@aaronpk I wonder what the underlying protocol is and if anyone can join in as an identity provider. I'm not any more enamored with Apple as identity service as with Twitter or Facebook.

@fluffy It's OAuth + OIDC, and they are becoming an identity provider with this. I do think they're better for this than Twitter/Facebook since they aren't in the business of selling user data.

@aaronpk Cool that they're using an open protocol! I still wish it were one with a better federation story though. Anyone should be able to provide any identity to anyone, rather than being beholden to the handful that any given website decides to support.

@aaronpk yes I am very familiar with IndieAuth at this point, we've had a few arguments about facets of it in the past :)

@aaronpk The main thing I want to try doing at IndieWeb Summit is finally work on developing Authl, because I really want to be able to support IndieAuth login but also make it feasible to support siloed OAuth logins as well (since I still think there's a huge usability problem in requiring people to have their own website/domain/etc. to log in with)

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