Here's a flow chart of how the fediverse works.

You don't ever see all of the fediverse from one instance. The vast majority of what you see is people followed by people on your instance.

Hashtag searches are limited to that, too.

So if you want to make your bit of the fediverse good, you have to:

1) Boost cool stuff to all your followers on other instances, especially if they contain hashtags;

2) Use hashtags.

I tried to follow my own advice about boosting cool stuff, opened the federated timeline to watch it for posts to boost, and about 20 seconds later went "ARGH 50% BOTS!!!!"

If you feel similarly, please add your 👍 and a comment to this Github issue: It adds a filter to the public timelines to let you hide bot posts.

It's been approved by someone other than Gargron, so it's just been waiting on Gargron to merge it for about 8 days...

@cassolotl Shouldn't it look like this?

Does someone on my Instance follow Foo? -> No -> Did someone on my instance search for it with its URL OR DID SOMEONE THAT I FOLLOW or someone on my instance boost Foo's toot?

@pinkprius No, if someone you follow from another instance searches for a post with a URL it won't end up on your instance unless they boost it.

@cassolotl I may have worded it wrong. I meant that boosts of people you follow, that are on other instances also reach you. That's not covered by the graph, right?

@pinkprius Oh right! Yeah, you're right, but there wasn't space! :D

@cassolotl Do hashtag also require someone from my instance to interact with the post using a hashtag or follow the author of the post?

@BadAtNames Yeah! Basically, Mastodon doesn't treat posts with hashtags any differently. So a hashtag search is a search of all known posts (which would end up in public timelines), *that contain the hashtag you're searching for*.

If someone on your instance follows someone who posts or boosts a hashtagged post, it will end up in the federated timeline, and it will appear in hashtag searches. (Also if someone finds a toot elsewhere and puts the URL in your instance's search box it pulls it in.)

@cassolotl this is good, but only accurate for Mastodon

There are
* Relays that show all public posts from some instances on other instances, provided they both subscribe
* Full text search on Pleroma (not limited to hashtags)
* Replies showing in timelines on Pleroma
* Posts you favorite get sent to all your followers on Pleroma
@mewmew @cassolotl
> Posts you favorite get sent to all your followers on Pleroma
I believe this is true for masto as well
@rin @cassolotl Nope, likes are intentionally only sent to the instance of the post that you liked and nowhere else.
@mewmew @cassolotl oh, you are right. mastodon like activities don't even have cc/to for some reason
@mewmew @cassolotl how can you make use of these relays? my timeline is pretty empty.
@ewaf @cassolotl

each Pleroma instance has a relay (this instance's relay URL is ), which relays all of their posts

there are also dedicated relays like whose relay URL is but be warned, this relay will send you a TON of posts, probably more than you want, so I'd recommend just subscribing to instances instead
@mewmew @cassolotl how can you subscribe to a url? (I'm somewhat new to the fediverse :( )
@ewaf @cassolotl how did you install your instance? this is a task you have to do via the command line
@mewmew @cassolotl i installed my instance following the official documentation ( (I compiled it from source) Sorry, I never read through all of the commands listed there, lol.
@ewaf @cassolotl ah. in the directory where Pleroma is installed (/opt/pleroma), using the "sudo -Hu pleroma" stuff, run mix "pleroma.relay follow" (without the quotes ofc)
@mewmew @cassolotl Another question I'm curious about: Is the Fediverse scalable? Would there be a problem if there were, let's say, 2,000,000 instances, each federated with each other?
@ewaf @cassolotl shouldn't be a problem, as you wouldn't have every instance know about every other instance
@ewaf @cassolotl because if there were 2m instances you'd need to have to have an interaction with two million users.

my instance only knows about ~23k users for reference
@mewmew @cassolotl how many users are registered on your instance?

Imma just save this image for a video explaining the fediverse later. Which knowing me will take forever XD

@cassolotl @Alamantus There definitely should be another arrow. "Is anyone on my instance subscribed to a hashtag used in the post?" Then it should also be indexed under the hashtag.

@stevenroose @Alamantus It's not possible to subscribe to hashtags on Mastodon as far as I know, so that's why it's not on there - I only have experience of Mastodon! There are many things like this that vary from software to software on the fediverse.

@cassolotl @Alamantus You are correct that it is not possible. That was my intention with saying it *should* be there. Because right now it's not yet possible.

@stevenroose @Alamantus Oh right! Put it on Github, then, I can't help you there. :D

@cassolotl @Alamantus Haha, sure! Wasn't a criticism of your chart! Just a reminder That Mastodon is not finished! :)


Thanks. - That's a good way of explaining how it works. 👍 :fosstodon:

No problem. -
That flowchart does help explain it in a clear way.
And replies, and boots help get another person's toots exposed across a little wider spectrum.

@cassolotl Thanks so much for posting this. Really drives home the benefits of choosing your server wisely.

@cassolotl there's a bit of an error (or misleading statement) in this, btw: many instances are part of networks where a public post by any instance in said network shows up on the federated timeline of every other instance in the network, regardless of follow status between the instances
(This might work through that folliw thing in the graphic though, I don't know exactly how it works)

@cassolotl just mentioning this bc the graphic as-is gives a slightly misleading view of what the Federated timeline is

@cassolotl I second the advice on boosting! My rule of thumb is to always boost stuff that I like instead of faving, and I use faving to pretty much only signal the end of a one-to-one conversation whenever I don't have anything more to add.

Thanks for this. What I still don't get is why sometimes I get toots of people who seem to answer to someone but I can't see the other person.
These people I never talked and I am not that active so they can't have blocked me.
This happened to me for Korben for example. I can see he tooted hundreds of toots but for me only 3 are available. Then I can see people answering him but can't see his post ...
Do you have any idea ?

@cassolotl so, what would you do to find people who's toots would never reach your instance?

Would the vest idea be looking through lists of instances and go to their specific sites and browse through them there?

@cassolotl if people are adressed it is sent as well.

And clicking "proceed to boost/favorite/comment" it seems to get sucked in aswel.

Don't know if that appears on the federated timeline, though.

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