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jahtnamas changelog v11688 (genitalia mention) 

nothing actually changed today other than aging a year (32 now), but there have been several minor updates since the last one!
- unlocked salmacian sex identity. this will evolve into “bigenital” if/when certain surgical criteria are met.
- unlocked transmasculine gender modality. perhaps “transneutral” would make more sense but i feel it implies an end goal that would not describe me. i see this as a “direction” i am going, rather than the target.

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jahtnamas changelog v11688 (genitalia mention) 

- unlocked genderqueer gender identity. still hard to describe outside of “kinda wanna be a boy sometimes?” other aspects are a bit incongruent.
- removed demigirl gender identity. i have now completely rebuked womanhood. “girl’s” clothes are still cute tho.
- removed she/her pronouns, replaced with sie/hir (pronounced “zee”/“hear”) pronouns, added slight preference for he/him pronouns, behind they/them pronouns.
- there’s probably more i forgor 💀

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UPDATE: i've opened a followers-only hornyspace account at @disgustingdevil! it's mostly for me to post gross, horny thoughts about adult-age cartoon characters and genderfuckery since i'm not really allowed to circulate my own nudes/rudes.

give it a follow if you like! i will still screen requests but i'm giving a bit of leniency over the birdsite version of this account where you can follow from a public-facing account.

abortion rights 

i’m still baffled by the existence of pro-life “feminists”

like based on what i grew up knowing, it would be antithetical of feminists to be PRO-FORCED BIRTH. ergo, feminism has been co-opted by the dianic cult.

death mention 

realizing yesterday marked my dad’s death being half my sister’s life ago and roughly ⅓ of my own.

super cool how much of my life i’ve now wasted. /s

stream title: beating the final boss and finishing the game.. :^)
game: noita
current running time: almost 8 hours

and now, an out of context file from my birdsite backup that i'm pretty sure is a panel from crow cillers

last year i posted some links to articles from local publications, remembering my father's impact on the local music scene

here's stl sinner interviewing al swacker and the rest of the surviving band "the unlucky bastards" in their june '11 issue,
i recall they were supposed to rebrand into "the earnest beer men" but i doubt they're still together nowadays

here's a eulogy by gary labrot (who might be a TST guy 😬) in full throttle midwest #57

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probably best to cw for death mention and alcohol/tobacco use in photo 

oh no the 10 year anniversary thread was birdsite exclusive, and the archive isn't giving me the thread it just links me to the web (which is broken)

anyway the anniversary i missed is the one my dad being dead for 11 years

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i wanna be scooped up and kissed all over in a caring and non-sexual way

owl house spoilers 

sean says someone should make an edit of the collector moving the eclipse but it's eddy eating the sun from 1 + 1 = Ed

chicken choice judy patch, ryan and min-gi chain enamel pin, and sparkly infinity train door pin by potin_goods_factory
love wins patch, purchased at half price books
rainbow ribbon
pink and purple baby baphomets by smellygirltrading
compassion justice wisdom sigil by houseofpink
esther enamel pin by catcoconut
pink sparkly baph by coeykuhn
psychedelic baph by novelteeth
rainbow pan lemniscate by thepinprick
demon forms / tentacle lover by jekdraws
ryan and min-gi acrylic keychain by gekkonidart

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current predicament: kate likes to remove the markdown for single line breaks in the paragraphs i edit. i kinda need those.

sometimes i wanna go back to 1999, to the apartment above balaban’s, just me and my dad

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idk, doing something deemed “immature” feels nice for my brain but i do worry this has certain implications

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me: oh yeah i'm an american
also me: spells certain words with the extra 'u', says shit like "maths"

(sean says: go the extra mile, spell 'maths' with the extra 'u')

sam shut up about cookie clicker 

for those of you playing at home i went from... a +5% boost of 2.219 trillion%(?) kittens to [punches some numbers on a calculator app] a raw CPS boost of +12,710% instead

i guess 5% of over 2 trillion isn't much of a boost... and i'm not good with maths, i'll assume that boost was relative of the milk CPS boost (currently at +2,088%)

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