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I've got an original gay comedy sketch that I want you to watch.

talk therapy for emotionally unavailable tops (0:51, mildly NSFW monologue)

"Everyone needs a little help sometimes- you're not less of a top for wanting to access and understand your emotions more fully. I'm here to help."

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My name's Madison, Madeleine, or Madeline.
I'm a trans woman w/broad taste in partners gender-wise, & I call that 'gay' for reasons.

I'm a poet, "author," artist, composer, vocalist, ~style icon~, & academic interested in things including social content of genre cliché & premodern notions of gender, sexuality, madness/folly/'oddity' or 'eccentricity' (think: AD(H)D, autism spectrum, OCD, aspects of schizophrenia).

I use the F- & T-slurs a lot. I am both. I'll try to CW them, but I may slip up.

all these people making me do work at my job are homophobic (for doing that)

breaking into your house and reading your poetry/listening to your beats/checking out your art you're too shy to show other people, leaving no trace behind me except several pages of ecstatic compliments and encouragement

@selontheweb TO BE CLEAR: I did not break into the Arby's in Salt Lake, Utah where Sel lives in order to do so

(ily Sel!!! yr poemposting is So Good)

@byttyrs she physically broke into my Arby's Home and read my poems that id scribbled on the roast beef wrappers and hidden in the Horsey Sauce tub

y'all telling me I have to MAKE POSTS to talk to my friends on Masto Don Com? (⇁̽ ̯⇁͌)

you (weak, basic): my bussy stink
me (powerful, sophisticated): my entire gastrointestinal tract is a warzone

catch my first full-length book of poems, "Bummer Poetry: a Collection of Real Bummers," coming to you in 202X

instead of arguing why people who hang the toilet paper roll the other way from us are wrong and should change, let's share what we like about the way we hang the toilet paper roll. I'll start: I like how when I pull down on the edge of the toilet paper I can see the whole roll tumbling to give me more sheets : )

I ALMOST FORGOT, today grabbing food on my way to work I saw a minivan with a "so gay I can't even drive straight" sticker on the back windshield and immediately brightened up

turns out those corny stick-figure family rear window decals are way cuter when they're gay

camo crocs but with those little charms they made to put in the holes

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me: *knows nothing of witchcraft or wicca, not spiritual in any real way, fully believes in western medicine, never even talked to a ghost*

me on omgggg I love 💖💜💖 :blobsathy: :polymerwitch: :patty_fly: :trick_witch: 🔮 :witchywink2: :_witchhat: :witch_hat: :dqmage: :hex_girl_dusk: :hex_girl_luna: :hex_girl_thorn:

"minty i'm sick of white people sci-fi"

this is a lead in to my intro to afrofuturism, it's very simple. anyways:

My Soul to Keep: Tanarive Due, about a woman who's married to a millennia old immortal black man

The Prey of Gods: Nicky Drayden, about a demigoddess who feeds on fear in South Africa

An Unkindness of Ghosts: Rivers Solomon, about a self-taught neurodiverse healer on a spaceship looking for a new home

Galaxy Game: Karen Lord, about a black boy with super-powers

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