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hey, I'm moving to @byttyrs on to have an easier time finding the things I write in the future! feel free to follow me there 💛

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Q: how's your life going? / A: bold of you to assume that my life is, in fact, 'going' 

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here's a thread of weird music I've posted to the Internet, but only the weird shit

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My name's Madison, Madeleine, or Madeline.
I'm a trans woman w/broad taste in partners gender-wise, & I call that 'gay' for reasons.

I'm a poet, "author," artist, composer, vocalist, ~style icon~, & academic interested in things including social content of genre cliché & premodern notions of gender, sexuality, madness/folly/'oddity' or 'eccentricity' (think: AD(H)D, autism spectrum, OCD, aspects of schizophrenia).

I use the F- & T-slurs a lot. I am both. I'll try to CW them, but I may slip up.

now we got L'estro armonico, Opus 3: Allegro by Vivaldi, because all my Listening Exercises have the same artist name and I am listening to my music library in order

hey, if I want to set a saucy and fun Latin text to music, do you have a recommendation @nsmckinnon

I am simply listening to Miserere Mei Deus by Thomas Tallis for the first time since it was assigned to me as a high school listening exercise

free affirmations, take as many as you need 💜

consider also: this (I'm never taking this hairstyle down, please accept my decision)

@byttyrs *through a bullhorn* male privilege is a model, not a natural force

my Mastodon experience has been so good overall that I mostly forgot that you cannot force any one, too respect you, or pay attention to you, or ignore you,

Code Lyoko IRL when? also Sissy gets a scan when?

consider: get rid of Protag McWhatever and give his plot functions to Sissy. she's still a huge bitch though, just a cooperative one

and she's still got will-they-won't-they with Yumi, I'm pretty sure I don't even have to say that

I’m making a playlist of songs about friendship by queers—any Recs?

things I did last night in follower-only posts on my lewd alt: discussed a sequence of Minecraft videos in which a straight-seeming man made a "proposal" to another straight-seeming man, using that exact word, of what I eventually concluded was literally just a Minecraft marriage, while explicitly denying he was proposing marriage

(the other guy accepted <3 )

if she’s your girlfriend why’d she put this bib on me

@jzs42069 this toot makes a pretty cogent comment on the infantilization of men and the complementary uncompensated labor pushed onto women under heterosexuality, but on the other hand it makes me want to die, so it's impossible to say if it's good or bad

dick wide like a highway and im leavin town

@selontheweb I don't think it needs explanation, yr riding a fat cock disease patient way the hell on out of yr podunk little town and breaking every speed limit on the way

@bryn the fun thing about fighting @peemobil is that he would be so outmatched, I would be able to win while making sure he doesn't get hurt that badly

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