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anyway hello if you didn't follow me on icosahedron i have an unhealthy obsession with television ephemera

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not planning on firing it up again either unless someone sends me a gpu that isn't a 6xx series

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everyone: woah gta5 is free!

me: i really can't be cunted reinstalling this

@colonthree died in a scrum and was buried just after the game

nobody came

oop, think icosa might be doing a wobbly

hello from the gay purple website

anyway yes hello from purple website for the time being, the usual establishment is having a wee upgrade

went to the store for supplies, made a blurry chirpy fuzzy friend

henlo, popping up on here briefly again cos i.w is doing the upgrades

casual reminder that my usual fedi account on here is @colon_three ! this is a backup account for the time being

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pieville dot net

No TOS, and the users with the largest follower counts - liza_m, opie, and BillShortening - appear to be broken firehoses of bigoted, racist vitriol.

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