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hey, I'm moving to on to have an easier time finding the things I write in the future! feel free to follow me there 💛

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here's a thread of weird music I've posted to the Internet, but only the weird shit

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My name's Madison, Madeleine, or Madeline.
I'm a trans woman w/broad taste in partners gender-wise, & I call that 'gay' for reasons.

I'm a poet, "author," artist, composer, vocalist, ~style icon~, & academic interested in things including social content of genre cliché & premodern notions of gender, sexuality, madness/folly/'oddity' or 'eccentricity' (think: AD(H)D, autism spectrum, OCD, aspects of schizophrenia).

I use the F- & T-slurs a lot. I am both. I'll try to CW them, but I may slip up.

valid to eat shit on the slippery sidewalk outside a Dillard's

[camera pans down to reveal me seated on a bench next to a potted ficus with my legs crossed, hands on one knee. I get up, and start walking as I begin to speak] The mall... capitalist idyll, storied American instit— [I eat shit on the slippery sidewalk outside a Dillard's]

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Dillard's, shitpost about geriatric injury 

for the uninitiated, the slippery sidewalk outside a Dillard's is not a place where one goes to 'eat shit.' that is just not the kind of place Dillard's is. the slippery sidewalk outside a Dillard's is a place where you go to 'have a nasty fall at your age,' get rushed to the ER, and never quite recover your physical vigor after the hip replacement

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I genuinely feel that the "eat shit on the slippery sidewalk outside a Dillard's" thread is a perfect piece of art #ByttyrsTour

@Manurweibling good morning to simultaneously straight and gay people ONLY

anybody got leather to trade for flax? fine flax here, absolutely nothing terribly wrong with it

@Thomas does Tennessee have separate words for "city" and "theme park" like the rest of us or are those just fully-merged concepts

@byttyrs @Thomas was this in reply to something or just a brutal dunk out of nowhere

@byttyrs @realmaxkeeble @realmaxkeeble @jortsmaxkeeble @peemobil @aflightybroad the fact that the punchline is given within the first thirty seconds, and then there's a full four minutes of tracks afterwards.... extremely mads viande

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is having 'Transgender' as an option on the queston 'What is your gender identity' like having the option 'Bus' as an option on the question 'Where are you going today?'

Bare in mind this is a UK perspective. I've a lot to say over the idea going around that disabled people can do away with personal cars. First of, yes modified cars are expensive, but there's also ways to acquire via gov schemes like The Motability Scheme. Doubtless things like that will always need more access cos the govs shit. Secondly, public transport in the UK is notoriously awful at being accessible, with trains denying boarding, to platforms only being accessible via stairs. 1/?

slime is a way of life, really, in addition to being a sex thing

breaking you're pots... running in circles while you talk... sprint-jumping literally everywhere... this is, the Gamer Way™

Marvel, genitals, silly 

fact: Bruce Banner's balls also become massive when he transforms but his dick remains the same size

Rico and Melissa enjoying their vacation from on

me, face pressed against the glass, laughing along inaudibly:

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