i have less than a week to my projected launch date for my misskey instance and i haven't done anything about it

i need help

in german we don't say "I would like the unix directory listing utility to output a detailed listing of all files sorted by age" but instead we say "ls -alt" and I think that's beautiful

ladies, if your man
- doesn’t want speed
- doesn’t want heroin
- doesn’t want coke
- lets you keep your ketamine

he ain’t your man, he’s a bassline junkie.

vaping injury epidemic, capitalism, cannabis mentions, Leafly.com source 

quick boredom thing i knocked out in commodore basic just there

Looks like they're finally sunsetting gender! They just posted the date, and good news folks: we've got most of a year to find other identity frameworks to migrate to! :blobuwu:

puts "make matrix synapse chat server" on the to-do list for sheithens.online


Google makes huge contributions to influential climate change deniers. So does Amazon.

One, a republican think tank (of course), was influential in convincing Trump to leave the Paris agreement and dismantle other environmental protections.


#microfiction about my ""original"" universe 

#microfiction about my ""original"" universe 

i'd date christine from link's awakening if dr. wright– erm, mr. write won't

what is it with conservative news sources making the things they oppose sound insanley attractive and cool.

why yes, i do wish to join in the the psychedelic rave nature cult to save the earth

vaping, marijuana 

i much prefer last boost over "my mom's birthday" and "the anniversary of my crush sending me porn she drew of her characters"

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