity I aim to return to indigenous folks around the world who have been crushed by imperialism every bit as much as the Jews were crushed by the Nazis.

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Last week I shared a piece from The Atlantic about America being in a death spiral

Here's Anne Helen Petersen's response to that piece:


"Living in a dystopia just feels like living: you get through one day, and then you get through the next, and then the next. You embrace mild self-deception and self-delusion because you must. You move forward because what other choice do you have? If that sounds familiar, it should.

Some people remain in complete denial. But I think many are beginning to see and feel what feels like an irrevocable decline. As Hayes Brown wrote around this time last year, “the weight of knowing, this time really knowing, our future is taking its toll.” We can allow ourselves to not just bend to new forms of normal, but actually break. This isn’t about being better about sorting your recycling. This is about completely reconceptualizing the way we think about energy, and waste, and consumption. It will require a complete renovation of our value system. And it’s going to be hard and uncomfortable and different, but you know what else will be hard and uncomfortable and different? The end of the fucking world.

We don’t have to acclimate to dystopia. We don’t have to compartmentalize horror. We can recognize this moment, as George Packer recently put it in The Atlantic, as a “plastic” one: when “an ossified social order suddenly turns pliable, prolonged stasis gives way to motion, and people dare to hope.”

…We’re all so, so tired. But we have to take those last, precious stores of energy — and we have to move. Maybe that looks like organizing. Maybe that looks like voting, and making sure everyone you know is voting. Maybe it looks like opening yourself to wild reimaginations of how society could work. But it cannot look like this. "

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We call for autonomous, anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, and anti-fascist actions. As COVID-19 ravages our communities, the plague of colonialism continues to destroy, our sacred lands. For missing or murdered Womxn, Girls, Trans and Two-Spirit relatives. Against resource colonialism. Against colonial borders. Against the settler colonial police-state. For total liberation.


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$ begging, financial aid, power outage 

My power is out again
It's gonna be in and out for a couple hours most likely

Anyhow, I'm trying to get as little money together to get something to eat in the meantime

Boosts welcome and appreciated

My PayPal is bonemasque@gmail.com

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its 9 pm. im posting this for me. im out of touch with thursday.

Does anyone know of like a queer version of HelloTalk? I want to learn spanish but im scared of cis people

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@ArtistMarciaX "Black Lives Matter" means, to me, that Black *lives* matter, not just Black deaths, as in day-to-day life, feelings, work, dreams... as whole people. Consuming Black people's victimization & struggle for symbolism & catharsis instead of meeting them as human beings is another form of dehumanization, a way of saying they only matter to you as objects to suffer, die, and inspire. Black lives don't matter to us if we don't care about actual Black people living their lives.

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URGENT mutual aid crowdfunding: St Louis Black woman needs $5000 to pay back to the Department of Unemployment and support herself and her new puppy; GoFundMe, cashapp, Venmo, and paypal 

GoFundMe: gofundme.com/f/23uexy5z40

Cashapp: $sophanae

Venmo: sophana-holdegraver

Paypal: Sophanah (name: Sophana Holdegraver)

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"Native Americans were illiterate" is a bad fiction


(long but worth watching; it'll challenge a lot of what you probably don't even remember being taught about Native folk, because it's that engrained.)

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Want To Feel Old? Scrappy Doo Died Of Syphillis in 1904

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my own imperfect advice for interacting w homeless people, as sum1 who has been homeless and is surrounded by homeless ppl:

always acknowledge them if they talk to you, make every effort to understand them if there is a commumication barrier

if you see them repeatedly, get to know them by name, greet them when you pass, ask if theres anything they need, ask about their day. Be a good neighbour.

have boundaries and know what you are capable and willing to give.

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