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Just wanted to take this opportunity to let folks know that if you ever want me to content warn for something, PLEASE let me know! I care deeply about not hurting people but am not a good judge of things, so I often don't know what needs a warning until I'm told. Have a nice day!

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we all remember "abraca-fuck you" because it is a very good line and that's extremely valid but i would like to draw attention to the follow-up line "oof! oof! how does 15 points of damage taste?" because that is also very good

playing video games against the computer: oh man, im pretty good at this game!
playing video games against humans: never mind

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ah no you see i only have an antigender, which annihilates gender upon contact. thus i cannot fill in your “gender” “form” without creating a dangerous singularity, send toot

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When you are making colourblind modes for your game, make sure you have people with a variety of colourblindness conditions including the various -opias and contrast blindness. Because the colourblind modes in most games are USELESS to a huge majority of people who need them. -Alice

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reasons to play as isabelle in smash:
- she is a Very Good Dog
- if shes fighting anime protagonists to the death she isnt behind the desk at town hall. please let her have a break
- maybe shes competitively viable? who even knows these things. not me

at least give me ranges instead of all the individual numbers from 0-15! blease i dont wanna just make stuff up but. lort

survey: how many people would you estimate you've interacted with who meet this criteria?
me: more than 0? i have no idea! i don't know numbers! i don't keep track of things! why is this a required question!

This is Stella, and today is her 10th birthday. She is my boppa's dog, she is a pitbull mix, and she is the sweetest pup you will ever meet.

oh shit there aren't any clean towels gotta do some laundry before i can shower

i should shower before my appointment today... don't wanna tho?

dealing with customer service is an absolute nightmare. in the case there is a human being on the other side of this email exchange i recognize that they are probably very stressed and i wish them the very best and will do my best to be polite to their face but when i say ive already tried something you suggest and you link me to a help article that just says the exact same thing i already said i tried, that is very annoying!

youtube video title: Can you beat Minecraft without mining/hitting?
me: i mean. you only really need those first four words for the answer to be "no"

when your computer is acting funny all of a sudden and when you go to reboot it you notice that windows wants you to update it and you're like 👀👀👀👀👀

me: (fails even slightly to live up to my own impossibly high standards for myself)
me: ugh im such a failure how am i so completely terrible at everything
someone whose standards are much more reasonable: wow, you did such a good job! im so impressed!
me: ??????????

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Enbies: Whatever sexuality you identify with is valid, because the terminology wasn't set up for us! So STEAL IT AND RUN! :D

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