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If you already follow me from another account, you might need to message me first to be like, "hi, you have approved my follow request previously from another account!"

This is because I typically disallow follows from tech guys (e.g. pronouns are he/him, has something about Linux or webdev or gamedev in bio, etc.), but if I have already approved you and not kicked you off again then it's totally fine and I'll approve you again. :)

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Telegram channel: "Hey, do you want this?"

Things I don’t want any more. You can claim them, usually just for price of postage from the UK (or not even that, if the thing is small).

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This is a thread about (, and a summary of my favourite bits of the very interesting TED talk by Chad Frischmann here:

It's really helpful for grassroots activism!


Oh WOW this is extremely crap, BBC? 56% of 80 women on some woman's social network circle? Come on. Let's get some actual Science in here??


Headline: "Lesbians pressured into sex with trans women!"

Evidence: a social media survey of just 80 people, only half of which actually agreed with, from a group condemned by Pride in London.

This is propaganda.


"at some stage I think we might have to go back to some kind of system of rationing, where you’re given a certain number of points and it’s up to you how to spend them, whether it’s buying a bottle of whisky or flying in an aeroplane.”

-- Joanna Lumley


Having a pet cat undoes a chunk of it but I think I'm doing okay all in all!

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Anti-trans people are all like "trans people should just make their own sports teams/events" and obviously this is bollocks and segregation is a Horrible Idea, BUT ALSO I would unironically enjoy attending the Trans Olympics.

Twitter polls are:

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How dare you describe my boi Twitter Polls in that way!!!

(It's fair, they are both unrepresentative and meaningless :D)


The Observer has reported that only 8% of schools have received CO2 monitors promised by the government.

But this data is based on a Twitter poll which is unrepresentative and meaningless.


"Laurence King Publishing, which created the game, said ... 'Wonder Women Bingo was released 18 months prior to Elliot Page’s transition. As soon as his transition became public knowledge, we commissioned a replacement.'"

V good, thank you also!

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Big thank you to for withdrawing the Wonder Women game because it featured two prominent anti-trans women and also misgendered Elliot Page. 💚

I am as always compelled to provide a source, but don't click 'cos it's Daily Mail. :D

LGBTQ+ people who've heard about the Tunnocks tea cakes scandal, how do you feel about Tunnocks now?

Anyway, How's the tone? Feedback welcome. :D

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Yesterday I was musing that someone could set up an LGB Alliance parody account that just posts supportive tweets about and links to projects that support LGB people.

Then I realised it would make them look good.

It'd be fun to ratio them though.

Ahhh I love the hashtag, I hadn't realised how much I needed some positivity and lovely humanising transiness. <3

When I introduce myself people say, "oh, Cassian from [local Freecycle list]! So nice to finally meet you!" WHICH IS ADORABLE, what a great nerdy reputation to have!

Sometimes they add, "I took so many masks from your free homemade mask box during lockdowns!" 😁

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It's only now that people are naturally getting it right all the time that being trans has been able to become not really one of the biggest things in my life anymore.

My transition is mostly done, some things are WIPs, but my dysphoria much reduced and I can get on with life.

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And yeah, sometimes people do call me "sir" or "she", and I don't mind so much, because there are enough people getting it right who I'd want to actually hang out with that it's not that big of a deal. :)

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Sometimes it's because they don't know which pronouns to use and it's their gut instincts kicking in to avoid gendering me at all, and sometimes it's because they know about nonbinary people and they use they/them to be on the safe side just because they can tell I'm queer.

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