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My account is set to require followers to be approved, but follow requests are very welcome! :)

I approve most follow requests and the vast majority of my posts are public.

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Telegram channel: "Hey, do you want this?"

Things I don’t want any more. You can claim them, usually just for price of postage from the UK (or not even that, if the thing is small).

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This is a thread about (, and a summary of my favourite bits of the very interesting TED talk by Chad Frischmann here:

It's really helpful for grassroots activism!

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Anyone looking for a place in #london #hoxton asap? A friends trying to fill a place last minute:

"£690 for a room in Hoxton. Great size, price is a steal, needs to be viewed and signed today. Please retweet and help us stay in a flat we like"

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I just finished some self-care bead charms for a big request, the last one on the list.

If you want to find out how much your prompts would cost, click here:

If you would like to request some, click here:



THREAD: today, as I was walking to lab, I thought I heard meows. It took me 5 or so minutes to figure out it was coming from a car parked nearby. They were loud and powerful but I suspected it was a kitten!


seems to be struggling a bit. :S Are we gonna go down again? (It's 11pm here so maybe I'll sleep through the worst of it!)

I can hear climate-striking students through my window, and every now and again a car goes past and beeps their horn supportively and the students cheer and get louder, it is SO GOOD. 😭

Hello! Does anyone have any links to best practice resources for communicating pronouns in social settings of 100+ people? Like, badges and stickers and whatnot? :)

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"bitcoin is converting capitalism directly into climate change" - Harald Lesch

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Hey everyone, I made a short sexy comic featuring an old witch x prince charming couple for Smut Peddler: Silver! It has a lot of saggy wrinkly boobs flopping around! And a penis!

You can back the Kickstarter here:

#art #nsfw #mastoart #creativetoots

GOOD OL’ SMUT PEDDLER, at it again! Love ‘em. <3

CN: Porn (feminist, censored, drawn rather than photos or videos, on Kickstarter)

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Poll for people on only 

So, I won't be able to answer the sex question, because I don't think my sex can be categorised as M or F, and even if it could I wouldn't want it to.

And I can say my gender is different to the one I was assigned, but then it'll ask me to specify and I am unwilling to disclose.

It will ask for sex (not gender), and offer only M/F. There will be help text explaining that it's okay if your gender is different to the one you were assigned at birth.

There will be another question asking if your gender is different to the one you were assigned at birth.

I just read an article about how the 2021 UK census have decided on their gender question…

It'll be the first census to be distributed digitally, and as a person I will be unable to complete it, putting me at risk (at least that's my understanding?) of being fined.

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I'm very happy to pay for my travel with mild annoyance instead of with money, thanks crappy privatised rail!

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