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My account is set to require followers to be approved, but follow requests are very welcome! :)

I approve most follow requests and the vast majority of my posts are public.

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Telegram channel: "Hey, do you want this?"

Things I don’t want any more. You can claim them, usually just for price of postage from the UK (or not even that, if the thing is small).

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This is a thread about (, and a summary of my favourite bits of the very interesting TED talk by Chad Frischmann here:

It's really helpful for grassroots activism!

What’s your favourite form of non-sexual intimacy with your partner(s)? 🥰 is trying to make “enbies being frenbies” happen and frankly I’m into it!

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I sold something today so I'm putting the money towards some decent bead storage because this is getting RIDICULOUS.

If there is a cat near you right now, could you please send me a pic of them? :D

Some total stranger on a PTSD subreddit told me that the fact that I’ve been seeing my therapist for eight years means my therapist is not good??????

Reddit is a trashfire and I hope they take it down so I don’t have to exert any willpower to stop using it!!!!

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I can start a new game tomorrow night, I'm so relieved!

I got to the Mark Sheppard bit and he's allowed to say "cunt" in this show and I love when people are allowed to say "cunt" in things so this is amazing.

Okay I surrender, can someone give me a clue about how to proceed? :D

I want to know how rather than what, if that makes sense!

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Wow this bit is me!

‘I thought, "Oh no, maybe you shouldn't be reading this..." but I ignored it and kept reading, thinking I needed to be able to bear witness to the story.’

(From a story from someone learning to prevent the worst of a flashback:

The happysad feeling of putting your house back to normal after someone amazing leaves.

Invention: A device that electrocutes people until they get out of your reserved seat on trains.

Someone has placed a request for 6 sets of 6-14 self-care bead charms, but they have left no contact information at all. :S

If it’s you, get in touch!

(I’ve made the contact questions required so this doesn’t happen again!)

This is why I'm not 100% enthused about yarn-bombing...

Who I wish I was from the "Back to the Future" trilogy, vs. Who I actually am.

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