for context. I sent a friend a picture of him getting trolled and they didn't know who he was. and I was jus like. oh. maybe this isn't common knowledge. I'm very bad st calibrating this stuff

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straw poll. prior to current drama or even including it if you've still no you know who Richard Dawkins is?

someone posted about me on the worksona site and now I need to cv and shit? I don't look on there Sept for a tjing I did. the head of recruitment for St james place wanted to to people just do thst?

If it was possible for me to form a polycule I most definitely would do so

β€œYou can’t be what you can’t see” remains evergreen, and little steps like this do matter.

Representation fucking matters, and I look forward to the day where performances like Siwa’s aren’t just treated as commonplace, but actually *are*.

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also qant to change Firefox search engine to kne not listed and it says right click address bar and click plus add AND ITS BOT THERE WHAT AM I DOING WRONG

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no love. so I try to install the alternative package manager to get a cool terminal tjijg. no love. theres miss packets I can't fix. I've googled the problem and got no were. I'm lost. can I reinstall linux without messing witu the files? idk. argh

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I may regret this becous whilst my twitter is private it auto posts to mastodon...

I'm having some linux issues. I use it kn an old duel boot laptop. I'm not a mega power user but I want some of the cool stuff I've seen. so I try to install utop? (I wrote it down) and...

there was a video someine linked too bere. it was longer then the source material kt was discussing. I didn't have time to watch so I opend it for a min to get in my history intending to come back I've forgotten when I did this or the topic and I'm mad. :(

do I know about programming? no. did I watch a 22 min video about weird langue? yes

see also me watching videos on coffee, music technically, pop music history...alot of other stuff probs

to be clear nev favoured ubi and loving wages its not some kind of let people starve thibg. but I don't think I made a good showing xD

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