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i never talked about it here and i do still plan on streaming The Sims 4 more (maybe once i have a few more FF7 streams under my belt) but if it interests anybody, i'm open to doing create-a-sim sessions over discord screen share! or if you already have sims made, just send me the tray files! i can give them whatever NPC job you want, they're all pretty much open and currently filled by randoms.

self-harm? i actually don't know 

normal fucking people: bite their fingernails when nervous
me: bites my entire fucking finger because paranoid

actually isn't this close to cardiac arrest levels? like how close is that?

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heart rate at 169BPM nice "sam no you're having a panic attack" NICE

i should play the pokémon game that everyone else is playing and not this one

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yeah okay shiny palkia is cancelled while i beef up a catcher smeargle

1532 SRs, 898 since the last shiny palkia

i may need to bail and fix my team

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i meant to follow-up that taotao ended up getting a dragoturkey token for helping doing avro's dragoturkey capture quest so everybody has dragoturkeys and boowolves now and i only had to do that once 🥳

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taotao apparently has access to a mount but doesn't have the default one, so i got the troupe boowolf mount prize and i can't seem to activate it or any of the emotes on my shortcut bar such as "burp" and "fart"

finally purchased a pin that says "keith and shiro are boyfriends" so jsyk that's still a thing i believe

let's go surfin' now, everybody's learnin' how
come on a safari with meeeeee (come on a safari with)
city's breakin' down on a camel's back
they just have to go 'cause they don't know wack

ended today at 104, pretty close to 105

all those characters now have a booster EXP rate of just 1 (before tonight, Tao Tao was the only character at 1x, Avro at 2x and Litanu at 3x)

my favourite thing right now about wakfu is the way a masqueraider heals you by kicking you in the chest

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