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Wow there's a huge influx of newcomers! I guess it's time for some again.

I'm fluffy, and I used to be a software engineer until I got severely burned out and now I just want to make music and comics and games and stuff. My basic mission is to bring joy to people.

These days I'm mostly composing OSTs for other peoples' games. My website's at and I always appreciate people supporting me on Patreon or Bandcamp or whatever.

Anyway, nice to meet you!

I'm finally watching Black Panther. I wonder if SoundCloud paid for product placement in the casino scene.

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Finally made it to Snoqualmie Falls.

So I’ve been making a bunch of black garlic, which mostly involves running my dehydrator for three weeks. I only started it yesterday and my home smells incredibly of garlic, to the point that I had many weird dreams about garlic last night.

Every now and then I find something in my mp3 library which makes me wonder how I ended up with it...

and every now and then I find something where I don't care, I just want it gone.

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Hey, anyone here ever shop at NCIX?

You should contact your bank ASAP, they left all their *unencrypted* customer data on hard drives in a warehouse somewhere in Canada and the data was sold by the warehouse's landlord to sketchy buyers...

Game Workers Unite released a statement on the Telltale layoffs. Anyone who has any interest in a healthy games industry should read this (and anyone who works in the games industry should consider joining).

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I just looked up Bad Charlotte to see if that existed and my only search results were on Good Charlotte, so who wants to do a cover band where we just cover all Good Charlotte songs, but in a minor key? (Or, alternatively, badly.)

So now I can imagine a situation where someone fraudulently links someone else’s savings account to their account and then the actual account owner can do nothing because they can’t prove to that the account is theirs, or something.

ZenDesk support is Bad, but people who don’t even bother to READ THE THREAD make it worse.

Also needs to think a lot harder about how support flows should work. And account ownership too. They never asked for proof of ownership in linking them!

They said to upload it through the app. I said there was no way to. They said to attach it to the email thread. So I did.

The VERY NEXT MESSAGE from them was them saying the account wasn’t in my name and “is this a joint account? Please provide proof of ownership”

Well, the only way to provide docs to this effect is through theimobile app, which only allows for specific images they request, namely my drivers license and my bank statement. I explained the situation and asked if I could also provide my name change order.

So I have an account with It is linked to a savings account I never managed/bothered to update my name on. I wanted to link it to a different account. To change account linkage I had to prove the savings account is mine. Fine.

And I was all “well that might be weird since my HRT might indicate that I am pregnant?” And then this led to some bureaucratic tail-chasing which was just... strange.

Anyway then I woke up to an actual Kafka situation. Which gets its own thread I guess.

I had a weird dream where I got involved in a war where we were allied with an entire race of Crazy Frogs, and after an ongoing endurance test with the frog bog their captain needed me to take a pregnancy test to prove we hadn’t mated for some reason.

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