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i never talked about it here and i do still plan on streaming The Sims 4 more (maybe once i have a few more FF7 streams under my belt) but if it interests anybody, i'm open to doing create-a-sim sessions over discord screen share! or if you already have sims made, just send me the tray files! i can give them whatever NPC job you want, they're all pretty much open and currently filled by randoms.

i'm honestly really close to chucking all my amiibo in a box so i can put in their stead my "box fulla witch shit"

inb4 sean wakes up and sees this and goes “do yr laundry”

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somebody give me “homework” so i can either a) actually do something or b) completely ignore it out of spite and do something else

okay apparently it's an ebros gift design that they for some reason attribute to maxine miller

for reference the maxine miller baphomet looks like this, which matches the description of them sitting on top of a globe

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finally found a baphomet statue i really like but i can't figure out who the design is by so i could source it. the description says by maxine miller but searching that gives me a different design, so it's definitely not her.

tfw an ex-friend of yours who blocked u on social media is apparently finally married to another estranged friend of yours who still follows you on social media for some unknown reason

i'd also want one of those chandelier-type necklaces made by Bells & Thistles, with the multiple quartz points (they don't have any in stock right now but check them out anyway

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one day i'm gonna get a SIGIL pendant, just one of their skinny crystal points, i love the raw look of them

drug mention 

forgot that during the month of time i lost in the sims thanks to me being dumb and nuking OS installs, i had a pill dealer NPC called Molly Percocet

anyway i just remade her

if anyone was curious: no i'm not uploading the last stream to ytub because
a) VOD mute (thanks @ red vox distribution people)
b) bad volume mixing
c) lots of 3DS crashing
d) sims segment has no sound outside of me complaining about the lack of sound

i really want to play sea of thieves but not i'll-gladly-spend-$40-and-play-by-myself want to play

being cheeky, slapped an apple sticker on my HP tower, put a kde plasma wallpaper on my windows install and a GNOME wallpaper on my iPad

what do you do with concentrated cold brew coffee? do you just pour it over ice or what?

how many texas dems texts am i gonna get today

and how many times am i going to reply about the postal service

anyway this is what happens when your local grocer separates coconut milk into their asian foods mini-section while coconut water and "drink" is in the juice aisle

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that time i bought a coconut cream based drink instead of coconut milk to make curry sauce with 😬

the sauce sucked but this isn't bad on its own
then i added my coffee creamer to it
or maybe
i should add it to coffee

i can likely do literally everything else on my 3DS just not anything involving soft resetting

but uh, i honestly can't think of anything to do

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turns out there's an issue with soft resetting a CFW'd n3DS that doesn't have a solution so unfortunately i will NOT be streaming shiny hunting

[the crowd goes wild]

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