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imagine believing the US government has any legitimacy at all in 2019 lol

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so there is at least one person in the universe interested in my personal spiritual beliefs, so I'm going to share them. I'll be tagging any discussion of the subject with because that's my name for the experiences I have had that led me to these beliefs (inspired by this song: )

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Pro tip: if you're on a Mastodon instance running a relatively recent version (2.5.0 is the earliest I've been able to check):

* Go to <your instance>/filters (here, for example, it's
* Add New Filter
* Add the keyword "womenarestupid", click all four filter contexts, check "drop instead of hide", and uncheck "whole word".

This will remove these racist, misogynist, and now homophobic spam posts from your timelines and won't even leave a tombstone behind.

h/t @Osiri

I just wanna put it out there that the word for β€œbeing polite on mastodon” should be fediquette

Sonic the hedgehog runs into a bar, rings go flying everywhere, it's a mess, honestly, who's gonna pick up all these rings?

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just caught a fly between my two fingers, fuck yeah

my town is having its first Pride parade today!

using the whole foods bathroom without buying anything is praxis

the best way to remain positive is to stop thinking about things in terms of "interesting and engaging content" like you're some sort of product meant only for pleasing others

and instead just talk about all the mundane neutral/positive things in your life like getting a candy bar or getting smiled at on the bus or having a good time petting a dog

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me: have I told you about my theory that heaven is exclusively populated by great apes because they were also made in god's image but were not born with original sin?

a cop: we meant a statement about all the crimes you committed

bro, hold me. bro im so alone bro. bro. sometimes it feels like nobodys there for me, bro.

Imagine fucking up your life so bad the only two sections of your Wikipedia article are "Personal Life" and "9/11 Controversy"

Apparently Stephen Rannazzisi also appeared in a 2015 episode of "Roast Battles". seems like an easy guy to roast. "You lied about working for Merril Lynch in the World Trade Center as a way to launch your standup career". That's a good roast

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