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hello comrades!♡ I’m a Brazilian trans woman living in Germany 💕

Intend to post: selfies; trans issues; reviews of books I’m reading (mostly fantasy); comments on comic books; agitprop.

I like linux, nail polish, revolution, linguistics, made-up languages, makeup, antifa, calligraphy, , intersectional veganism &c.

My account about linguistics & academia is @melissaboiko :sparkles_trans:

comic book review: « Ruby Falls », Ann Nocenti/Flavia Biondi 

comic book review: « Sex Death Revolution », Visaggio/Witerscheim 

Bookchin interview 

medical trans issues, hrt (+) 

trans things, conceivably slightly spoilerish 

online negativity, mh- 

comic book rec: « Die », Gillen/Hans/Cowles 

selfie, ec, accidental cosplay 

to avoid writing my paper, I wrote a short-short story on reddit on a whim. then this happened 🙈 pls don’t encourage me ppl :patcat:

( )

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Community and Joy 

Iraqi protester sitting on chair seized from government.

good morning lovelies

netflix Andromeda Shun is Bad. femboy representation is v important. anti-violence, non-competitive, empathetic, emotional boy representation is very important. when I identified as that boy, Shun was important to me. if they wanted female protagonists they should have flipped Ikki or Seiya, not the one precious example of a femme-coded man.

my mind knows all that, so I wish I could stop my silly brain from feeling like "oh I'm so happy for sister, HRT is doing great by her"

Watchmen (2019 TV series) 

kink, bdsm, nsfw talk 

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this app is for logging on and seeing queer people be nice to each other

today's nail polish scheme 

also kudos to comrade who baked vegan waffles for the meeting :110:

went to an anarchist book club today. talking to comrades IRL is a balsam for the soul! my political life has been way too online…

maybe it took me too long to realise that politics isn’t just, or even mainly, about intellectual discussions, debates, and polished arguments to answer everything. I think right now we need less canned answers and more community.

group (in Bochum) is , hosted by @kostnixladen


Atwood, « The Testaments » (+) 

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