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i hear you shouting "GET THERAPY" at my posts. thanks for the feedback! now give me money so i can go to therapy.

so @robinUniverse reminded me the RAADS-R existed so i took it again, i don't remember my score or the context of why i took it last time (i think it was during one of alan's streams...?)

i wish tweak new's userscript injected a settings modal into the website like good* does, that way it'd be more viable to use on mobile

even better i wish good would adopt some of tweak's settings like reducing socmed addicting stuff

some TERF shit i saw recently but it happened back in like april? 

i’m still trying to wrap my head around some dumbass shit a TERF said regarding someone else “lying” that all people go through puberty and not just women

looks like someone didn’t pass basic sex ed (assuming they had any at all)!

food (cursed?) 

oh that looks like shiiiiit

"it's not the worst pizza ever, but it's close. but y'know if you're in a bunker or in like a foxhole or at shadow moses island or something then sure, it works in a pinch." - vinny, 2022

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"while it's cooking for ten minutes, use this time to think about the choices that led you here... and rummage through the other items." -chat member "spacemuffin", 2022

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vincent sauce and the pizza MRE, minutes before disaster (probably i'm still watching the video)

i miss my ashwagandha gummies and i hate my magnesium pills


sometimes i wonder if i might need a cane after all, short walks/store trips are fine but i find if i'm up for too long i will start struggling for balance. i have to sit down a lot.

we have a heirloom? cane that can transform into a billiard cue, used to be sean's dad's i think. i think it's a bit fancy but i like that it could be used for self-defense in a pinch (with or without assembly) but i think it's too fanc-ee-schmance for my style.

[shaking the blaseball website until news comes out] WHEN IS BLASEBALL COMING BACK?!?!?!? WHEN IS BLASEBALL COMING BACK!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!

finally after a year of waffling on it i fucking finished deltarune chapter 2

now someone get on my ass to try my second save that's set up for SECRET BOSS

i don’t want people to think i’m a sex pest for saying someone is cute…

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maybe that event is why i’m just not into flirting anymore and why i’m scared someone might think i could be trying to flirt with them

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what i still don’t get is why would you continuously jokingly flirt with someone who was the same gender as you at the time and then still be cishet

wanna get my hair cut so i can dye it teal again and then i can take a fun selfie with the caption “yeah i have blue hair AND pronouns, keep scrolling”

i still haven’t gone to get my glasses scrip updated because of Eye Infection 2 (peggle2.gif) and also it might cost me like $200 for all of that stuff to get done

more forbidden sam lore 

- i was a background voice in the earthbound radio play "fobbies are borange" and i also played fuel in the mother 3 radio play "tree from my youth"! my role as fuel is a very early indication (but not _the_ earliest) of my being trans that i ignored for over a decade!!
- absolutely nobody from that era talks to me anymore because i abandoned them all for [popular furry musician]! very few people from _that_ era still talk to me after they [multiple human violations]!

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the 11 and a half-ish years from may 2011 to today has been the longest year of my life

it'd be cool if i was friends with toby again but i was too weird (in a rather harmful way) for him (and most people, really) in 2009

doesn't explain the bad bitch (sean) i pulled for being the same amount of weird but y'know!!! we grew up i guess

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