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So in summary, cats are terrible, but also amazing.

ADHD screening vent 

ADHD screening vent 

Fish oil: the medicine that eats like a meal™

I am in bed but I can’t shut my brain off

This is normal for me

My brain is a fuck

♫i should fucking be in bed

but i'm noooooot♬

trying to relax by remastering some unreleased tracks for a couple of long-delayed albums

now that I'm using firefox as my main web browser again I installed and omg it makes the web so much better

@fluffy i think a lot of the time people get hung up on "true" when whether it's true is irrelevant. if something is true but not useful, well, it's useless. if something is helpful, who cares if it's true.

that's the case here and also for a lot of other things

Emoji in social profiles are the new handkerchief code.

Has anyone ever implemented an APL interpreter in Python? I could go for some

This wouldn’t be so bad if half of these apps weren’t medical things with entirely disparate purposes and which I use regularly.

Hi friendos, here's a reminder that furries and otherkin are valid.

I think this continues to be a good read:

Oh right I was going to ask a friend about the rental unit he has

Come by the Internet Archive's copy of Battle Chess in the next 20 minutes for a highly stylized asskicking

“Okay I was going to do a thing but I just got third-order distracted from it and now I have no idea why I took my phone out but these 10 browser tabs are all interesting oh also I should add kimchi to my shopping list before I forget” is such a mood and why did it take me so long to realize I probably have

So I just got catcalled and it continued after I glared at the dudes who were calling me “sexy.” God dammit why does this feeling have to be so conflicting.

I wonder if anyone on the Bing naming committee thought about the implications of someone trying to say “I binged that” in a text medium

I’m at uwajimaya and the person in line after me is going all in on the pocky

me, looking at other white ppl

please put the wendigo back where u found it and leave it alone, it does not belong to u

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