our ttrpg got two horses

my carxter adopted tjem named them wheat and barley and loves them

girl wants to smoke cigarette and drink black coffee and write

she has asthma and doseht smoke and coffee tastes like dirt

pls send help

Apparently it’s stuttering awareness day, so hey, I have a stutter! I stutter a lot, for a lot of different reasons! I have autism and adhd and I think too fast or get my words mixed up. I definitely stutter more when I’m around strangers or when I’m uncomfortable, since I have to filter my words more and I get more unsure of myself. It can be kinda jarring at first but my close friends are all very used to the way I talk, and they don’t even notice I do it anymore. Don’t be ashamed of ur stutter!

can anyone recommend a good fridge toy ive used some in the past and they haven't twirl pens in ky hand and fildle constantly with two d20 at my desk in a dice over dice thing. any thoughts?

im sitting at two diffrent laptops to try and write 300 words on Joseph bologne for our zine for black history month and ive done a single para and gotten distracted for 15 mins

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Massive blow to women's rights & reproductive rights in : Constitutional Tribunal issues decision that rules virtually all legal abortion unconstitutional.

More soon from @hrw@twitter.com @ReproRights@twitter.com @amnesty@twitter.com. Watch this space.

We stand in solidarity with Poland's women & girls.

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/hillarymargo/statu

asking for money, boost appreciated 

So uhm I just lost my job in the middle of a global pandemic while trying to deal with a lot of mental health stuff, if you wanna help to move the date where I run out of money further back then pls go here: PayPal.me/visneKedi

Pls only send me something if you have enough.


pictures like this make someone to take.me and collar me and gag me so bad

a friend of mine is looking for recs. anyone have.any suggestions for fan fiction books or better search terms?

I've a poem idea about my gender for whuch I only have a title and high consept

the prodigal daughter

someone somewhere ar work has broken everything and bo one can do anything. im thr designated survior oj the phine to who arnt answering vecous I think they also use the same systems that are broken

how crummy do you have to feel to take the day off? asking for me

It’s harmful to suggest that ADHD wouldn’t be a problem without capitalism. ADHD prevents me from finishing the things I love and *want* to do. It’s not a part of who I am; when I take medication to help alleviate it, I feel *more authentically myself.*

Millennials Aren't Embezzling Nearly Enough Money. And Here's Why

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