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I no longer have covid, but I am still much more frequently confused than normal.

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I feel less intelligent every day that i have covid.

A really great project focuses on intersectional feminist approaches to coding (w/ 24 recipes) edited by Xin Xin+Katherine Moriwaki. This reminds a poetry line: "When we hear “the singularity is near”, let us remember: the plurality is here." from Audrey Tang #codingotherwise

Ok, I think it's time to redirect everyone from my temporary alt to here

This is a nice server and everyone is very nice. This account has been a temporary location while my home server sorted out it's technical issues. is back, so I'll shortly redirect all of you there.

I just wanted to try out a couple of oddballs I've been curious about, but maybe it would be nice to try blowing something so gigantically huge also.

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What instance has open sign ups and isn't specifically queer that I can point him at?

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@natecull This has sent me down a rabbit hole: how did the notes get the names they have? And it seems to originate from a 6th-Century philosopher called Boethius. He assigned two octaves letters from A to O, inspired by some shit that Ptolemy invented about two octaves being “perfect”. Back then the major scale had no special place, any seven notes make a scale (cf. medieval “modes”), so C has only been the “first” note of a scale since the rise of Western music. It’s just accident after accident of arbitrary naming that everyone was too chicken to fix until the do-re-mi system came along 400 years ago.

climate apocalypse uk tabloids 

conservatives fundamentally want to be pushed around in a pram like a big baby and never have to give a moment's thought to anything as morally troubling as "other people exist with other minds within them"

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"I'm at the login page and my password isn't working. Should I try the forgotten password link?"

How are users

It would be a terrible shame if people across London let the air out of every single SUV in the city on the hottest-ever day, given the enormous amount of carbon produced by those vehicles. A shame because the owners might want to go and run over some pedestrians or something. I don't know what anyone does with such an enormous vehicle in a city aside from menace others.

Anyway, it's probably illegal, so don't do it.

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Between the heat, the Wagner and people screaming outside and the fucking mouse darting around my feet.

I wish I was camping. In Denmark.

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My neighbour is listening to the ring cycle and its a lot of Gotterdammerung through the floor.

except for the part about the dog cop murdering and eating the sausage and then lying about it having a forged ID or whatever. That one still rings true to this day

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Look, I'm sorry, but I *only* repair swords. I make this very clear in my listing. If you need work on anything other than a sword go to a different smith. Don't leave me a bad yelp review just because you've got an axe to grind

What's this about getting to 43 degrees in London? I can't even get my shower to get that hot. This seems improbable.

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