i would post more but ionno shit about fuck

@pixelpaperyarn i had his tapes in my room forever from my grandma, but i truly got his brilliance when i had to learn the disney tarzan score in school. such beauty and dynamic expression, i was in awe :3

As we approach Black Friday, here's a little infographic to help you better understand your urge to spend.

why involve ideologies in software

contribute code, have fun, drink beer

Reverse engineer the orgasm. I will not be elaborating

"[Celebrity] does NFTs" is an easy headline to moralize over, it's much harder to point out that this or that celebrity has stock in a soda company that employs death squads to kill striking farmers in Latin America when our entire economic system is predicated on having stock in those companies. It's obfuscated, buried in the heart of the system. Part and parcel of capital. NFTs allow you to individualize one part of a much more cruel, inhuman whole

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the virgin "noooo turn off your ad blocker it's destroying the internet profit model"


the chad "you can turn off ads in settings if you want"

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