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greetings! i’m yr local weird forest hermit, and i talk a lot about my chickens and mental health on here.

i make things and i love drone & doom metal. i’m queer trans man, pronouns are he/him. i’m a lazy heathen (which i don’t talk a lot about here) and my main man is freyr.
i’m autistic and I have ADHD and C-PTSD.

i love to live like a grandma, my special interest is iron age history, i'm a huge nerd and i play a lot of video games.

my phone died on the way back from the bus stop so i had to navigate in pitch black darkness with my porch light as a beacon like a forlorn moth.

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thanks for all the boosts on my donation post ;u; 💕

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here's that house tunic i was sewing a while back! fleece outer, lined with leftover flannel and old t-shirts. freehand patterning. machine assembled, with hand finished neck and arm seams.

it's been so good to wear since the temp is around 50F in the pocket studio now!

[three-photo montage of me wearing a grey tunic with black gores and a black leather belt. it looks very cozy. ]

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The supreme lifeform is Ursula the sea witch.
+ octopus
+ shapeshifter
+ witch
+ fat femme
+ was supposed to be voiced by Divine

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to every1 coming from tumblr:
u are now leaving the competitive toxic wing of the internet, please keep your hands and feet inside the community at all times, reach out if you need it but remember your validity is not tied to a mass response. surf the trend wave as much as u want but yr no longer culturally expected to do specific stuff to be cool. you are cool. welcome!!! have fun!!!

It's OK to like corny things and to like popular things. Attacks on "bad literature" and "bad poetry" have a very, very long history, and its always been the same thing. An establishment of "proper" writers, who are all cis white middle class men are the centre of gravity for widespread backlash against literature which ~ coincidentally ~ happens to have a mostly female audience

My husband just sent me a text that just said "Wife!!!!!!!" and when I replied, after a minute, "yes, that's me, what," he responded, "it's happening!!!!!!!"

because: one of our chickens LAID AN EGG, A CHICKEN LAID AN EGG, WE DID IT

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