me: my tweeter gets too full and its getting hadd to read all my updates I can add no one whon8 don't know
also me: noel Stevens twitter is cool.ajd cute and queer ill follow them

I should have said my trans apothioses becius that words cool and isn't used enough

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trying to be the biggest trans sterotype i can be writing dnd whilst listing to vapor wave

looking to do this affer a hair cut. it has been a whole ass year since ky last hair cut <.<>.>

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im going to try and have a realy pritty day today. I feel I need it. to dress up and make.uo and do something nice with my hair. idk what but I want to feel pritty. I feel like a garbage girl.

for the record whilst I ha s faith in the since the double slit excrement is utter bullshit and I will never get over it

I love hearing people discuss there speical intrest becous very often its very intrestijg and cool to hear people discuss witu a passion a subject they understand

trying to fix my washing machine and I cant get to the plug to check the fuse. the waste water pipe looks like this ajd kn fairly sure it shouldn't any ideas on how to get it off safely?

I woke up at 3 and am now tired but have workish stuff. I will like nap for an hour before work proper after but uggg sleepy

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