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Realised I didn't do an post when I joined this week, so, uh... hey!!

I'm Linden! 25, he/him, partnered w/ my beloved husbundo @gabdotvee <3

I'm a librarian, would-be author (presently redrafting my first MS), undergrad at Birkbeck, lover of comics, The Mountain Goats, indie games, and making new friends!

I'm cis, ADHD, on the spectrum and type II bipolar. Multiplicities of identity are too wide to cover in one post, but for me it's mainly fandom and being gay and doing crimes.

Im the joke robin hood, I steal from the unfunny and give to the funny, and boy do I find myself hilarious.

library cat comes and visits us sometimes, and yesterday we were blessed again by her presence essay.......................hynnngggghhh

steamy invincible discourse (postscript) 

......................i still really hope we get a season 2 tho ngl this shit is my absolute hot garbage despite all its problems

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steamy invincible discourse 2/2 

that said, it still hits my nostalgia bone, it's novel to see visceral gore and human casuality framed within the context of optimistic heroism, there's serious young justice vibes, and some of the story arcs are still legitimately great storytelling, and some of the changes in the show are for the better (but mostly not). i could go on AT LENGTH (but will save that for a youtube essay uwu) but in conclusion, invincible is a land of contrasts. thank you.

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steamy invincible discourse 1/2 

in hindsight, invincible has really shitty implicit politics as well as representation, which is broadly reflective of an endemic problem with the modern superhero myth as a whole. dispite kirkman drawing inspiration from spider-man, like disney movies, he seems to fundamentally miss out on what makes spider-man such an enduring, human character.

once again I am thinking about the scintillating wit of the geniuses at genius dot com

The game Entombed on the Atari 2600 is a game where the player needs to move through mazes and avoid enemies.

This game is fascinating because it can systematically generate playable mazes using data from a lookup table.

But the way the developers generated this table is a complete mystery. No one has been able to figure out why and how this table always makes playable mazes. There has been a lot of academic study on the game.

Wikipedia lists it as an "unsolved problem in computer science", right along with P = NP and pronoun ambiguity.

It is the only problem listed on this page that is specific to a given piece of software.
Unsolved problem in computer sc…

alternately nodding, chuckling and screwing up my face in disdain. this is the very essence of Being Online

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Clarion West is starting to examine their assumptions about how marginalised people fit with the standard writers’ workshop approach - the recommended reading list at the end looks interesting:

trans, Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria, a deep dive 

Many of you will be familiar with the term Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria, popularised in 2018 by a paper by Dr Lisa Littman, and subsequently seized upon by trans haters and opportunists of various stripes as grounds for invalidating minors' assertions of being trans.

It's less well known that her paper exclusively considered the *parents'* reporting; there was no investigation into the timeline as experienced by the minors themselves,

Here, Zinnia Jones goes into a three part examination of the paper's methodology, its flaws, and papers that *do* ask the trans youth for their timeline - and offers another which /also/ asked their caregivers for /their/ impressiond of when they felt the points of self-recognition and coming out were.

Would you like to guess if the two viewpoints matched?

Bonus coda: the company ROGD has since enjoyed, and the variously bizarre assertions it's been used to uphold, including the famous (non-existent) decline of the cis lesbian, and assigning Elliot Page as another ROGD victim.

zelda slashfic, shitpost 

new idea for a fanfic: kakariko village stories. handsome cucco man, handsome swordtrainer man and handsome pumpkin farmer man are all in a ploy triad together. drama happens.

And like, hffffffffff he's all voiced by J K Simmons and there's all this fanservice where he's shirt gets ripped in revealing places and, no man, my tiny gay heart is completely unable to cope. At some point I will critically reappraise this properly like I did with Umbrella Academy, but this will require at the very least a cold shower.

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What's most surprising (other than Steven Yuen getting cast in another Kirkman adaptation whoop) is that somewhere in the last 15 years they realised they've cultivated a gay male audience who pairbonded with all the handsome men, so they gave the main character a gay best friend who talks about how hot Invincible's superhero dad is.

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Teenage me would have been SO fucking stoked to know in 2021 they'd make an INVINCIBLE ANIMATED SHOW and that it'd be REALLY NEAT AND COOL. Teenage me would probably been unsurprised to learn that I apparently have not stopped crushing on Nolan Grayson, but I was not expecting this and it is completely destroying me MY GOD.

every now and then i remember this joke and crack up for a solid three and a half minutes.

thinking about this made me want to find out rip the sprites from renpy and i did and for the fuck of it also had a look around in some other files and

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