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So in summary, cats are terrible, but also amazing.

good news: not an embolism
bad news: they dunno what it is and didn' tseem too interested in finding out

i am in fucking agony and they didn't even do the minimal amount of stuff to like... see if a sling would help me

i am livid

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Finally got the CT scan

No idea if I’ll need to be admitted yet

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like this shit rocks, fuck cringe culture forever, turns out you can just be a bear

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Wellp back in the hospital with excruciating pain that feels like another embolism getting ready to happen. Great start to a three day weekend.

Our weekly status meeting has had an ongoing “quarantine fun with Marylou” update detailing the status of her family’s movie watching. They have now finished all 20 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and are starting on “all 9” Star Wars movies.

HR has declared them the company’s “honorary film buffs” and there are so many reasons I take issue with that.

I had to take my car in for its overdue annual service and ugh, I forgot to bring my Switch. Oh well. Maybe I’ll just take a nice long walk.

fatphobia, trump is a piece of shit and not because he's fat 

I just decided to try watching MTV for the first time in well over a decade, and they literally just showed an ad for a retirement community.

possibly weird take about disability and capitalism 

mh pain - 

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mh pain - 

Just a few days ago it was 55F out during the day and now it’s like 80. Where did spring go?

lewd shitpost, not an actual feeling I have 

The Midnight Gospel is such a weird, oddly wholesome show.

I also wonder how they produce the voice parts, like is it just an extemporaneous conversation that they go back and record specific action lines for afterwards? Or are the guests supposed to method-act about certain things?

US politics 

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