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anyway hello if you didn't follow me on icosahedron i have an unhealthy obsession with television ephemera

I have no mouth and I must scream, you have no mouth and you must scream, we all have no mouths and we must scream for ice cream

it's time

for Barry's Bloomin' Big Black Hole (okay it's the Spear Thistle Nebula but bear with me)

The East German Secret Police’s Illustrated Guide for Identifying Youth Subcultures: Punks, Goths, Teds & More (1985)


"My name is Dug. I have just met you and I love you." If you want to see a real-life version you're in luck:

Prompt: A toon in the UPA style, Dug.

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #DigitalArt #Art #Guephren #GuephrenArt #FanArt #Dog

next step is hopefully to get paid for the privilege of swearing at technology, should be seeing about that next week

slowly dawning on me that my last day of work at current place is in march

jfc 6 months passes quickly when you don't do something you actively despise with nice people

Casually blaring Piss Fiend in the back office whilst i provision eleventy new phones

hackers broke into my smart light bulbs and turned my kitchen into a disco

"hey whats the difference between jelly and jam"
well u cant come on and slam and welcome to the jelly now can you

home at last, thank fuck

gonna have a pie and pass out

love it when a bus turns up late and it's half the size of the usual one

packed in here like sardines and i'm having a mild panic attack due to the lack of personal space ffff

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