@firecoals and yet somehow including black women was a step too far…

@firecoals Oh I used to teach this bit when I was a History teacher, along with the force feedings and everything. The Suffragettes were badass (I live in the town where Emily Wilding Davison is from/buried)

@dajbelshaw my memory was "chained to fences. thew to.horses. cst and mouse act and forced feeding (but I don't remember talking aboit what it entailed) and then got the vote cos the war

@firecoals they don't teach it at school because someone is very afraid of what may happen if they did

@firecoals because sometimes being nice is not enough to change anything. And I think it is very important thing to remember :)

@firecoals burning “votes for women” into the grass of a golf course is totally badass. I approve.

See also: radicalteatowel.com/suffragett

@firecoals the teens were a buckwild time in anglosphere history.

I mean, really just everywhere, but I mostly know about the stuff from the english speaking parts of the world.

The anarchists were emboldened.

@firecoals Ok. I think where is an option in mastodon to hide the post. To mark it as it is selfie;)
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