Apparently, the BBCA broadcast of Doctor Who has a bunch of plot-relevant stuff cut out to make room for advertisers, AND that extends to the paid streaming services too. No wonder this season isn’t making much sense.

As always, piracy is the better option.

For example, in the UK broadcast of Ghost Ship, they actually explain what the heck is up with the towel monsters.

@fluffy Wonder if this will extend to the DVDs in the USA. If that's the case then we'll just wait for them to show up and get the whole episode.

Also getting really tired of ads cutting in to content.

@craigmaloney @fluffy I have had to resort to "piracy" just to get a non expiring copy of a decent bit of BBC programming (like Catwatch documentaries); and I'm British and pay the license fee, and it was for patients to watch on a big screen at my work, which we are allowed to do here.

Alas, there appears to be a long running tradition of cutting up BBC shows in this manner for overseas broadcast to fit in adverts (its been going on in various forms since the 1970s)

@millenomi apparently all versions that are licensed by BBC America yes

@fluffy ...seriously, BBC America? Why are you this consistently awful? 🤦🏽

There's ONLY ONE instance of Dr. Who cutting that I approve of, and that's the Max Headroom pirate prank.

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@ishiku @kurtm someone in the UK talked about a scene in Ghost Ship that was definitely not in the US version. I need to acquire the UK version to do a side by side comparison.

@fluffy @kurtm I don't feel like I had any trouble following any episodes this season, so I'd be curious what might have been cut out

@ishiku @kurtm well like apparently some explanatory stuff like what was up with the towel monsters in episode 2

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