charles schultz was a cishet christian guy born in 1922 in minnesota and he managed to write a cast of many funny, distinct, and realized female characters, so there's like, no excuse for token girl characters in 2019

Me: (orders a kale chicken salad)
Line cook: (puts on a lot of salad dressing, mixes it, puts on more, mixes it)
Line cook: Oh, I can never seem to get enough on here.
Me: ... I actually prefer it fairly light on dressing.
Line cook: Oh, this is still pretty dry.

Narrator voice: It wasn't.

Every time I see "TOTP" I think "True One-Time Pairing"

Conservative joins twitter, makes a typo in their bio, wonders why they get followed by so many snake girls

Snake girl joins twitter, makes a typo in her bio, gets blocked for misspelling

Inside you are two wolves. If one is dominant and one is recessive then you have a heterozygous allele Ww, and if you breed with another Ww, you both appear to have the dominant wolf but there is a 25% chance of producing a homozygous offspring showing the recessive wolf.

If your offspring shows the dominant wolf trait and they pair with another dominant-presenting allele, calculate the chances that each of your grandchildren will have recessive wolves.

Hey artists.

Please don't put dreamcatchers in your art unless it's actively supposed to be about native American spiritualism.

Because I've seen some of you use them for ~aesthetic~ and I'd like to ask you to not.

I don't care how ~dreamy~ your shit is, stop using my culture out of context.

for black/brown folk in school 

Zoey's Hot Tips For Avoiding Drama:

※ don't pay enough attention to have any idea what anyone's talking about, pretty much ever

※ woops that's it!!

Well my desire to play Ashes of Creation Beta went --- because fuck females apparently. IT'S A FUCKING MMO AND DOES NOT EVEN HAVE FEMALES IN BETA, WELL FUCK ME APPARENTLY.

Good thing rehashing my thread IDs is even an option now.

Wow good thing it’s so easy for me to rehash my comment thread IDs, because I hecked up and leaked my HMAC key *again*

Polyamory thoughts 

mh/burnout stuff 

mh/burnout stuff 

mh/burnout stuff 

mh/burnout stuff 

Okay so I saw the whole first series now and there’s some cleverness in the plot but I think this is more about capturing a feeling than about telling a story. And maybe that’s why it resonated so well with so many people.

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