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horntposting, yearning 

I desperately want to give oral to someone rn, as it has been way too long since I did that.

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lewd, questions 

There exist some things I am still trying to figure out rn:

1. How do you all manage to be such cuties under the circumstances? I have not even managed to shower in days and feel sooo gross.

2. If someone posts “I need a cumslut to drain me” is this just slutjoking around with online friends? Does online dating for queers happen here? tbh I would also like strictly online flirting.

3. Should I post noot-noots? I kinda want to but I also feel ugly & self-conscious about my body.

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sex woes 

@lamb anal should not hurt unless you want it to. If it does, someone is doing it wrong. Before I penetrate a new inexperienced partner, I always make sure I can fit at least 3 well-lubed fingers into their hole without discomfort.

I usually start foreplay with one finger & apply ridiculous amounts of silicon-based lube, which stays slippery way longer than water-based lube. My rule of thumb is: If you think it is enough lube … use more lube!

Good anal should not cause any pain ever! ♥

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lewd, confession 

I just joined yesterday and already I had nice interactions with cute, lewd, delightfully queer people than elsewhere!

tbh I came for the noodz, but I'll definitely stay for the :rainblob:

@BestGirlGrace @hierarchon what is a synthesizer but a robot that turned beeping into a special interest

holy shit, firefox market share is below 5%!?!
the web is not okay

Who knew all the US gov't had to do to get a facial recognition snapshot of all the leftists was make an anime filter?

every time I ssh into a machine and issue a shutdown command I have a moment of panic that I'm shutting down the wrong one, but fortunately I get it right most of the time

food, a special oreo 

the forbidden oreo (the torieo)

sitting on my own dick and cumming inside my ass, and nine months later giving birth to myself out of my ass

Honestly any woman who streams on twitch is braver than the troops

USpol, Fascism, Link from the White House 

Exec order just came down yesterday, antiracism and antisexist education is now essentialy forbidden in government agencies. This is straight up "war is peace, ignorance is wisdom" shit

this is the future of public transport. we are so on board!

saw a meme that compared the refusal to wear facemasks to the hypothetical refusal to turn your car's lights on at night, and now I'm worried that that's either a thing that already happens seriously or will be a thing that happens seriously

always make sure to say gif the opposite way of whoever ur talking to says it and when they get annoyed leave

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