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autobio comic, explicit queerphobia 

this took wayyy more work and time than i originally planned. luckily my wacom tablet stopped working today when i spilled coke on it so now i'm forced to say that it is finished (1/3)

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to all the haters out there tryna tell me sarumandalf is a crack ship I WILL FIGHT YOU AND ALSO YOU WILL PROBABLY WIN

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Realised I didn't do an post when I joined this week, so, uh... hey!!

I'm Linden! 25, he/him, partnered w/ my beloved husbundo @gabdotvee <3

I'm a librarian, would-be author (presently redrafting my first MS), undergrad at Birkbeck, lover of comics, The Mountain Goats, indie games, and making new friends!

I'm cis, ADHD, on the spectrum and type II bipolar. Multiplicities of identity are too wide to cover in one post, but for me it's mainly fandom and being gay and doing crimes.

(“ Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number,
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you -
Ye are many - they are few.”)

idk about you but i "observed" my minute's silence for the monarchy by rewatching hbomb and taking a shit

an asinine comic called 'horseheaded' (part 1) CW for violence 

@godtierchaoticgay thank you! It's unclear if i'll make more, but I started this third one where she's rebranded as 'Carol'

an asinine comic called 'horseheaded' (part 2) CW for violence + cartoon bomb

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an asinine comic called 'horseheaded' (part 1) CW for violence 

impromptu comic from last night

#mastoart #art #comic #horseheaded


wellllll they went ahead and cancelled queer studies with less than two weeks until the semester starts, and now i have to study some shit i don't want to instead and on a day that i probably can't stay in london for. fucksake.

Ima get my dick sucked clean off my body today Hell no im not attending the queens coffin procession

Queerphobia mention 

Better still, the person she made it out to was called Linda, which both very close to Linden and also happens to be the name I used to get called by people trying to make fun of me back in school. Iconic 💅💖

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Finally ordered a second hand copy of Tiny Peices of Skull, the seminal trans memoir by Roz Kaveney and... the copy I got was signed by Roz herself!!

life, death, bleh 

spending my lunch hour hastily rewriting my funeral speech for tomorrow to remove all references to euthenasia or other sensitive issues. i feel like a gay movie that's been recut for chinese distribution.

There are varied opinions about Queen in Kenya, because at the time she was a queen, Kenya was at the peak fighting against colonialism, the time when state of emergency was declared(1952-1960), what happened that period is beyond horror( even though Churchill was responsible people still think queen had hand on the matters) however, she is respected by our generation.

Not long ago when Muthoni Mathenge wanted to communicate to Queen Elizabeth when Britain celebrated the Platinum Jubilee of its monarch.

I had such a nice nap after work today. There was a cat and everything.

having to tell the children who are coming in for mario kart that that mario and friends are so saddened from the passing of our beloved imperial monarch that they can't play racing for today or at least up until the 18th september. we're also having a social media blackout until then.
this is a public library.


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