Fedi is really great on low bandwidth mobile devices. I remember a few years ago it was not like this, sometimes the server would just nope on most of the content and it was slooow.

Idk what improvements have been made, but i feel like now its gotta be the fastest, most reliable social network there is.

What's more important,

federation or decentralization?

In the context of #Fediverse, #Mastodon and social apps
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my use of this app:
- logs in
- "hm what are the current metas tho?"
- scroll a bit
- "okie nice"
- logs out

instead of buying rainbow merch to celebrate pride, consider having gay sex

Be the throwback trash glam goth you want to see in the world.

More from Electone B55. A fun thing I discovered: It’s bit tricky, but you can press two buttons in the Auto Rhythm Section at once. Like Slow Rock plus Waltz 2. Don’t know how exactly they are mixed up.

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here's something cool: a local Queer-run roller rink did a "LGBTQ+ Pride Night" and so many people came that they ran out of skates and are going to start doing it every month

Y por eso todas llevamos el teléfono siempre en vibración mínimo.

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Un cómic de 103 años sobre lo que sucedería si se inventaran los “teléfonos de bolsillo”

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how many "accounts" do you have? how many have you had total since you started using the web?

a key failing of the web as a platform is the total absence of identity semantics. there's no consistent way to "be someone" and have that "being" persist and synchronize across platforms. its a capital H Hard Problem for sure, but we ended up with the worst of all worlds: 1) needing to create accounts everywhere and 2) massively centralized corporate identity providers like google and facebook...

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