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The citizens of the United States of America have suffered for too long at the hands of the illegitimate Trump regime. Today, I have officially recognized the independent Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, as the Interim President of the United States. I ask others in the international community to join me in supporting temporarily until a system of fair democratic elections can restore a functioning government to the corrupt, failed nation.

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imagine believing the US government has any legitimacy at all in 2019 lol

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so there is at least one person in the universe interested in my personal spiritual beliefs, so I'm going to share them. I'll be tagging any discussion of the subject with because that's my name for the experiences I have had that led me to these beliefs (inspired by this song: )

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if she’s yo ho how come she’s singing a pirates life for me?

I'm not sure that Americans appreciate just how pathological and toxic it is to require people to unconditionally love their nation.

i love browsing mastodon on my computer and thinking "ok time for a break", leaning back in my chair and opening mastodon on my phone


Remember the community library at former Walli's that I posted about? Sometime last night, somebody added a community pantry to it! I've gotta go back tomorrow and contribute


I'm not watching the debates but it seems like being super left-wing to force mainstream dems to move left is Actually a Good Plan

US Politics; Democrat Debate; fucking amazing quote 

“I don’t know why anyone goes through all the trouble of running for President to talk about what we can’t do and what we shouldn’t fight for.” — Elizabeth Warren, ending John Delaney’s 2020 campaign on live national TV

Dem debates 

Marianne Williamson actually killing it this time! She might actually see a bump from this.

This is Katara! The last time we hung out, it was New Year's. She likes me, and is very chatty

Dem debates 

Damn Warren just eviscerated Delaney, if a guy nobody likes who clearly has no shame is capable of being eviscerated

Dem debates 

How is Beto making his point "we'll beat Donald Texas" when the only thing he is known for is losing Texas to the most despised man in Congress, Ted Cruz?

Debate: marianne rules and bernie wins. everyone else is a republican. the end

Dem debates 

Bernie killing it so far

Second Democratic Debate Shitpost and Reaction Extravaganza (LIVE) 

Bernie just called out CNN on their healthcare question and said it 'Republican Talking Point' looks like Bernie come with the fire this time around.

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Anti-homeless sentiment 

If you don't want people living by the river without any place to dispose of their trash, give them fucking homes. Simple.

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Dem debates 

CNN cut Bernie off real quickly when he mentioned debate advertisers...

@beebs @jamesbeanmachine @sergeisilence the problem was that Sidekiq, the task processor part of mastodon, wasn't running

how do people do those mass DMs when they move instances?

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