say hypothetically i entered a shop and discovered that today being around people makes me very anxious and i want to cry. would it be wise to hang out with my friends

I recreated the cover of "Fundamentals of Mathematical Analysis" in inkscape a bit ago because I was bored check it out. Missed out the author and that because couldn't find a font close enough

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i have already got an unhealthy relationship with bumble i think. maybe i should delete

also it felt a bit weird because I got to select non binary but then I have to choose whether to be shown to people "looking for men" or "…for women"

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i got bumble out of curiosity and I don't think my brain is good at dating apps i feel terrible swiping nope on people especially when the number of people that swiped yes on me goes down because I rejected them

i just need to hold hands and get a hug and a kiss i think that would solve all my issues

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earlier today my "preferred name" in the uni records changed to deadname out of nowhere I haven't touched my student record since enrolment :| and when I noticed I changed it back but it's been like.... 5 hours and it hasn't rippled thru to all the Microsoft Office 365 or Canvas so that's great

for you she's the closest thing to perfect, for me she's lasting psychological damage. we are not the same

is it safe to expose a pi on https and UDP 8008 from a home network on a domain I own

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anyone know how to expose a pi from a uni network for cheap or is it cheaper to pay for a vps

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