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I'll be at ECCC as part of their Indie Games showcase! If you're coming to come and check it out, at the Level 2 North gallery!

My scheduled times (tentative):
• Thursday, 2-8 PM
• Friday, 5-8 PM
• Saturday, 8-11PM

Lots of other great games will be there too!

More things a toaster oven can do that a microwave can’t: plate warmer

Also you can warm plates by putting them on top while the actual thing cooks.

More things you can do with a toaster oven that you can’t with a microwave: proofing dough

OMFG craigslist assholes

OBO means "you make an offer and I decide whether I'm going to accept it among other offers," not "you show up and have me haul a heavy thing out to your truck and THEN decide you're going to pay me less"

Dude never replied to my text. Oh well.

Okay thanks for the responses, twemoji is fine for chat purposes but I want something a bit more like the Apple font. Emoji One looks more like what I want.

Are there any emoji fonts that are freely redistributable within a game or whatever? Or at least that I can legally make a sprite sheet from to redistribute? If it makes any difference the game will be FOSS.

Okay with balsamic vinegar and on bread it definitely has an interesting flavor. Might be a LITTLE strong but that's also likely because I used a heck of a lot of smoke!

If you have an infusion smoker or gravity bong this is definitely worth trying out.

so I tried a little bit on a cracker and it tasted very strongly of applewood smoke, which makes sense since that's what I infused it with. Right now I'm heating up a leftover dinner roll to try that with the oil + some nice aged balsamic.

Tomorrow will be my first pizza test.

and now watch me suddenly have a need for a blu-ray player next week for some reason

Made some smoked olive oil, per (although I used my smoke infuser wand, not a gravity bong).

oh god craigslist

Finally found a buyer for my blu-ray player. He managed to get me to throw in an HDMI cable, and then sent his girlfriend to buy it but she was also $5 short. So I ended up just letting them have both things for less.

I texted him to say that if he felt there was a karmic debt to pay he could donate the difference to LIHI or Lifelong, but no pressure.

Just did a walk-by code deployment to a sculpture from my phone. My life is weird.

I hadn’t gone down a slide in decades. Now my butt is wet but it was so worth it.

Here is the music to what the lady pirate in the anti-Diane faction was singing when I woke up.

Had a weird dream where I was caught up between two warring factions of pirates with land ships on the Serengeti. It was a musical.

One faction wanted to protect a pair of lions named Jack and Diane, the other faction wanted to kill Diane because she was evil.

why isn't the plural of "mongoose" "mongeese"