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greetings! i’m yr local weird forest hermit, and i talk a lot about my chickens and mental health on here.

i make things and i love drone & doom metal. i’m queer trans man, pronouns are he/him. i’m a lazy heathen (which i don’t talk a lot about here) and my main man is freyr.
i’m autistic and I have ADHD and C-PTSD.

i love to live like a grandma, my special interest is iron age history, i'm a huge nerd and i play a lot of video games.

still prepping for #cfz2019 –building up a few more small originals to flesh out my contribution to our stall~

it's hard to articulate how much it means to me when I can manage to knock out li'l sets like this–it's maybe not a big deal for a lot of people, & explaining it seems embarrassing, but having four consecutive days when I can work for at least an hour is so huge & cool for me

#PVart #PVartists #CreativeToots #MastoArt #MastoDraw #furry #leopard #pronghorn #rhino #dog #watercolour

turns out my paypal is indeed connected to my business email 😅

note to self and other marginalized creators: don't let white straight men gatekeep you from doing the art you want and don't let straight white men give you imposter syndrome.

the only thing i will say about the youtube drama, sexual abuse mention Show more

the only thing i will say about the youtube drama, sexual abuse mention Show more

the only thing i will say about the youtube drama, sexual abuse mention Show more

my plant babies are growing up + greenhouse progress + workshop construction progress

high key can't wait to expand the homestead to a bigger plot, some woodland, goats, sheep, geese, a husband and a boyfriend or two

Remember the 3D Pinball from Windows XP? It was actually an inferior re-make of a board in a pinball collection called Full Tilt Pinball developed by Maxis.

You can now download the superior version (higher res graphics and sound, music, better physics, smoother gameplay) for free, as it is now abandonware. And it works on Windows 10.

there are two gay people inside you
there are two gay people inside each of them
this goes on forever
all of these gay people are you

eat pray love means eat pussy pray to satan and love yourself

*makes a faceswap pic with my dremel*

don't talk to me or my son again

elderflower cordial make-a-long pt 3 Show more

ah yes, adhd


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