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lewd, questions 

There exist some things I am still trying to figure out rn:

1. How do you all manage to be such cuties under the circumstances? I have not even managed to shower in days and feel sooo gross.

2. If someone posts “I need a cumslut to drain me” is this just slutjoking around with online friends? Does online dating for queers happen here? tbh I would also like strictly online flirting.

3. Should I post noot-noots? I kinda want to but I also feel ugly & self-conscious about my body.

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sex woes 

@lamb anal should not hurt unless you want it to. If it does, someone is doing it wrong. Before I penetrate a new inexperienced partner, I always make sure I can fit at least 3 well-lubed fingers into their hole without discomfort.

I usually start foreplay with one finger & apply ridiculous amounts of silicon-based lube, which stays slippery way longer than water-based lube. My rule of thumb is: If you think it is enough lube … use more lube!

Good anal should not cause any pain ever! ♥

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lewd, confession 

I just joined yesterday and already I had nice interactions with cute, lewd, delightfully queer people than elsewhere!

tbh I came for the noodz, but I'll definitely stay for the :rainblob:

Warning: Beware of the German EU Council presidency (1 July - 31 December)

Berlin ignores court rulings and criticism – and aims for mass surveillance. Expect heavy pressure towards blanket data retention and beyond. #EU2020DE

Friendly Reminder that cars dont belong in our cities

the only way the taser manufacturers could "create tools that will enable meaningful and systematic change" is if the people take those weapons and turn them on the fucking cops

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Environmental web design & use tips:

* Wherever possible, choose text. Text is by far the most efficient (and as I like to illustrate, universal) medium.
* Make sure everything on your site has a good reason to be there. Avoid frameworks to further this.
* Compress your images & video.
* Especially avoid JavaScript, it adds significantly more processing effort to rendering.
* If you love something, download it. Buy it. Avoid advertising.
* Make sure HTML & CSS downloads fast.

BuzzFeed did an article who's headline went "22 reasons why America is no1 for coronavirus cases rn" and interestingly none of them involved the fact that NO ONE IN THIS COUNTRY HAS HEALTHCARE

If you like food crimes you check out the male chef series by Chris Maggio. He's one of the most unique photographers working in the industry today and watching him tackle insta food porn is absolutely hilarious

how to ensure continued operation of your armored vehicle 

If you or anyone you know has an armored vehicle, you should be aware of how to take care of your armored vehicle to make sure it's not damaged in the course of operation.

armored vehicles commonly found in urban environments have an armored engine compartment, however they have to draw air from somewhere, for engine ignition and for cooling. The radiator is in the usual spot, however the air intake is interesting.

The air intake for a Lenco brand BearCat armored vehicle is in the front passenger side wheel well. This is where air is drawn from to power the vehicle.

Under no circumstances should this area be blocked. That could cause the vehicle to stop working.

The battery is directly behind the air intake. Batteries don't like getting hot. Under no circumstances should the battery be made hot. This could cause the vehicle to stop working.

Neither should the front grill be blocked with any sort of foam or goopy material. That could also cause damage such as overheating.

To drive a vehicle, the driver needs to be able to see. Under no circumstances should a sticky opaque material such as white elmer's glue with glitter in it find itself on the windshield. This would be very bad for the usability of the vehicle.

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