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Telegram channel: "Hey, do you want this?"

Things I don’t want any more. You can claim them, usually just for price of postage from the UK (or not even that, if the thing is small).

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I just updated my current stock of + pride flag handwarmers and zines of various topics and you can see them all here:

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This is a thread about (, and a summary of my favourite bits of the very interesting TED talk by Chad Frischmann here:

It's really helpful for grassroots activism!

Compose drawer could squish down and become sticky with a ⬅️ button

In words: When you press the ⬅️ button, the compose drawer and menu compress to the left and become sticky. The sticky menu bar thing has all the same icons on it, plus a "new toot" button and a ➡️ to pop the full compose drawer back out again.

I'd put this on @ThumbsUp but I'm a little nervous about it, really! Anyway I thought I'd throw it out there. :)

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Solarpunk Backgrounds
i want to share some of the illustrated solarpunk scenes i’ve come across while internetting. A lot of this art isn’t made for being solarpunk but it gives me strong solar punk vibes

Luc Schuiten
Beautiful cityscapes with organic shapes and a strong art noveau influence.

Victorin Ripert
Concept artist building world and characters.

Sarah Webb
Beautiful scene design. Also does comics and character design.

I’ll love to find more! Does anyone know artists who draw scenes with #solarpunk vibes?

VOTE LEFT PLZ so we can get three rows at once with the next piece! Thanks!!!! <3


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Can confirm that only 25 people in the whole world say Mx “mixter” and only 4 say “mixture”.

That’s totally what these results mean.


The report for the Mx survey is now available:


Me: Hi Reddit! Can you tell me about any help there is out there for someone who’s disabled and sound-sensitive and living above a loud shop? I don’t want to make them turn their music down, so no police/legal advice.

Reddit: Try /r/legaladvice

Me: _____________________________

I made this delightful picture to send to my social worker. :D

Anyone out there know of any council-run schemes that would install sound insulation for autistic people, or similar?

I can even hear the music from my bedroom upstairs, though it is a lot quieter.

I think today I should just... Live in my bedroom. Which also sucks, because it's a box with a bed in it. I don't want to be bedroom-bound again.

I've been hanging out in my living room very stubbornly for a while, trying to learn to just put up with the constant metal from the tattoo shop downstairs, but the past few days I've just been wearing my noise cancelling headphones until they close around 7pm and it sucks.

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Captain Holt thanking Detective Diaz for coming out. EVERY TIME OMG 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

I will post a better RTable tweet with a link in it when the petition is approved, which hopefully it will be, but I couldn’t find anything similar on the petition site so it should be fine. :)

There are now 6 signatures of support! :) Thank you everyone!

Once there’s 5 people backing me up, the petition will get sent for review, and then hopefully it’ll get approved and go live and I can start getting WAY MORE signatures. :D

Would 5 people be willing to back up my UK Parliament petition to provide a Nest-like scheme for installing sound insulation in the homes of low income people for free?

(I’m autistic and struggling with the noise from my neighbours and the shop below!)

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Some of the polls have finished, but everything from this tweet onwards has 12 hours left. :)


People who are and who have seen :

John Watson...


do the poll (i'm v sleepy)


People who are and who have seen the show, a poll for you.

Captain Raymond Holt...


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Has anyone got advice on how to improve and iPads Speetch to text as mine really struggles with some of the words i use.

I need it to be accurate as I have arthritis in my hands. So need to avoid typing as much as possible.

I can’t keep retyping and correcting Myself with the state of my hands. I also am an artist and want to save my hand functionality for drawing.

Any advice is greatly appreciated

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