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It is a FUNDAMENTAL mistake to take cis, hetero society's assertions about gender at face value: the gender binary is propaganda, which *serves* gender violence *by distracting* from the beliefs that actually drive gender violence.

Gender violence is regulatory. When colonialist gender ideology asserts the exclusive existence of the genders 'men' and 'women,' it does so with the full intent of denying manhood and womanhood to colonialized bodies, in order to dehumanize Black & indigenous people

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My name's Madison, Madeleine, or Madeline.
I'm a trans woman w/broad taste in partners gender-wise, & I call that 'gay' for reasons.

I'm a poet, "author," artist, composer, vocalist, ~style icon~, & academic interested in things including social content of genre cliché & premodern notions of gender, sexuality, madness/folly/'oddity' or 'eccentricity' (think: AD(H)D, autism spectrum, OCD, aspects of schizophrenia).

I use the F- & T-slurs a lot. I am both. I'll try to CW them, but I may slip up.

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adjectival phrases that describe me:
-cute, as all chickens are
-tall and lithe, like a graceful stick insect
-highly caffeinated
-The Big Gaye
-insubordinate and revolutionary

If The Onion hired me they could have got this joke off a day earlier

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I noticed you said Linux
But without the GNU

Astrology is astrology for astrologers

@byttyrs and they're horrible in every language I know. by the way, this is North Rhine-Westfalias coat of arms, and I love it because it's a complete mess - it looks great, absolute classic, but the Rhine is running in the wrong direction (geographically & compared to the old coat of arms of the Prussian rhineland province), the Saxonian horse makes no sense (it was "passed down"), and the rose of Lippe is also turned the wrong way.

things I did last night in follower-only posts on my lewd alt: discussed a sequence of Minecraft videos in which a straight-seeming man made a "proposal" to another straight-seeming man, using that exact word, of what I eventually concluded was literally just a Minecraft marriage, while explicitly denying he was proposing marriage

(the other guy accepted <3 )

a stone basin, full of glowing water warmed by the summer sun on the opposite side of the earth. just take a nice sit-down and lie back in it, okay?

don't worry Australians, on your side of the Earth the antipodal basin looks like a pool of shadow and is refreshingly cold for splashing your face or setting your aching feet into

sometimes when i see a very good furbeast i move my mouse over it in a petting motion and i hope that they can feel me petting them through the internet

@feminineforms have you read why women have better sex under socialism?

Happy business casual Friday everyone

(bathroom mirror selfie)

when i was small i wasn't allowed to tend to the school 'vegetable garden' because i quite openly sided with the slugs and would cackle to myself about being a double agent only pretending to side with the humans until I saw an opportunity to let my slug brethren and sethren get that lettuce

one time they were talking about putting slug repellent down or whatever and i suggested we put a barrier of lettuce around our own lettuce so that my sluggy darlings may feast twofold :blobcatevil:

Take this shitty hypothetical crest: puzzle arms or no? It depends on the blazon.

For instance: An animal 'proper' is in its natural colors, as rendered by the individual herald, with whatever direction the blazon gives.

Puzzle arms: "Argent, a goose statant or."

NOT puzzle arms: "Argent, a yellow goose statant proper."

See? It's not a goose or on a field argent, it's a yellow goose, depicted in its natural colors, on a field argent. TOTALLY different.

Heraldry is ridiculous & I love it

sometimes people break this rule! infamous among these 'puzzle arms' is the arms of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, associated with the Crusades, bc in the name of Christian hegemony and imperialism every hypocrisy is forgivable. It's blazoned as follows: "Argent, a cross potent between four plain crosslets Or"

Or on argent? Fuck outta here.

The thing is, you can't always tell from looking at a crest if it's a puzzle arms. There's a lot of technical horseshit to get around the rule of tinctures.

The legally-has-her-name girl has logged on. (No ec)

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