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I can’t believe I’ll be 40 in just 3 weeks.

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Hey remember that blog I had from 2003-201x? I’m retiring/rebooting it, so if there’s anything specific you want to see carried forward please let me know.

I just witnessed a whole new sort of sociopathic behavior: dude wearing noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones, pacing around a coffee shop while talking loudly on his important real estate phone call.

of course most of them seem to have succumbed to the whole "Photoshop refuses to render text in them at all anymore" bug, ugh :( :( :(

How can I not find a bunch of my original PSD files for some of my older comics?! I’m a total data pack rat and I still have stuff from like 1992. There’s no way I’d have lost my comics from 2007... right?

By the time you’re 35 you should have ascended into a being of pure love, bringing a sense of joy to all beings within a parsec of your last Euclidean position

Incidentally this is why I no longer use such tools - the false positive rate was way too high due to people doing knee jerk reactions or whatever.

I mean, people are free to block me for whatever reason they want! It’s just annoying when it’s someone I seem to be aligned with.

Like I’m sure I’m on some shared block list because of something I said being taken out of context, or because I followed someone who ended up being a nucleation point for some damn furry schism or another.

Whenever I randomly discover I’ve been blocked by someone on Twitter I’ve never heard of before, I have to wonder if I did something very wrong, or very right.

I also have to worry about being on some poisoned BlockTogether list or something but eh, it’s Twitter. Who cares.

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Did I ever tell you about CATcher? It's a very cute #game by @fluffy where you help kitties bounce around, all with #C64 graphics and a silly chiptune:

Right now I'm doing the absolutely most important part of building my website: making better music for the animated error pages

Refactor finally has a standalone Linux build!