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River, my guy, that's... My My My's video focuses on Troye's eyes so much because it's a video about cruising, an eye-gaze mediated interaction between men whereby they communicate their desire to... you know what? this is above my pay grade

(marginal eye contact in last screencap)

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My name's Madison, Madeleine, or Madeline.
I'm a trans woman w/broad taste in partners gender-wise, & I call that 'gay' for reasons.

I'm a poet, "author," artist, composer, vocalist, ~style icon~, & academic interested in things including social content of genre cliché & premodern notions of gender, sexuality, madness/folly/'oddity' or 'eccentricity' (think: AD(H)D, autism spectrum, OCD, aspects of schizophrenia).

I use the F- & T-slurs a lot. I am both. I'll try to CW them, but I may slip up.

Every time I go to the library there is an empty desk with a playlist on youtube open titled "6 hours of uplifting christian music"


Waking up immediately to the thought "this was not how today was supposed to go"

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As a baby, my father gave me a choice between a rubber ball and a sword. If I chose the ball, he would have struck me down, knowing I would be too weak to live. Instead I chose the 808 and immediately starting dropping baby bars.

@Thomas I'm... really sorry, but this is a plot point in Homestuck

got hired by Sega to do the ad campaign for the re-release of the Dreamcast

I sent it to my boyfriend and with luck he will mix it into something that actually, like, sounds good

well I didn't do laundry or, like, any of the other things it woulda been smart to do but I did make some electronic music

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