I'm thinking of setting up a minecraft server. would.folks be interested?

someone at work wrote a letter to us comaing that our costs.and charges were "not very opaque". if your gona try and be a smart arse be clear about it.

my dysphoria and my anxity.and my stupidity are all over the pleacd

in third other news.my.boobs are sore and I think this is good and I think I need a bra? its ment yo help shape them (indont realy have enough matiral.currently, but I think a padded bra could be nice too...)

In other news I'm up north in doncaster on my way to goole. wish it where day time becous o suspect its pritty. the cathdril (or minster) is v protty and lit up

whilst at the same time not wanting to talk to anyone but also wanting to talk? idk. it's a weird feeling. :/. passed now

so its weird. I feel anxious but I dont know what. I want to talk to people but I dont know to who or what about. I ahily feel better now and my dysphoria is down but at its worst today I felt awful and kept going through what'Sapp and messenger wondering who to contact

the internet told me how to do literally everything bit I feel both nostalgic for the past and like a hacker (I did remember apt get install)

anxity update 

Today I am working on making my handwarmer request form a bit more intuitive and clear. I’m going to make it bilingual (English and French) if I can, and there will be PICTURES. >:D

anxity is like lassy. what is girl. is someone stuck down a mine shaft. is the well dry. is there a plIn crash. tell me what's up.stupid feeling in my chest fuck

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