anyone want to send me 3 pounds for unfancy microwave currey and maybe apple juice?

also let me.renew my.objections to our national anthem on a purely musical basis if nothing else

i know basicly nothing about football and therefor look forward to being lost

its worth just saying how much seeing queer people makes me happy. walked from St pancrus to embankment via gays the word snd thr national gallery and saw so meny queer peolle being out and queer and just 💖💖💖💖I only.hope I give the same vibe off

firet big rest. been to source of Thames and am coming backwards in my self. 2 and a half miles. fingers feel sowlen.b7t I think that's the bag. resting for 15 mins? till fingers feel better and cooler

Chanting “It’s our history, don’t deny it - Stonewall was a fucking riot”

They also, and this one is hilarious and brilliant, tried to get a meeting with the Prime Minister by posting themselves to him at 10 Downing Street. :D

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Anyone who reads this and thinks Suffragettes wouldn't support trans people is a silly.

“We have to free half of the human race, the women, so that they can help to free the other half."
~ Emmeline Pankhurst

(Found it here:

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@firecoals the teens were a buckwild time in anglosphere history.

I mean, really just everywhere, but I mostly know about the stuff from the english speaking parts of the world.

The anarchists were emboldened.

@firecoals burning “votes for women” into the grass of a golf course is totally badass. I approve.

See also:

I was reminded (courtesy of @firecoals) that the Suffragettes did a lot of criminal damage, including arson, bombing, scorching slogans onto golf courses, burning the contents of postboxes, and cutting telegraph cables. DAMN. 🤩

@firecoals they don't teach it at school because someone is very afraid of what may happen if they did

@firecoals because sometimes being nice is not enough to change anything. And I think it is very important thing to remember :)

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