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Also this bill is specifically for the physician who refused to actually do anything but say β€œsounds like stress” and kick me out of the hospital without even doing a trivial physical exam.

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Anyway I contacted both my insurance (giving them a scan of the erroneous bill) and the ER department with a β€œhey what the fuck?”

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So, remember when I went to the ER in May?

The ER's billing department sure does!

But they don't remember that *they have been paid already*. They sent my bill to my insurance a buttload of times, insurance was all "nah, this has already been paid," then the ER is like "well someone's gotta pay it" and sent me a bill for $1458.

I am not going to pay $1458. Ideally I'm going to pay $0, because this bill has ALREADY BEEN PAID.

Just got the weirdest fucking customer survey from GoFundMe which seems to have been filled in with the default template as if GoFundMe were a video game and not a community funding thing. what the fuck

The "funny" thing was I started drawing Lewi as a segue into working on Unity again, expecting it to be a very short series that would just serve as a warmup. Now I feel like I need a warmup before I can work on Lewi again, especially since the story got a lot bigger than I was originally intending.

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It has been nearly two years since I worked on Lewi, and nearly seven since I worked on Unity. Gah, why does time fly so much?

Having one of those days where even though everything is more or less going my way I have a feeling of impending dread.

contrapoints has 12,369 patrons. her lowest tier is 2 dollars.

12,369 * 2 * 12 = 296,856

at the absolute minimum (before taxes or fees), contrapoints makes almost three hundred thousand fucking dollars a year

if you want to give money to a trans person, give it to someone else
if you're already giving her money, stop, and give it to another trans person

i promise, she won't miss it

@qdot Hey, I bought a couple of My Keepons back in the day for a music-performance-related project that I never got around to doing, and now seems like a good time to dust it off again, and I saw you contributed to their library.

Do you have any thoughts on what would be the easiest way to control one via MIDI? Would it just be like, hack apart the Arduino controller code and try getting it working with one of the MIDI input Arduino things, or is there a more expedient method you can think of?

open this if you saw an unclosed parenthetical today 


PSA if you run gitea


add it

"The ritual is complete, and you are now a lichenthrope."

"Yes! It's always what I've dreamed of."

"Every month on the full moon you will now turn into a mat of fungus and algae."

"Wait what?"

Meanwhile I’m not sure what to do about nortriptyline. That doesn’t seem to help much either (although it definitely does more for me than the gabapentin) and it also has a bunch of nasty side effects. I don’t think I’ve been experiencing them from the nortriptyline though. I take that at a ridiculously low dose.

But there’s other TCA/SNRI meds that are supposedly more effective so it might be worth getting off it too. But one at a time.

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My most frustrating thing with doctors on treating my fibromyalgia is that there’s no real treatments, just things that have been known to work for some, and when a thing doesn’t work doctors are just like β€œtry more” and then when more doesn’t work and gives me bad side effects doctors just prescribe more meds to address the side effects which have their own side effects to deal with, but the root problem is still there.

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Also pooping a lot because gabapentin also makes that not happen

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So far I’m mostly just nauseous and tired and peeing A LOT (because one of gabapentin’s more annoying side effects is water retention, which is what leads to the weight gain and high blood pressure)

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For now I’m just going down to 100mg/day from 200. I feel like absolute garbage but gabapentin dose adjustments are usually pretty quick at least.

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I’ve been feeling exceptionally shitty as of late and this weekend seemed like a good time to try cutting my gabapentin dose. So I feel even shittier but hopefully this will be worth it.

So tired of everything this drug does to me for no real benefit. Like it’s not like it helps me function any better than I did before I started taking it.

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