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Telegram channel: "Hey, do you want this?"

Things I don’t want any more. You can claim them, usually just for price of postage from the UK (or not even that, if the thing is small).

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This is a thread about (, and a summary of my favourite bits of the very interesting TED talk by Chad Frischmann here:

It's really helpful for grassroots activism!

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The A?AB survey was meant to close yesterday but chronic pain, ow. :P

So I’m working on getting all the calculations and stuff in order right now, and I’ll close the survey when I’m ready to start writing up the blog.

You’ve got a few hours:

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You can see the most 👍ed issues on the #Mastodon issue list here:

And the moment we've got:

- Support account migration

- “Disable replies” [per post] feature

- option to follow hashtags

- Add a "Local timeline" privacy option

- Support for U2F Two-Factor-Auth

- Follow public local timelines from other instances


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Whoa, it's the second-oldest open issue! And Gargron has already expressed his approval. But it only has 3 👍s, so it's not a high pressure feature request.

If you'd like to subscribe to, for example, a blocklist called "TERFs, maintained by these trusted trans users, [names]", please do click through and add your 👍 - it helps!

You can also click "subscribe" on the right to keep an eye on the issue and get notified when the feature is added to #Mastodon.

#github #meta

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@cassolotl Nice! Anyone objecting to singular "they" must also refrain from using singular "you", insisting on "thou art the vet's receptionist".

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Feature request: Support for subscribing to communal block lists

This issue is over 2 years old, and calls for the ability to create and maintain a blocklist of people that others can subscribe to, automatically blocking anyone added to the blocklist.

If you know BlockTogether on Twitter, it's kinda like that, but BlockTogether is a bit of a problematic bodge! Having it as an Official Feature here would be great.

👍 the #Github issue if you're into it!

#mastodon #meta

Holy moly, look at that! :D My comic is famous!!! I’m so excited!

(It’s if you like a specific account for that kind of thing!)


The 14th is - a ❤️ pronoun used to talk about people when their gender is unknown, irrelevant, or non-binary. We used a brilliant illustration by that is both self-explanatory and sassy!


Here’s Eliot, being Eliot.

(Also in S01E13 Parker SMELLED MAGGIE so that’s the first clue I’ve seen so far that she’s definitely bi.)

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@cassolotl I think it’s because Eliot’s hair has magic powers

The first actually Good episode of Leverage is The Bank Shot Job (S01E05), so just watch the first episode knowing that it is bad, and then skip to episode 5.

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I love that while the screen shows some arms being moved about implausibly, Hardison’s hands appear to be emailing his mum about what he’s been up to lately.

Leverage is the source of my favourite “doctored CCTV” scene:

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I also swoon any time Eliot does anything (why?!) and anytime Parker does anything (obviously).

I love Leverage with a fiery passion, but also it makes me yell the following at the screen:

- "OH MY GOD don't have sex in a STABLE??"
- "Nate go home, your Tragic Backstory is too tragic"

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