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i want a nice list of the clichés trans folk hear all the time. you know the ones

- you’re so brave
- welcome to womanhood
- thank you for sharing your truth
- authentic self
- your journey
got any others?

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okay apparently y’all need reminding. follow me with no substantive posts or bio, interactions or anything else to give me a sense of who you are, i’m gonna assume you’re the worst possible thing and block you on sight.

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I run a clean account here people. This account is about gender euphoria and trans joy. I will never interact with nsfw content. I will never post nsfw content. I will block any nsfw account that boosts my posts.

selfie, eye contact 

apparently i am a hobbit this morning

possible eye contact 

went to a gay bar, thought i looked cute

she hulk 

so uhmmm
she is being targeted by kiwi farms?

i think i might be the rare case of passing better in person. people who have regular zoom meetings with me struggle to recognise me in person. maybe they’re expecting someone bigger and less curvey

“he made sexual comments and acted like he wanted to do something, i feared for my life”

i don’t write all this cos it’s a good idea.
but to point out whqt giant cowards murderous cops are compared to most women

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if all women were given firearms and qualified immunity like cops, there would be so so many dead men

metrosexual: someone who is sexually attracted by large cities with urban centres

to everyone having a tough time right now, i love you and i want you to get through it so we can all have some more fun.

watching ocean’s 8 and getting so much second hand gender euphoria from sandra bullock

if a person wears truck nuts, where would they go? on their butt?

the fact that i occasionally, when not paying attention, slip into some pattern that i decide to recognise as how my dad talks… and it’s apparently just fine and i don’t need to worry about it- that thing wigs me out

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out of everything about me, my voice truly gives me the most dysphoria despite it apparently being the most passing thing about me. it’s the ambiguity of it. the difference in sound between how it sounds in my head and how it sounds to others.

the mere fact that the intonations and rhythms matter way more than pitch and tone and despite spending no effort on this i am somehow great at it? like that really gives me doubts

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me recording the girliest voice i can muster and playing it back: eww gross i still smell like a guy

me recording me casually talking and accidentally slipping into what sounds in my head like a mannish voice:
oh. it’s… just a woman voice

i need something to do today other than doom scrolling.

the problem is i suspect i must have some kind of sleep deprivation induced depression cos i can’t think of anything i would enjoy

i believe this disinformation is intentionally spread in order to specifically get the result

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