Usually I'm glad to avoid the fediverse Discourse (tm) but today it's about tentacle dicks? What is going on, can somebody (as I said to the tentacle dicks) please fill me in?

look we're all thinking it im just saying it: pie is better than cake


tired: locked accounts full of nudes and flirting
wired: locked accounts full of flying toasters

I work in a medical setting and we talk a lot about restraining patients. (Sometimes they're restrained because they're violent, but also, think of the human toddler equivalent of a cone of shame.)

T/F: Coworkers who make frequent casual jokes about tying up children must be vanilla, because if they were kinky they'd be a lot more cautious with the subject matter.

Dear everyone please make sure you've got a hieroglyphic font installed, that unicode block has some super important emoji in it.


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