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horntposting, yearning 

I desperately want to give oral to someone rn, as it has been way too long since I did that.

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lewd, questions 

There exist some things I am still trying to figure out rn:

1. How do you all manage to be such cuties under the circumstances? I have not even managed to shower in days and feel sooo gross.

2. If someone posts “I need a cumslut to drain me” is this just slutjoking around with online friends? Does online dating for queers happen here? tbh I would also like strictly online flirting.

3. Should I post noot-noots? I kinda want to but I also feel ugly & self-conscious about my body.

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sex woes 

@lamb anal should not hurt unless you want it to. If it does, someone is doing it wrong. Before I penetrate a new inexperienced partner, I always make sure I can fit at least 3 well-lubed fingers into their hole without discomfort.

I usually start foreplay with one finger & apply ridiculous amounts of silicon-based lube, which stays slippery way longer than water-based lube. My rule of thumb is: If you think it is enough lube … use more lube!

Good anal should not cause any pain ever! ♥

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lewd, confession 

I just joined yesterday and already I had nice interactions with cute, lewd, delightfully queer people than elsewhere!

tbh I came for the noodz, but I'll definitely stay for the :rainblob:

kickflipping over the dms. no time for horny, its skate or die dude

I will end this with a commentary on Luddism: it's been reframed as reactionary technophobia because the option of unmaking a system or technology that's found to be anethetical to our wellbeing is a tool they don't want you to have in the box. When you cite post-9/11 political bullshit as being unnecessary and not a foundational part of our society, you are engaging in Luddism. As with that, so should you with a McDonald's staffed by glorified iPads that don't take cash.

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And tech industry shitheads KNOW this. Otherwise they'd be going in on schemes to make e-wallets something that poor people can use more easily, and taking a predatory skim off it. That'd be anethetical to their goals of turning cities into antiseptic social projects where undesirables just sort of conveniently disappear. It's hostile economic architecture.

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A human with a cash register is always preferable because that way of doing things isn't bottlenecked through the need to have a bank account with a card or an activated, charged cell phone. Cashless, automated commerce is about cutting the poorest strata of society out, and instituting a relatively-high baseline of social legitimacy to even order off the dollar menu.

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light horror, gender 

Oh, my gender? Hmm... How to explain...

Imagine you're in a place that's familiar to you, that you visited a long time ago and used to be comforting. It's different now, abandoned and dilapidated, the air is thick and oppressive, like it's telling you to leave. You hear sounds that shouldn't be, animalistic, but not like any animal that should ever be. You can't leave though, not until you find what you came here for...

I'm femme non-binary but I still like the word "Woman"

NOT to be all hypocritical and up in other people's identity business but i may or may not be slightly over "eww i hate being attracted to guys" bisexual girl culture

@myconidiosyncrasy Yeah, ditto. Like, I actually got super stoked when I realised I'm attracted to boys and masc-y folk and I've enjoyed it!

But more to the point, the general sentiment of "men are bad" will always catch a lot of people that aren't cis, like it's why a lot of nonbinary ppl get kicked out queer spaces for looking like men, or when ppl assume trans men to be as privileged and damaging and cis men, and why TERFs are terrified of trans women.


I'm in a constant state of loosing faith. When I hate faith it's like sand running through my fingers. I don't know why or how or how to stop this from happening I just know it hurts alot and I hurt myself a lot to make up for lost faith.

to clarify, not speaking of religious faith but hope as faith. faith in people and relationships and that things work out someday. everything just seems to get worse.

Drunk truth.


Disheartened by the lack of ethical porn featuring trans people (much less ethical kink porn featuring trans people), I have decided to take matters into my own hands and begin making porn!

I don’t know how long it will take me to actually start doing it, but I will make it my goal and will actively begin to acquire the resources I need to make it a reality

hearing that kids use a flat palm instead of the pinky and thumb to mimic being on the phone has aged me 70 years

mutual aid activities:

* kiss your friends
* grow a garden with your crush
* make someone a tasty meal
* give a hug
* receive a hug
* buy that cute anarchist you know a drink
* brew beer with friends

Can I get a HOH YEAH voice: can I get a UWU (selfies, EC)

you should be able to wear whatever you want and have any kind of body and not be subject to sexual harassment or related judgements

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