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I no longer have covid, but I am still much more frequently confused than normal.

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I feel less intelligent every day that i have covid.

Please boost for reach. So, anyone that is working on FOSS projects like web apps, sites, Linux apps, desktop environments, or other user interfaces, please let me know if you want them tested for accessibility. I can do both CLI, web, and GUI testing, and app testing on Android. I'm running Debian (on a ChromeBook but that's not too important), so just give me the name of the package, or the URL of the site or app. I can also do Flatpak!

#a11y #foss #linux #flatpak #accessibility

In 1997, a container ship ran aground off the Isles of Scilly, and a container carrying a million plastic bags drifted ashore. Its doors burst open, and the foreshore became awash with the bags bearing the words ‘Help protect the environment’.

Anthony Albanese concerned about Russia-my ex-wife 'closeness' ahead of NATO summit in 'uncertain' world - ABC News

my bank has a Pride theme so now when I open the app there's a rainbow next to my deadname

Any system that leaks non-preferred names to academics is harming students.

migrating us -> eu 

@celesteh also: language requirements.

Learning a new language is no small feat. Don't think you can get by without knowing the language in any country. People may speak English, but if you're not at least conversational in the dominant language, it's going to be a barrier.

Also, healthcare is more accessible in the EU as a rule, but that doesn't mean you get instant access. Read up on the system beforehand.

Abortion laws 

If only the English had the same energy for Northern Irish abortion access as they do for the US.

under communism we would all breastfeed the antichrist


Their weekend magazine: "The walls are dripping blood: Why that could be a good thing" and it's too real

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Email: The walls are dripping blood: only you can help. Click here to give us $10

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The walls are dripping blood: Why this is good news for the midterms

@celesteh @anarchiv Opinion: Yes, it is an issue that the walls are dripping blood; however, this can best be fixed at the ballot box

The ease of getting residency and citizenship in EU countries is often inversely proportional to how likely you are to be able to find a job.

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Also, be aware of how things /in practice/ differ from things on paper. For example, for non-refugees, British laws about how long things should take are often followed by the government.
In France, civil servants can seemingly arbitrarily hold up your process for years making more and more obscure paperwork demands, motivated by things like your accent.

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Look at the political trajectory of your target country. Are they likely to keep and build the rights you want? Abortion and LGBT rights in the Republic of Ireland are new, but seem to be very stable. Public healthcare in England is old, but is in serious peril.

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If you want to migrate out of the US, there's still prejudice in Europe. Some places are worse, some better and some just different. There is no universal experience of being a migrant.

Things to consider: what is the path to citizenship. How much does it cost? How long will it take? Can I keep my pre-existing citizenships? Renouncing US citizenship means having to apply for permission to visit your family and involves paying a tax.

Open AI wants my email address name and phone number. .... This seems like sacrificing a ~lot~ of data for shitposting.

@jalefkowit always thinking about how Thomas Aquinas said if a law is unjust it isn't a law at all

sorry government

Do not announce your intent to commit crimes on fedi

Do not announce your intent to commit crimes on birbsite

Do not announce your intent to commit crimes on Reddit

Do not announce your intent to commit crimes, full stop

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