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a quick :
I'm a trans woman discovering myself after an incredible long time (>30y) failing to be what I wasn't.
I'm into tech, politics and stuff but I don't want to talk too much about that here, more to find queer friends.

websearch how not to be continuously dissolved into cuteness

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morrowind but instead of great houses you have to join a polycule

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for clarity, there are meows and meows and other meows and also several kind of purrs

I just searched for "meow" instead of the app I wanted to launch, I'm completely lost 😅

somehow lewd 

"you may have a decreased libido bc of hrt"
well I'm getting more easily horny without the tension 🤭

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Soli-Crêpes are back!

Come have crêpes and help support your local community

After a winter break, we are back with
Soli-Crêpes for all of you!
Come see us at the JUP on Sunday 22/05. We'll be serving up fresh vegan pancakes in exchange for donations.

Where? JUP, Florastraße 84,
When? 2022-05-22 14:00-18:00


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#TIL about *Anarchist Oatmeal Cookies*:

"1. When someone says, "Ya gotta eat" as a reason for working, give them an anarchist oatmeal cookie.

2. Give them away also to those who don't say "Ya gotta eat." They might be depressed or too hungry to talk.

3. Ask other people to give them away.

4. Think about free food stores and other enterprises of freedom.

5. Make sure your neighbors, the cops, the rich, and so on get plenty, and don't forget the wretched and the homeless either. Everybody eats.

6. Don't forget to eat some yourself."

Originally by Food Not Bombs

Copied from (also includes full recipe)

#foodNotBoms #recipe #anarchism #vegan #veganarchism

I didn't think of this before, but I feel that I wanted to do cute animal sounds before, but never found anyone I'd be comfortable with. Until now 😊

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urban planning opinions 

I've spent a lot of time living in suburbia before moving to a densely populated edge-of-town soviet-style construction and I think even if you strongly believe in individualism the argument that single family homes allow for greater individuality is false. Every large block is built using panel construction but the little colorations and customizations that have been made over the years mean every single one is iconic

Its the difference between being able to say "oh they live in the pink block at the end of the street" and instantly know what building someone means, and having to stumble around rows of housing that almost all blends together.

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what if train door closing signals were meows instead of meeps? :blobcatthinking:

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The warm paving stones feel nice on my bare paws uhm I mean feet ^^

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tradition is just peer pressure from dead people

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