the internet told me how to do literally everything bit I feel both nostalgic for the past and like a hacker (I did remember apt get install)

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Today I am working on making my handwarmer request form a bit more intuitive and clear. I’m going to make it bilingual (English and French) if I can, and there will be PICTURES. >:D

anxity is like lassy. what is girl. is someone stuck down a mine shaft. is the well dry. is there a plIn crash. tell me what's up.stupid feeling in my chest fuck

can any one help in buying/finding nice langurie online? I'm looking for cute bras and pants and stockings and suspenders and I dont realy know what I'm doing.

Today's gender is an excited, nebulous cyclops.

The roses growing in my neighbor's garden are so gorgeous, I love seeing them on my way home.

I forgot to get the cards. lucky I still need to go out later. I am a garbage fire

I was going to get three birthday cards yesterday but now can only remember 2 of the folks I was getting them for...><

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