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selfies, eye contact 

had to go out to work in the ~office~. like it's 2019 reënactment or s/t. and it's like 3500°C outside.

at least I get to play with this summer look a bit more :blobuwu:

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I think it’s time for a ^.^

hello comrades! 🙋‍♀️💖🍭 I’m a Brazilian trans woman living in Germany 💕 I often toot selfies and stuff about The Trans Experience, queerness, linguistics, fiction (mostly fantasy). I’m anarchist, vegan, polyamorous, and a mom.

Some things I like: nail polish, antifa, conlangs, linux, outfits, , EZNL, plushies, girls, sweets, Rojava, hormonal biohacking, orchids, queer-created fiction, revolution :sparkles_trans: :blobcatsurprised:

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> Nobody believes me when I say that my long book is an attempt to create a world in which a form of language agreeable to my personal æsthetic might seem real. But it is true. An enquirer (among many) asked what the [Lord of the Rings] was all about, and whether it was an 'allegory'. And I said it was an effort to create a situation in which a common greeting would be « Elen síla lúmenn’ omentielmo », and that the phase long antedated the book. I never heard any more.

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ten invented, post-hoc reasons for choosing my name, and the truth. (thread) 

1. Melissa (Greek μέλισσα) ‘honeybee’ ≅ general Tupian Jandira ‘honeybee’, name of my grandmother who raised me as a baby
2. ‘Mel’ is feminine (not neutral) in my language and it sounds almost like an inversion of the shortened form of my deadname.
3. Alphabetically one letter forward from deadname; symbolically a step forward.
4. But matches it in sonorous liquid consonants.

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new stockings, bit suggestive 

snake net from sockdreams to go see a cutie 💕

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I’ve complained before about how colourless is GoT TV compared to the books, but even the official- and fan artworks seem afraid of using as much colour as the text.

and not just the Loras and Illyrios of the story, but even the 'dark' characters are vivid, bursting out of the page with glittering, larger-than-life hues. Consider Theon’s outfit to meet his father: sleek black leather boots, soft silver-gray woolen pants, shiny silk black doublet with the kraken of his house embroidered large in gold thread, a necklace of fine gold, a bright white leather belt to hold sword and dagger, both sheated in gold and black stripes, and black silk gloves filigrained in spirals of gold.

I simply can't find Theon illustrations that dare to push it as far as this description does, and similarly for the other characters, castles, creatures. I think people in contemporary Western societies think of colour as childish and frivolous (cf. Batchelor’s book «Chromophobia» for a discussion of this prejudice), and ASoIaF is supposed to be all mature and realistic (→not really), so they go for sombre palettes in representations – losing one of the books’ greatest visual strengths: the way the splendour of nobility highlights, reinforces, the shock of what they do to the people. Far from softening the blow, the colour and pageantry of Loras’ flower armour only makes Gregor’s brutality feel even worse.


germany, pol, edu, vent 

I love Germany but this high school class segregation bullshit is just ridiculous. I can’t fathom how is this Brave New World nonsense just taken to be normal and acceptable.

I think the most calming thing anybody has ever told me was ‘even if we don’t talk for months it’s ok, if then you want to message me I’ll be glad‘

I try to pass it forward 😌

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If you're not doing as much as you want or as much as necessary in the constraints placed on you, I'm sorry and you deserve ;care and support. You are not lazy or a failure--you're struggling and trying, and please believe me that the narratives you've been fed about laziness and moral failure are proven lies. The difficulty you're having does not define you as a person no matter what you might have been told.

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good night good people, I hope your days are filled with love and the presence of those who care about you

meatpunks, spoiler-adjacent 

this one tho (ep.4). damn. and I thought the first game hit hard…

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Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy game about a small-scale military expedition to burgle an enemy stronghold.

That's a neat idea! But the less the story you want to roleplay resembles that concept, the worse the rules of D&D will work for you, and the more seriously you should consider an alternative.

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termine de ver el primer capitulo de sangre de dios! la nueva serie de netflix y esos son los creditos mas bonitos que he visto ; w ;
Muestran el proceso de preproduccion como animatic, concept art, diseño de personajes y es hermoso! Ojala mas series hicieran eso

this sound truck accidentally captured mid-fieldwork just hit my jp nostalgia right in the feels

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Tōhoku speakers have a realisation of word-final /tu/, /ti/ which comes out as a very long, voiceless affricate /tɕːːːː/. /ki/ can be affricated too. these are detected as "noise" by audacity and reduced along with actual noise.

luckily voiceless consonants aren't essential to my research and they still stay audible, albeit quieter, but it's tricky. voiceless strident _are_ turbulent aperiodic noise after all.

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this recording has an electrical whistle/noise that's almost identical to my tinnitus and it makes it super hard to test if the noise reduction filter is working >.>

it’s funny how small improvements to UI can break workflows.

tried compiling 2.4 for better HiDPI support, and for the spectrogram/waveform multiview. but in the new version, when you add a point label with Ctrl+M, it puts the focus in the label for you to write text.

makes sense for most cases, but I don’t need named labels, just to mark points—literal tens of thousands of them. the extra ESC to escape the text input makes the new version not worth it for my use case.

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is it wrong to want to abandon academia because I want to have more time to have gay sex and look at clouds?

libraries, covid-19 

from childhood up until the first half of my 2nd bachelor's, I used to spend a lot of time in libraries. found lots of cool stuff by random browsing. then somehow the online took over and I started reading at home on devices.

I see all these discussions of libraries as community centres, as places to hang out, and feel like I'm missing out. maybe it would be cool to take a walk, leave the mobile in the locker and just read.

guess I chose a bad moment to think about this 🙈

> African-American Vernacular English speakers use 'be' to mark a habitual grammatical aspect not distinguished in Standard English. For ex., to 'be' singing means to sing habitually, not to presently be singing. In one experiment, children were shown drawings of Elmo eating cookies while Cookie Monster looked on. Both black and white subjects agreed that Elmo _is_ eating cookies, but the black children said that Cookie Monster _be_ eating cookies.

sadness-adjacent but silly 

didn't expect a can of paint to be so hashtag relatable

often wish I had access to "A Student's Dictionary of Classical Chinese" in Pleco even though I can't read Chinese and don't do Sinology at all, just to see what words used to mean, but it's 42€ for occasional bouts of curiosity :blobsad:

also there’s nothing I’ll miss from academia as much as access to OED and the Kokugo Daijiten. these data should be public institutions already, come on

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