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> Nobody believes me when I say that my long book is an attempt to create a world in which a form of language agreeable to my personal æsthetic might seem real. But it is true. An enquirer (among many) asked what the [Lord of the Rings] was all about, and whether it was an 'allegory'. And I said it was an effort to create a situation in which a common greeting would be « Elen síla lúmenn’ omentielmo », and that the phase long antedated the book. I never heard any more.

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hello comrades!♡ I’m a Brazilian trans woman living in Germany 💕

Intend to post: selfies; trans issues; reviews of books I’m reading (mostly fantasy); comments on comic books; agitprop.

I like linux, nail polish, revolution, linguistics, made-up languages, makeup, antifa, calligraphy, , intersectional veganism &c.

My account about linguistics & academia is @melissaboiko :sparkles_trans:

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ten invented, post-hoc reasons for choosing my name, and the truth. (thread) 

1. Melissa (Greek μέλισσα) ‘honeybee’ ≅ general Tupian Jandira ‘honeybee’, name of my grandmother who raised me as a baby
2. ‘Mel’ is feminine (not neutral) in my language and it sounds almost like an inversion of the shortened form of my deadname.
3. Alphabetically one letter forward from deadname; symbolically a step forward.
4. But matches it in sonorous liquid consonants.

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selfies, ec, bra pic 

push-up bra! I like what it does with a deep V cut.

had to dig up autumn clothes but hey it's autumn back home hohoho

tech, monitoring, s.m.a.r.t. over usb 

now I'm worried though that this might be spinning the disk all the time just to monitor temperature – smartctl -n is only for ATA, and I couldn't find a way of querying sleepy status over the usb bridge.

I think I will just disable the whole thing – even doing constant writes during a backup on a hot day the temp is ~50°C and stable.

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tech, monitoring, s.m.a.r.t. over usb 

hddtemp and smartd doesn’t seem to be very prepared to deal with disks over usb. you can force smartctl to work by adding '-d sat -a', but I couldn't get the collectd plugin to work.

ended up fudging my own smartctl wrapper to run under the Exec plugin. maybe should look into doing it the proper way sometime.

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raspberry pi is also suffering with the weather 

guess I’ll need a fan + compatible case…

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concealer stick is only for the remaining patches of beard shadow; blend.

same for colour corrector, but be conservative in blending (try to keep the colour on top of the shadow), then cover.

I'm already advanced in the lasering process and have little shadow left; in the before times I'd need at least level 4 (colour corrector, cream concealer on face, dash of blush on top of remaining shadows) before feeling safe going out.

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fem makeup for going out, according to energy levels:

0: put on mask. never take it off.

1: shave, concealer stick, tinted lip balm.

2: add blush to estrogen-cheeks, plus on top of beard shadows patches; use fixer spray

3: add mascara

4: substitute concealer stick for colour corrector on beard patches + cream concealer on lower face

5: same but use BB cream on full face, cream concealer only where needed

7: add eyeshadow/liner before mascara

my normal everyday level is 2~3

« Harrow the Ninth », Tamsyn Muir (no spoilers) (2/2) 

"Lesbian necromancers in space! With sword girlfriends! In a haunted castle! That's a magic school tournament! But there's a murder mystery!" It was a rollercoaster of a ride.

«Harrow» is a book with a *plan*. It has *structures*. Timelines. Non-linearity. Everything coming together like some beautiful mechanism you can only understand after it's done.

I read the audiobook and immediately ordered the hardback for a reread because, damn.

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« Harrow the Ninth », Tamsyn Muir (no spoilers) (1/2 

what the ~heck~— what did just— she didn't— 🤯

2nd books in trilogies are reputed to be boring, to stall for space. this is the furthest thing from stalling. folks, stuff is going down.

it's a v different book than «Gideon». it occurs to me the novels reflect the characters. Gideon was loud, trashy, sassy fun but full of heart, just like our favourite Zweihändler lesbian.

many ppl seem to hold themselves to some neurotypical, even capitalistic, ideal of "personal productivity". I've often heard fears of being disappointing re: feelings, libido, personal difficulties to handle things, or even lack of money/time.

this is probably because most of us have been held to these expectations at one point or another. here's my hot take: if they're disappointed in you because of MH difficulties, or stuff not in your control, it's a "they" problem, not a "you" problem.

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How ppl have disappointed me:
- voting for fascists
- misgendering/deadnaming
- criticising BIPOC movements
- whitewashing

Things that are never disappointing:
- forgot to reply to msg, or no energy to
- replied late
- not in the mood for sex/some other activity
- wanting attention
- feeling jealous/insecure
- negative feelings in general
- want to spend time alone/with somebody
- not being the ideal activist/lover/friend etc.

the latter are not moral failings, therefore never disappointing.

it's hot as heck. still need cuddles.

team sweaty cuddles \o/

tech raspberry pi, borg 

welp this was pretty easy! I had set up borgomatic with a local disk and all I did was change the repo url to ssh the raspi (plus changed the before hook from "is it mounted?" to "can I ssh to it, and see that it's mounted?")

now I have automated home backups for the work computer? still have to come up with something for the remote research data which will be tricker but one thing at a time 😌

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raspberry pi is up 


now to make it do things :3

Harrow the Ninth spoilers, very spoilers, do not open if not read, spoilers 

*metaphorically puts book down*
*gazes into distance*

that’s it. that’s the ultimate "I'm dad" joke. 2 full novels of buildup for the perfect delivery. now we can retire "I'm dad" jokes. nothing will ever come close to this again.

selfies, witchy fashion 

couldn't wait until the next gothy day to show off to y’all the new Cthulhu earrings 🐙 :purple_sparkling_heart:

selfie, eye contact 

ready to face the great outdoors

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vaguely suggestive but not really imo, panties 

love this dress but it turns out to be quite revealing of even lightly-coloured panties. I ended up being afraid of the wrong kind of attention and resigned myself to wearing shorts under the dress, which feels like a betrayal of my personal values.

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weather complaining 

‘but don't you come from a hot country’ yeah and I didn't like it there either.

‘didn't you live in the Amazon’ yes, like a vampire. you wouldn't catch me outside in daytime hours if my life depended on it

I don’t know what I was expecting re: office interaction in deserted campus but it was not an awkward conversation about my kitty mask in Japanese

selfies, eye contact 

had to go out to work in the ~office~. like it's 2019 reënactment or s/t. and it's like 3500°C outside.

at least I get to play with this summer look a bit more :blobuwu:

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